Chamblemon is a Vegetation Digimon. It is a Vegetation Digimon in the shape of a mushroom with extremely potent poison. No one knows whether it digivolved from Mushroomon, or if it is from a completely different Digimon line. Though it is often dismissed as weak, Chamblemon can be a very tricky Digimon to battle.[1]


  • Sweet Spore (Sweepore): Releases spores that stick to any threats that carelessly approach it. The spores sprout into mushrooms that absorb the foe's vitality. If one picks and eat the fungi, they will find it brimming with energy. Among them, the most delicious is said to be the data-type mushrooms.
  • Chamble Bomb (Champion Bomb): Releases mushroom-shaped explosives of many different sizes at once. The resulting fumes and spores will transform an area into a bed of mushrooms.


Chamblemon resembles a magenta mushroom with yellow eyes and a white pileus with a magenta stripe. It wears black gloves with a magenta skull and crossbones symbol and black boots. Both the gloves and boots are tied by black belts.


Chamblemon (シャンブルモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (Fr:) Champignon (lit. "mushroom"). In English, "champignon" is used as one of many names for Agaricus bisporus; usually to specifically describe immature specimens with white coloration.
  • (En:) Shamble.


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