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Coachmon t
Appears in:Digimon Universe App Monsters
First appearance "The City Center is a Puzzle Game!? Puzzlemon Rampage!" [14]
Last appearance "An Artificial Intelligence's Dream [51] (Apperance)
"Election Results! The Hands of Evil Aproach Eri! [36] (Voice)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Tsuyoshi Koyama
Partner(s):Eri Karan
App Fusion Partner (+ Dosukomon)
App Fusion Partner (+ Beautymon)

Coachmon is a Super Appmon, who was formerly an underling of Leviathan, and later on he joined the App Drivers.


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On January 27, Coachmon is introduced as one of Leviathan's underlings, calling Mienumon a "demon."

On February 25, however, he puts Eri into some special training. After she manages to get through, he betrays Leviathan causing Mienumon to order Virusmon to infect Weatherdoramon with the L-Virus, causing him to attack them. Coachmon allows Eri to use his chip which she App Fuses with Dosukomon resulting in Oujamon. After Oujamon defeats him, Weatherdoramon then reveals himself to be the final 7code Appmon, but his chip gets stolen by Mienumon before team Haru can complete Dantemon. The Road to the Top Idol! Coachmon's Intensive Training

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