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"City Under Siege"
結界突破! ズドモンスパーク!
(Kekkai Toppa! Zudomon Spark!)
"Break through the Barrier! Zudomon Spark!"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) November 14, 1999
(En:) February 12, 2000
Written by (Ja:) Atsushi Maekawa
(En:) Ardwight Chamberlain, Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz
Directed by (Ja:) Tetsuharu Nakamura
Chief Anim.
Yoshitaka Yajima
Art Yukiko Iijima
Toei Animation
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Whilst Myotismon foils the escape attempt led by Sora, Joe and T.K. find their own way past Myotismon's fog barrier, and Phantomon discovers Kari's location.

DA ep 36 recap

DA ep 36 recap

Episode recap for City Under Siege.


Lillymon fails to defeat Myotismon, and has to be taken away by Birdramon who flees with Sora. Meanwhile, Tai decides that he must help the others, leaving Kari with Matt, and Izzy, back in his bedroom, succeeds in setting up a Digital Barrier against the Bakemon, then going off to investigate the source of Myotismon's fog. T.K. runs into Joe at the harbour across the river, and Gomamon digivolves into Ikkakumon to take them to the other side. Tai and Sora run into each other, Tai tells her where to find Matt and they split up again so Tai can get to the convention center. Joe and T.K. soon run into MegaSeadramon, who attacks them and sends Joe and T.K. flying into the water. When Joe sacrifices himself to keep T.K. afloat, his Crest of Reliability glows, and Ikkakumon becomes Zudomon, who rescues Joe and T.K. and defeats MegaSeadramon, before finding Wizardmon in the water, holding Kari's tag and crest. At the communications tower, Izzy runs into Matt's dad, while Phantomon has followed Birdramon to Kari's location, where she gives herself up in order to spare the others' lives.
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Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Other

Digimon Analyser

DigiAnalyser-MegaSeadramonAnimation Ultimate
Special Move
Thunder Javelin
Patamon: "That's MegaSeadramon! The regular old Seadramon was bad enough, but compared to this fully digivolved version, it was just an angry guppy!"
DigiAnalyser-ZudomonAnimation Ultimate
Ocean Beast
Special Move
Hammer Spark
Patamon: "Don't worry, he's one of ours. That's Zudomon—he's the fully digivolved version of Ikkakumon. I was wondering when he'd finally show up."
DigiAnalyser-TuskmonAnimation Champion
Special Move
Panzer Knuckle
Phantomon: "Say hello to Tuskmon, and watch out—avoiding his razor-sharp horns is no easy 'tusk'. Heh heh...sorry."
DigiAnalyser-Snimon Champion
Special Move
Shadow Sickle
Phantomon: "Snimon, a deadly praying mantis Digimon. Which is so appropriate, because you're all about to become his prey."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Gomamon 1 Ikkakumon 2 Zudomon
Gomamon t Arrow R.png Ikkakumon t Arrow R.png Zudomon t

Gabumon 3 Garurumon
Gabumon t Arrow R.png Garurumon t

Birdramon 4 Garudamon
Birdramon t Arrow R.png Garudamon t


"Don't you worry. I'm gonna bring Mom and Dad back home safe and sound, and your little buddy Gatomon, too."

Tai reassures his guilt-ridden little sister.

"Oh, the Bakemon are getting closer every second! Can't you go any faster, Izzy?!"
"I'm trying! I told Dad I need a quicker modem!"

Izzy struggles to get the digital barrier up and running.

"Oops! Well, now that you know I can talk, my name's Tentomon. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Tentomon blows the secret to Izzy's parents.

"It's very nice to meet you, ma'am! I was in T.K.'s wood working class at summer camp! He nearly cut off one of my fingers, but that's a whole different story! I won't go into it right now!"

Joe giving T.K.'s mother a little too much information.

"Never a moment's rest, its always, 'seize her' or 'grab him', or 'go terrorize that old lady'. I'm one pooped spook."

Bakemon, moments before being ambushed by Tai and Agumon... it's easy to see why he hates the job.

Gennai: "The fog barrier surrounding the entire district is not a natural phenomenon. It's Myotismon's doing."
Izzy: "Well, duh!"

Izzy's less-than-subtle way of pointing out Gennai stating the obvious.

Kari: "Do you think maybe my daddy got away? He's all right, doncha think? And Mommy will be too 'cause Tai's gonna rescue her, right?"
Matt: "Uh, sure he will, Kari. But let's remember, Tai's just one kid and he's fighting hundreds."
Kari: "Waah!! I want Mommy to come back!"

Matt, Mr. Sensitivity he is not!

"I knew this was too easy."

Patamon is hardly surprised to see MegaSeadramon.

Kari: "It's me you want. I'm the eighth child. If you'll just stop hurting my friends, I'll come with you quietly wherever you want."
Phantomon: "What a refreshingly helpful attitude. It's a deal."

—Kari surrenders herself to save Matt and Sora.

Sora: "Oh no, Matt! What are we going to do?"
Matt: "I don't know! Tai is gonna be so mad at me!"

Matt instantly blames himself for Kari's capture, though in a somewhat casual way.

Other notes

Animation errors

  • When Sora tells Tai where everyone is, her belt is the same color as her pants.
  • When Joe, T.K. and Patamon notice MegaSeadramon, Joe's watch is misdrawn.
  • When Ikkakumon gets hit by MegaSeadramon's Thunder Javelin attack, Joe's right wristband is colored green instead of yellow.
  • When Birdramon rises to fight Snimon, her lower jaw is the same orange color as her body.
  • When Sora falls is knocked back by Phantomon, separate frames show her gloves colored the same color as her skin, her belt the same color as her pants, and the sole of her shoe being white instead of dark gray.
  • When Matt is being strangled by Phantomon's chain, the pink stripe on Tuskmon's nose is the same green color as his body.
  • In the scene where Tai and Agumon run into the building, the black band on Tai's left arm is missing.

Dubbing changes

  • In the original version, Tai's arrival at the convention center is the ending for this episode, where as in the English version it is moved to the middle of the episode shortly after his encounter with Sora, making Kari's capture the cliff-hanger ending for this episode.
  • In the Latin American dub, MegaSeadramon is wrongly referred to as MetalSeadramon.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Zudomon announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • This is the only episode where DemiDevimon uses his Evil Whisper attack.
  • According to Tai's digivice, the main events of this episode take place soon after 7.30am.