DIGIMODIFY! Suijinmon, activate!

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Japanese cards


Bo-813: Suijinmon
Suijinmon Bo-813 (DM)

Parting oceans and smashing cliffs, the ultimate commander of waterfalls!
Cyberdramon + 60% Winning Percentage!
Rapidmon (Ultimate) + 60% Winning Percentage!
MegaSeadramon + 60% Winning Percentage!
Hangyomon + 60% Winning Percentage!
Level Battle Type Attribute ID
Mega Green Data DC yu-717
Type Family Group
Machine Deep Savers ---
A Power B Power C Power
Mugen Cannon
Accel Arm
Lost Point
40 (R), 30 (C), 20 (U), 10 (M)
Special Ability
It cannot be sent to the Dark Area by the opponent Digimon's abilities.
When you discard a Justimon card from your hand, the Attack Power is +400 (maximum of 1 card).


This card digivolves to:

Suijinmon has not appeared on any American cards.

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