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BATTLE04: Commandments of Terror!
(Kyoufu no Komandomentsu!)
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After Tsurugi disappears, Tooru and Ami try to explain to police officers that he went missing, to the officers' disbelief. On Trailmon, Tsurugi is still convinced that he is in the video game, up until the point that Piximon drives home the fact that he is in the Digital World. Before he can explain more, Trailmon enters a wide open space and takes them to the Hidden Valley where a swarm of Patamon greets them. Agumon then wakes up and proceeds to get into a fight with Tsurugi over their loss to Peckmon. Piximon interrupts the battle and explains their purpose—to save the world from the Demon Lord Barbamon, who has taken over the Host Computer. Meanwhile, in his castle in the System World. Shou finishes his report to Barbamon, who reveals that to rebirth the world, he needs the eight DigiMemories, of which he has the Dark and Shou and Peckmon have the Bird. He states that it is all for the future of Digimon, NEO. At Piximon's house, Tsurugi remembers that Piximon further explained that the one with all the Digimemories can change the world at its source, revealing that he carries the Holy DigiMemory. A Patamon then goes to Tsurugi in a panic. Piximon, because of the Patamon captives taken by the Commandments, Barbamon's army, is defeated by Sealsdramon and has his Holy Digimemory taken. Right in front of Tsurugi's eyes, Sealsdramon stabs Piximon, igniting Tsurugi's rage and Digisoul. Tsurugi's Digisoul then empowers Agumon to defeat Sealsdramon, causing his Commandramon subordinates to flee. Piximon turns out to be all right though gravely injured, and Tsurugi declares his resolve to fight Barbamon and his Commandments. In gratitude, Piximon turns his Digimon Mini into a Digivice iC and charges them to go to Light City to meet another Sage.

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