Ceresmon b.jpg
Title God of Fertility
(豊穣神 Hōjō-shin?)
Level Mega
Type God Man
Attribute Data
Family Wind Guardians
Slide forms Ceresmon Medium[1]
Cards (Ja:) Re-60
Other Names
• (Ja:) ケレスモン(究極体)[2] Ceresmon (Ultimate)
Ceresmon Medium
Olympos XII

Ceresmon is a God Man Digimon. One of the "Olympos XII", Ceresmon is a monstrous, gigantic bird Digimon that carries on its back the "Karpos Hulē" (Καρπός Ὕλη? lit. "Fruit Forest"), a forest bearing the Digital World's greatest sweets and famous fruits. With a body composed of rocks and rich, fertile soil, Ceresmon's soaring form is definitely the epitome of an island floating in the sky. Sitting on the head of Ceresmon is "Ceresmon Medium", which serves as its true form.[3]


  • Famis (Famēs, Lat: "Hunger"): Uses a terrifying technique that couldn't be imagined from its gentle appearance to freely manipulate plants and absorb all of the opponent's energy.
  • Fruit Flechette
  • Island Freefall
  • Burning Blood Shell



Ceresmon (ケレスモン)

Name used in Digimon Heroes!. No official romanization available.

  • Ceres, mythological Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility.


Digimon Heroes!

Main article: Ceresmon (Heroes!)

Ceresmon digivolves from Sirenmon and can digivolve into a more powerful version of itself, which can then digivolve to Ceresmon Medium.

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