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Chief Cabinet Secretary
Appears in:Digimon Tamers
First appearance Juggernaut
Actor(s):Dave Mallow
Gender Male
Occupation Government Official

Member of the government body that sanctioned Hypnos and the one chief of staff most involved with its running, the Chief Cabinet Secretary first appeared when Yamaki had to explain to him the nature of the Hypnos system. The secretary told him that stopping Digimon from Bio-Emerging was not enough, and that he had to find all the Digimon who had already appeared in the real world, and eliminate them.

Following the earthquakes that preceeded the arrival of Vikaralamon, Yamaki contacted the Chief Cabinet Secretary to alert him to the impending Bio-Emergence. The secretary warned him that he would not brook another disappointment—so when Vikaralamon destroyed a large portion of the city, the Juggernaut failed to stop him, and a portion of the Hypnos towers was destroyed in an explosion, Yamaki was fired.

However, some time later, the secretary and the Head of National Security clashed over what should be done about Hypnos—the head planned to reactivate the system, while the secretary thought it foolish to do so without Yamaki. The situation was deemed a matter of national security, and so the head was able to have both Hypnos and Juggernaut brought back on-line, but the Juggernaut was unstable, and would not shut down. The secretary called Yamaki in, and, much to the head's chagrin, he and Riley were able to shut the Juggernaut down.

When the D-Reaper followed the Tamers back to Earth from the Digital World, Hypnos could no longer be kept a secret from the public, as Professor Tetsuo Uchiharato spoke of it on a televised news broadcast. The secretary subsequently held a press conference in an attempt to claim Hypnos had no liability, but was faced with accusations of the system's intrusion into private information. It is unknown the voice speech by.

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