The Celestial Digimon (三大天使 Sandaitenshi?, lit. "Three Archangels"), also retaining its original name as Three Great Angels, are a group of Mega-level Angel Digimon that are derived from the three highest angelic choirs of the Christian angelic hierarchy developed by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, as well as the three archangels recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. It is said that Lucemon's abilities were split among them.[3] Their primary duty is to protect the Digital World's central "Kernel", the domain of its "God", though each of them has a unique secondary duty.[4] The Angelic Army work for them.[5] Because of the extreme of being positioned near the ultimate "Goodness", they each have another side that easily dyes their body with the other extreme of "Wickedness":[6] Daemon is said to be a fallen Seraphimon,[7] Lilithmon and Ophanimon Falldown Mode are fallen Ophanimon,[8][9] and Cherubimon (Evil) is a fallen Cherubimon (Good).[10] When a Celestial Digimon falls, the Kernel will select a Digimon and digivolve them into the relevant Celestial Digimon as a replacement.[11]


Digimon Choir Duty Alternates
Seraphimon b
Seraph Executor of God's laws ShadowSeraphimon b
Cherubimon (Good) b
Cherubimon (Good)
Cherub Guardian of God and his wisdom Cherubimon (Evil) b
Cherubimon (Evil)
Cherubimon (Good) X b
Cherubimon (Good) X
Cherubimon (Evil) X b
Cherubimon (Evil) X
Ophanimon b
Ophan Imparter of the loving and merciful side of God Ophanimon Falldown Mode b
Ophanimon Falldown Mode
Ophanimon X b
Ophanimon X


Digimon Frontier[]

4-47 Celestial Digimon

The three Celestial Digimon were the ones who took up the task of keeping the Digital World safe after Lucemon was defeated by the Ten Legendary Warriors. The Warriors entrusted their Spirits to the three of them; Wind and Light to Seraphimon, Flame, Thunder, and Ice to Ophanimon, and Darkness, Steel, Wood, Water, and Earth to Cherubimon. It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears However Cherubimon, corrupted by Lucemon, believed that Ophanimon and Seraphimon were plotting against him as well as the beast-types, so he led his followers against them. Seraphimon was defeated by Cherubimon in a surprise strike, and Ophanimon surrendered to protect him. They were both sealed away, Seraphimon in the ceiling of his castle at the Forest Terminal, and Ophanimon in the Light Barrier in Cherubimon's Castle at Rose Morning Star. Operation: Free Ophanimon

Ophanimon calls the DigiDestined to the Digital World to oppose Cherubimon All Aboard, while Seraphimon is defeated Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell but eventually begins to travel with the children as Patamon. Darkness Before the Dawn Later, on the Yellow Moon, all three are reunited in their Rookie forms When Knights Fall... and provide support in the final confrontation with Lucemon. The Celestial Digimon remain in the Digital World once the fight is over, thankful for the efforts of the humans who saved their world. End of the Line

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk[]

In the last Holy Species quest, a group called the Celestial Angels, containing a Seraphimon, asks the players to help train them in teamwork.

Digimon Heroes![]


Ophanimon b

Ophanimon is one of the Celestial Digimon.

In the opening, she fights ShadowSeraphimon and is then compressed by Cherubimon until the latter is slain by Omnimon.


ShadowSeraphimon b

ShadowSeraphimon is one of the Celestial Digimon.

In the opening, he fights Ophanimon and is then slain by Gallantmon.


Cherubimon (Evil) b

Cherubimon is one of the Celestial Digimon.

In the opening, he compresses Ophanimon before being slain by Omnimon.

Digimon World: Next Order[]


Kerpymon (Good) dl

Cherubimon is one of the Celestial Digimon.

Cherubimon felt the presence of a dark being, Belphemon Sleep Mode, in Absolute Zero's Concealed Gorge, but didn't approach it out of fear of being corrupted. When approached by the Hero in the Icy Hall, Cherubimon asks them to take the dark Digimon out. After Belphemon's defeat, Cherubimon joins Floatia. Cherubimon joins the item shop and sells Ultimate level digivolution crystals.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory[]

Ophanimon hires Keisuke Amasawa to help her, as Kerpymon (Good) and Seraphimon are fighting and she doesn't know why. Upon getting to the two fighting angels, Keisuke learns that they are fighting as they both want to marry Ophanimon but only one of them can. They then decide that they one who defeats the human deserves her, though both lose to Keisuke. They then decide they will need to train for a rematch with the human, so that they can one day be the suiter for Ophanimon. Ophanimon learns of this and uses it to her advantage to have them both behave, then fixes the area the two destoryed. After they agree to stop fighting as Ophanimon doesn't like it, the three leave. Later on, Ophanimon warns Keisuke that he needs to look out as they both plan to defeat Keisuke one day to prove who should get to marry her.

Digimon Chronicle X[]

During Kota Domoto, Alphamon, Yuji Musya, Ouryumon, Omnimon X, and Gallantmon X's travels across the Digital World to try and help stop the discrimination against X-Antibody Digimon, the Celestial Digimon are some of the Digimon the group befriend. During the battles between the Royal Knights and Seven Great Demon Lords the group are able to sense that the Demon Lords had been causing trouble, so they round up all of the friends they had made during their travels and join the battles, although Seraphimon stays behind in the Kernel to protect it. The Power Convened by the Boys

As Dynasmon X fights against Cherubimon (Evil) X and Ophanimon Falldown Mode X, who had been summoned by Lucemon X, Ophanimon X and Cherubimon (Good) X arrive to help out the Royal Knight and fight against their evil counterparts, which allows Dynasmon to help Magnamon X in its fight against Beelzemon X. Two Lights / An Even Darker Scheme

Digimon ReArise[]

After Alphamon defeats Lucemon SM, Lucemon flees. The Royal Knights ask the Three Archangels to help find it, though they refuse. The Time of Awakening Approaches! The Mighty Heartbeat of the Four Holy Beasts They also refuse to help stop the Spiral problem, though have no issues with the others dealing with it instead. A Digimon Summit Begins? Their refusal to do anything is due to their fear of falling and turning into demonic Digimon, though are able able to be convinced to help the Royal Knights and Four Holy Beasts due to the Protagonist and Michi Shinjo. A Digimon Summit Begins? Originally however, they were hostile and refused to allow the Royal Knights into their domain as they had assumed they were harbouring Lucemon, though the Tamers are able to defuse the situation by convincing the Royal Knights to trust the angels. The Time of Awakening Approaches! The Mighty Heartbeat of the Four Holy Beasts A Digimon Summit Begins?

With the groups all now in agreement, the Three Archangels team up with the Deva to deal with threats inside the Digital world whilst the Royal Knights deal with threats outside the Digital World. To Wield a Blade for Justice

Digimon Adventure:[]

Though this group is not specified to exist in Digimon Adventure:, the cards P-053 and P-054 state that Ophanimon and Seraphimon are members of the Three Great Angels.

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