Ceresmon Medium
(ケレスモン メディウム)
Ceresmon Medium b
Title God of Fertility
(豊穣神 Hōjō-shin?)
Level Mega
Olympos XII

Ceresmon Medium is a Mega-level Digimon. Sitting on the head of the gigantic Ceresmon is "Ceresmon Medium", which serves as its true form, and is an avatar used to convey its will.[1] It has practically nil fighting strength and so rarely, if ever, comes out in public on its own, but it is said that it will occasionally show itself unattended by the monstrous bird to those who earn its trust. Its personality is filled with gentleness and a kind heart, and it is said that it holds out the kindness of its "Karpos Hulē" (Καρπός Ὕλη? lit. "Fruit Forest") to hungry Digimon, and shelters injured Digimon in its woods until they recuperate. However, it will reverse its attitude and bring terror as if a demonic forest to those who forget the blessings granted by the forests and land, and unnecessarily injure the trees or pollute the soil.[2]


  • Fruit Flechette



Ceresmon Medium (ケレスモン メディウム)

Name used in Digimon Heroes!. No official romanization available.

  • Ceres, mythological Roman goddess of agriculture.
  • (En:) Medium.


Digimon Heroes!

Ceresmon Medium digivolves from the more powerful version of Ceresmon.

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