Chaos Lord
Chaos Lord dw2
Level Mega
Attribute Virus
Next forms NeoCrimson
* (w/ ChaosPiedmon, ChaosMetalSeadramon, ChaosBlackWarGreymon, Crimson)[1]
Partners Crimson
Other Names
• (En:) ChaosLord[1]

Chaos Lord is a Digimon.


  • Chaos Cannon: Fires several energy blasts from its back cannons.
  • Pulse Blast (Shaking Pulse): Dolphmon's technique in which it fires ultrasonic waves from its back cannons.



Chaos Lord (カオスロード)

Name used in Digimon World 2. No official romanization available.


Digimon World 2

Chaos Lord is the Prince of Evil, the first Digimon that became wild, and one of the Chaos series Digimon. Angemon of the Meditation Dome says that, according to the legend, Chaos Lord became wild because he came into contact with a Grand Being. Then he began attacking other Digimon, and the battling spread over the whole File Island like wild fire. Chaos Lord earned his name because of that, and also became the Prince of Evil. In addition to that, Chaos Lord was the one responsible for the people of File Island to flee from it using the Archive Ship, since they had to do so after losing to him.[citation needed]Akira can not find where Chaos Lord is in the beginning. In order to do so, he must first defeat three Digimon with incredible super powers (as Jijimon of File Island says), who work under ChaosLord, and are known as the Chaos Generals. The Chaos Generals are the most powerful Wild Digimon after Chaos Lord, and each of them possesses a special item called the Chaos Ring. When the three Chaos Generals' Chaos Rings are combined, they can reveal the location of Soft Domain, where Chaos Lord is located. Akira fights and defeats the three Chaos Generals, collecting their Chaos Rings after each battle. When Akira gets all three Chaos Rings, he shows them to Jijimon, who then uses them to show Akira where the Soft Domain is.[citation needed]

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