DIGIMODIFY! D-Reaper ADR-06, activate!

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Japanese cards


Bo-86t: D-Reaper ADR-06
D-Reaper ADR-06 Bo-86t (DM).jpg

The Alias "Horn Striker". It is a Grappling ADR of overwhelming power.
When you are a "Champion" (excluding Armor-evolved) or "Ultimate" Digimon, play this card from your hand (only during battle).
Level Battle Type Attribute ID
Mega Yellow None DC de.png-006
Type Family Group
Military Commander D-Reaper Zone D-Reaper
A Power B Power C Power
Baldy Blow[2]
Lost Point
20, 20, 20, 20
Special Ability
When the opponent modifies their Attack Power with "Add", you also gain the same modification (if the opponent loses the modification, your modification is lost).

Notes: The "ー「究」" listed as the card's level indicates that, while D-Reaper ADR-06 is not technically a Mega, it is considered equivalent to one.


D-Reaper ADR-06 has not appeared on any American cards.

  1. C becomes 0.
  2. B becomes 0.