DIGIMODIFY! Parallelmon, activate!

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Japanese cards


Bo-16v: Parallelmon
Parallelmon Bo-16v (DM).jpg

A cool-headed mutant monster who wanders through space-time and hunts Tamers!
Level IV Digimon + D-Scanner
Level IV Digimon + D-3
◎Send the specified card face-down from your hand to your evolution requirements box (ignore the effects on the card).
Level Battle Type Attribute ID
Ultimate Yellow Virus DC bu.png-035
Type Family Group
Mutant Unknown ---
A Power B Power C Power
Absorbent Bang
Endless Trance
guard (a→0)
Lost Point
40, 30, 30, 20
Special Effect
When there is a face-up card belonging to the 'Tamer' category on the opponent's sheet, add 200 to your attack power.