ChuuChuumon is a Beast Digimon. It is a tactician Digimon that has a tiny body but also a shrewd mind. As its plans are absolutely precise, they are enough to admirably guide even the slow-footed dullard Damemon and earn great military gains through combat. Only victory is important to ChuuChuumon, and it considers the advancement of everything according to its plans to be more important than anything else. Its battles are settled before they even begin. It must be so, and it will even become partners with someone to do so, but will still betray them at any time. Lukewarm words like "friendship" and "trust" can't even be found in ChuuChuumon's vocabulary. As for those who disturb its plans, it manipulates them at will with its "Tyutyu Twitter".[2]


  • Tyutyu Twitter: Puts the opponent in a state of hypnosis by whispering into their ears.


ChuuChuumon is a bipedal mouse-like creature with yellow fur, large ears, and black eyes. It has five fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot. Its skin is covered in stitches, similarly to depictions of Frankenstein's monster, and its mouth is also sewed. It wears red gloves.


Tyutyumon (チューチューモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese and some American English media.[3]


Official name given by the Digimon Encyclopedia and used in most American English and some Japanese media.[4]


Digimon Fusion[]

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Digimon Xros Wars (manga)[]

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Digimon Adventure:[]

Digimon Seekers[]

A ChuuChuumon, alongside its Damemon friend, lives in the Wall Slums. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-10 Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-13

One of the Chuumon that also lives in the Slums steals cheese from the duo, though they eventually catch up to it. Chuumon begs for mercy, hoping it would be spared as it was a rat just like ChuuChuumon though ChuuChuumon states that it is was offended it shared such a commonality with it. Just as Damemon was about to attack Chuumon, it notices Loogamon (Mindlinked with Eiji Nagasumi), who happened to be nearby, and tells it that if it doesn't leave its turf by the time it was done killing Chuumon, it would kill him next. Loogamon laughs at the fact that a rat would challenge a dog and approaches Damemon, ready to fight. ChuuChuumon tells Damemon to attack Loogamon, though Loogamon is able to avoid the bullets of Damemon's "Gun Vulcan" attack. The attack comes with the side effect of a disgusting smell and since such a stench would effect a dog due to its higher sense of smell, Damemon laughs, figuring it would give it the advantage. Loogamon wasn't deterred however and easily counter attacks Damemon — with a single attack enough to not only defeat Damemon but also send it flying out of a window. ChuuChuumon had fallen out of the Tyutyu Tray during the ensuing attack and cowers in fear after Loogamon said it was going to eat it. ChuuChuumon recognizes the interface on Loogamon's head and asks if it was Loogamon, the Digimon known as "The Demon Wolf of the Castle of Nine Wolves". Rather than answer, Loogamon allows ChuuChuumon to leave — stating that it didn't look tasty. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-13

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