Cendrillmon is a Puppet Digimon. It is a Mega Digimon born of data from the fairy tale "Cinderella." In contrast to its appearance, Cendrillmon inhabits volcanic regions. It lives a quiet life, in solitude and unseen by others, at the "Ash-Coated Castle," a base made from volcanic ash. When other Digimon visit its castle, however, it holds battle tournaments it calls "Balls." Cendrillmon holds these contests and engages in constant battles in search of a Digimon capable of defeating it, that it might proclaim this Digimon its "Prince." Cendrillmon has a great number of attendants searching for candidates who might become its prince. These attendants travel far and wide, always on the prowl as they distribute glass slippers in areas where strong Digimon likely to gain Cendrillmon's favor may live, and directly hand the slippers to very powerful Digimon. If a Digimon possessing a certain level of strength is handed a glass slipper, it is forcibly transported to Cendrillmon's Ash-Covered Castle. As such, these slippers are quite the nuisance.[1]


  • Matrimonial Strike: Wields its rock-solid glass slippers as weapons and skewers its targets.
  • Noble Family Arts: Dispatches its underlings aboard a bomb resembling a horse-drawn pumpkin carriage as part of a self-sacrificing attack.
  • Prism Date Break: Transforms a large glass clock into a launcher, with the large clock adorning it firing a devastating laser beam allowing Cendrillmon to eliminate all prince candidates in the vicinity.


Cendrillmon is a tall humanoid Digimon resembling Cinderella. It has long, blonde hair, fair white skin, and on its chest and face resembles glass with roses etched into the surface. It has legs made of crystal.

Its Bandai art depicts an army of ChuuChuumon-like mice behind Cendrillmon’s legs and a blue avian creature above its head.


Cendrillmon (サンドリモン)

Official romanization given the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Cendrillon, the original French name of Cinderella.


Digimon Liberator[]


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