Cherrymon (Mega)[2] is a Vegetation Digimon. It is a Digimon possessing exceptional wisdom and power! Resist the sweet temptation of the forbidden fruit and shake of Cherrymon's illusions before you're lured into the dense, dark forest![3]


Cherrymon (Mega) is a Cherrymon with a white mushtache wearing Christmas decorations. These decorations include red and yellow baubles, yellow Christmas lights, a bell with a red bow in the front, and decorations shaped like Mamemon, Pickmon, Starmon (2010 anime), and Giromon.

Its Vital Bracelet sprite depicts it wearing a red stocking cap, partially covered in snow, holding a bag and surrounded by gifts including one in its hand.


Jyureimon (ジュレイモン)

Name used in the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster. Name shares romanization with Cherrymon.

  • Ja: Jurei. Probably a pun on "Age of a tree" (樹齢?) and "Long life" (寿齢?).

Name used in the American English version of the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster.


Cherrymon (Mega) first appeared on the official Digimon Twitter page in 2019 in an art wishing Digimon fans Merry Christmas.[1] Two years later it appeared as a Mega level raid boss in the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster.


Vital Bracelet Digital Monster[]

Cherrymon (Mega) was a raid boss in December 2021.

Notes and references[]

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