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Chrome Digizoid (クロンデジゾイド Kuron Dejizoido?) is a Digital World metal refined from Chrondigizoit Metal (クロンデジゾイトメタル Kurondejizoito Metaru?), itself derived from the special Huanglong Ore[1] (ファンロン鉱 Fanron-kou?).

Huanglong Ore is an incredibly scarce virtual ore that can only be found underground. It can only be scratched by other Huanglong Ore, and so it cannot be compared with other minerals and metals, and its absolute hardness is impossible to measure. Despite this, it also has profound weight, so it is not suitable for things like weapons or armor. Although living things can unify with Huanglong Ore, it takes even more years than those since the age of myth, and so Huanglongmon is the only Digimon that has currently been discovered to have unified with it.[2] However, Groundramon, which prefers to inhabit veins of the rare ore, has been found to have elements of Huanglong Ore comprising the scales covering its body.[3]

Chrondigizoit Metal resolves these weaknesses, and is said to be a more excellent rare metal.[2] The formal name of the Chrondigizoit Metal used by Metal-species Digimon is "Chrondigizoit Hybrid Organism alloy", and is abbreviated as "CHO-alloy" (CHO-合金 CHO-gokin?).[4] Chrondigizoit alloy is an intermediate material between Chrondigizoit Metal and living tissue, so it is able to integrate with living tissue, and it possesses both the super-hard firmness of Chrondigizoit, as well as the smoothness of living tissue;[5] armor made from Chrondigizoit will deflect any attack.[6]

The virtual super-metal Chrome Digizoid refined from Chrondigizoit is the strongest metal in the Digital World,[7][8][9] and is vulnerable only to the strongest of attacks and other objects made from Chrome Digizoid. As such, it is frequently used as a base of comparison for hardness, with lower-purity Chrome Digizoid being slightly softer.[10][11][12][13][14][15] Chrome Digizoid mines are often surrounded by a solid layer of bedrock, so the Digimon who work in them, like LoaderLiomon, must boast both power and stamina, as well as top-class performance.[16] Many Digimon, especially Metal-species Digimon,[17] incorporate Chrome Digizoid into their weapons or armor, and it can even be grafted directly to the user's body.[18][please confirm] The Digi-Egg of Miracles is also made of Chrome Digizoid.[19] Despite being a metal, it is flexible enough to be used for constructing wings.[20][21] Certain beings also attained sentience due to their Chrome Digizoid composition.[20][22] While the basic form of Chrome Digizoid is quite strong on its own, it is possible to refine it into five chromatic variations with unique abilities. These refined alloys can then be hybridized into even more powerful forms.[23][please confirm]


Digimon World: Next Order[]

Chrome Digizoid, Black Digizoid, Red Digizoid, and Blue Digizoid are metal materials. They can be obtained by trading materials with Gotsumon—1 Chrome Digizoid for 5 Mithrils, 1 Black Digizoid for 5 Chrome Digizoids, and 1 Red Digizoid for 5 Black Digizoids.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[]

Chrome Digizoid is a collectable item that can be sold.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory[]

Chrome Digizoid is a collectable item that can be sold.


Black Digizoid[]

Black Digizoid (ブラックデジゾイド Burakku Dejizoido?) is an alloy of Chrome Digizoid with unclear properties. One user of Black Digizoid is Craniamon, whose Black Digizoid armor allows it to generate its weapon and shield by accessing the data of its armor.[24]

Blue Digizoid[]

Blue Digizoid (ブルーデジゾイド Burū Dejizoido?) is the lightest and rarest alloy of Chrome Digizoid, and it provides phenomenal agility to its users.[25][26]

Gold Digizoid[]

Gold Digizoid (ゴールドデジゾイド Gōrudo Dejizoido?) is an alloy of Chrome Digizoid that shines with a divine, golden radiance, and renders the user completely invulnerable.[18] It also allows the user to attain high defensive and offensive power without losing speed.[27]

Obsidian Digizoid[]

Obsidian Digizoid (オブジタンデジゾイド Obujitan Dejizoido?) is an alloy of Chrome Digizoid that shines jet-black, and provides not only high defensive ability, but also a keen sharpness.[28]

Red Digizoid[]

Red Digizoid (レッドデジゾイド Reddo Dejizoido?) is a repurified alloy of Chrome Digizoid that has been increased in hardness, so that it provides phenomenal defensive power to its users.[7][29][30]

Brown Digizoid[]

Brown Digizoid (ブラウンデジゾイド Buraun Dejizoido?) is a highly pliable alloy of Chrome Digizoid that tremendously increases flexible movement.[31]

Cyplasium Digizoid[]

Cyplasium Digizoid (サイプラシウムデジゾイド Saipurashiumu Dejizoido?) is a variation named after Cyplasium alloy. It is a super-metal with a self-repair feature through the use of nanomachines, and is capable of fully recovering any damage sustained in combat before the next battle.[32]

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