DIGIMODIFY! D-Reaper ADR-08, activate!

For information on D-Reaper ADR-08 in other parts of the Digimon franchise, please go to D-Reaper ADR-08.

Japanese cards


Bo-88t: D-Reaper ADR-08
D-Reaper ADR-08 Bo-88t (DM).jpg

The Alias "Optimizer". It is a gigantic Heavy Mother Ship-class ADR.
Play this card due to the effect of your "D-Reaper Zone".
Level Battle Type Attribute ID
Mega Yellow None DC de.png-008
Type Family Group
Mother Ship D-Reaper Zone D-Reaper
A Power B Power C Power
46cm α Houkai Hou[1]
Mjöllnir Thunder[2]
Lost Point
40, 40, 40, 40
Special Ability
When you place 1 "D-Reaper ADR-04" on your sheet's Support Box, the Attack Power of 1 "D-Reaper" card is +300.

Notes: The "ー「究」" listed as the card's level indicates that, while D-Reaper ADR-08 is not technically a Mega, it is considered equivalent to one.


D-Reaper ADR-08 has not appeared on any American cards.

  1. C becomes 0.
  2. B becomes 0.