Cerberumon b.jpg
Title Watchdog of Hell
(地獄の番犬 Jigoku no Banken?)
Level Ultimate
Type (Ja:) Demon Beast
(En:) Dark Animal
Attribute Vaccine
Family Unknown
Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Seasarmon[1]
Next forms Anubismon[1]
Slide forms Cerberumon Werewolf Mode[4]
DigiFuse forms DigiFuse Chart
Partners Minami Uehara[1]
Ryouma Mogami
Earth Spirit Army
Voice actors (Ja:) Fumihiko Tachiki (Frontier)
(En:) Steve Kramer (Frontier), Jeff Nimoy (Data Squad)
Other Names
• (En:) Cerberusmon[5]
• (En-Sg:) Kerberomon[6]
Cerberumon Werewolf Mode
Cerberumon X

Cerberumon is a Dark Animal Digimon. It is called the "Watchdog of Hell". The claws on its feet are hard enough to easily tear through Chrome Digizoid alloys, if they have a low purity. Also, its body is protected by a hard living shell, which has the ability to instantly repair any damage it incurs. The armor on its shoulders each possess sentience, and are able to instantly sense an attack coming from any direction, then report it to Cerberumon's central body.[7]


  • Portals of Darkness[8] (Inferno Gate): Opens a "Hell Gate" engraved in the earth, then casts the opponent through it to the jet-black Dark Area.
  • Emerald Blaze[9] (Hellfire): Spews a red-hot jet of flames.
  • Styx Killer


Cerberumon is based on the mythological Cerberus. It resembles a black dog with three heads; one is the primary head in the middle, while its shoulders hold one each.


Cerberumon (ケルベロモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


D-Ark Version 2.0

Main article: Cerberumon (Tamers)

Digimon Frontier

Main article: Cerberumon (Frontier)

Digimon Data Squad

When Marcus, Thomas, Yoshi, and Yushima are tied to posts in the Holy Capital's Arena, Baronmon unleashes Cerberusmon on them. Kamemon frees their Digimon, who attack Cerberusmon and free their partners. Cerberusmon dodges Marcus's punch and runs towards Yoshi, who fights him bullfighter style. This gives Marcus the opportunity to punch Cerberusmon. When Marcus was about to digivolve Agumon to fight Cerberusmon, Baromon notices his connection to Spencer and spares them. Journey To the Sacred City

Digimon Fusion

Digimon Adventure:

Digital Monster D-Project

Cerberumon digivolves from Garurumon, and can digivolve further into SaberLeomon.

The Tsunomon in Area 9 will have a Cerberumon in its party when fought post-game.

Digimon Battle

Cerberumon is in the digivolution line of Paomon as its ultimate form. It digivolves from Seasarmon at LV 31, and it may futher digivolve to Anubismon at LV 41. Its stat build is offensive with 3 STR, 2 DEX, 2 CON, 1 INT.

Digimon Masters

Cerberusmon is an Ultimate-level Mercenary Digimon that is available as two subspecies. Cerberusmon[Doggymon] digivolves from Doggymon, and Cerberusmon[Dobermon] digivolves from Dobermon. Both subspecies can digivolve to Anubimon.

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red

Cerberumon DigiFuses from Seasarmon, Tyrannomon, and DarkTyrannomon, and can DigiFuse to Anubismon with Garudamon and Seasarmon, to Samudramon with WaruSeadramon, Greymon L, and Musyamon, or to MaloMyotismon with VenomMyotismon, Ghoulmon, Arukenimon, and Mummymon.

Digimon Heroes!

Main article: Cerberumon (Heroes!)

Cerberumon digivolves from Dobermon and can digivolve to Cerberumon Werewolf Mode and Cerberumon X.

Digimon Soul Chaser

Cerberumon digivolves from Dobermon and can digivolve to Anubismon.

Digimon New Century

Cerberumon digivolves from Dobermon and can digivolve to Anubismon.

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