Cho Hakkaimon
(チョ・ハッカイモン Cho-Hakkaimon)
Cho Hakkaimon b
Level Ultimate
Type Puppet
Attribute Data
Prior forms Opossummon[1]
Partners Airu Suzaki
Voice actors (Ja:) Ryoko Shiraishi (Xros Wars)

Cho Hakkaimon is a Puppet Digimon. It is a feminine Digimon clothed in a pig costume. It was originally an Angel-species Digimon, but it committed a crime that incurred the wrath of Ophanimon and was banished from heaven, and that's when it took on its current appearance. As it is normally optimistic, it doesn't mind that it was changed into this appearance, and it has a very cheerful personality, but if it gets hungry it will be voracious enough to start getting all worked up, and it will take on a ferocious personality. If it becomes starved, it will go completely out of control. Cho Hakkaimon's "Roketto Dīng​pá" (炉傑塔釘鈀? lit. "Rocket Rake")[2] weapon is equipped with boosters, and combined with its superhuman strength, its power is tremendous. Because it wants to change its ferocious personality, it seeks to reform itself by going on a journey.[3]


  • Kyoushin Hōmuran (強振砲舞乱? lit. "Hard-swung Homerun")[4]: Swings the Roketto Dīng​pá with its acceleration at full-throttle, blowing the opponent into the distance.
  • Dadada Minchi (打々々魅飲血? lit. "Strike, Strike, Strike, Mince")[5]: Showers the opponent in a high-speed barrage using the Roketto Dīng​pá, crushing them appallingly flat.
  • Buta-no-Maruyaki (豚ノ丸焼? lit. "Roast of the Pig"): Embraces the opponent with its body, which has burst into flames from the fury of its hunger, roasting them well-done.



Cho-Hakkaimon (チョ・ハッカイモン)

Official romanization in the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise. Some media replace the hyphen with an interpunct or a space.


Digimon Fusion

Digimon Heroes

Cho Hakkaimon is card 6-349 and 6-874.

Notes and references

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  4. This name is a pun, as "Homerun", pronounced here as 砲舞乱 ( Hōmuran?), is read literally as "War-of-the-Shot-Flutter".
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