Chronomon DM is an Ultra-level Digimon.


  • Dreadful Night (Dread Night): Unleashes nightmares on one zone, draining life.
  • Holy Flare: Annihilates one zone with a pillar of light.
  • Vanishing Touch (Dark Vanish): Devastates three zones with dark energy.
  • Avenger (Cool Avenger): Increases own speed.
  • Sacred Game (Pray of God): Prays to heal one zone with sacred light.
  • Power Sucker (Power Sink): Uses dark power to decrease attack in one zone.
  • Gusty Blade (Wind Blade): Slices one zone with a wind blade.
  • Ghoulish Bind (Ghoul Bind): Binds one zone with dark power, inflicting Paralyze.
  • Corona: Immolates all zones in fire.
  • Finger Bomb: Launches a bomb into one zone.
  • Venom Ball (Poison Hole): Sends poison into one zone, inflicting Poison.



Chronomon Destroy Mode (クロノモン デストロイモード)

Name used in the Digimon Story Visual Art Book. No official romanization available. Digimon World DS shortens "Destroy Mode" to "DM" in both Japanese and American English.


Digimon World DS[]

Main article: Chronomon (DS)

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