Chaos Generals
(カオス三将軍 Three Chaos Generals)
General information
Founder: Chaos Lord
Intentions: To serve Chaos Lord
Appearances: Digimon World 2

The Chaos Generals (カオス三将軍 Kaosu Sanshogun?, lit. "Three Chaos Generals") are three powerful Mega-level Digimon working under Chaos Lord and presumably the most powerful Wild Digimon after him. Each Chaos General has a Chaos Ring, a valuable item which, when combined with the two other Chaos Rings, can reveal the location of Soft Domain, where Chaos Lord lies. Akira has to defeat all three Chaos Generals when they come out of their hideout in order to find Chaos Lord. After they are defeated by Akira, the Chaos Generals alongside Chaos Lord are absorbed by Crimson, transforming him into NeoCrimson.

Each of the Chaos Generals have their own opinion about Crimson. While ChaosBlackWarGreymon seems completely devoted to assisting him, ChaosMetalSeadramon is somewhat disgusted at the fact that Crismon has trouble dealing with Akira, and ChaosPiedmon openly mocks both Crimson and the Blood Knights, calling them weaklings and incompetents.



ChaosBlackWarGreymon vg

ChaosBlackWarGreymon is at the 15th floor of Patch Domain. Akira battles him on a Fire Specialty floor. ChaosBlackWarGreymon battles together with a Triceramon and a Scorpiomon.


ChaosMetalSeadramon vg

ChaosMetalSeadramon is at the 15th floor of Mega Domain. Akira battles him on a Water Specialty floor. ChaosMetalSeadramon battles together with a Megadramon and a Gigadramon.


ChaosPiedmon vg

ChaosPiedmon is at the 15th floor of Data Domain. Akira battles him on a Nature Specialty floor. ChaosPiedmon battles together with a Giromon and an Andromon.

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