DIGIMODIFY! D-Reaper ADR-04, activate!

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Japanese cards


Bo-84t: D-Reaper ADR-04
D-Reaper ADR-04 Bo-84t (DM).jpg

The Alias "Bubbles", which has wave motion guns on its arms. It acts in swarms.
It appears only by exchanging it with another "Rookie" Digimon. Unless it is replaced with another Rookie Digimon, it cannot be sent to the Dark Area.
Level Battle Type Attribute ID
Champion Yellow None DC de.png-004
Type Family Group
Ground Combat D-Reaper Zone D-Reaper
A Power B Power C Power
35mm α Houkai Sokushahou[1]
Energy Bomb
Lost Point
10, 10, 10, 10
Special Ability
There can be up to 4 of this card in the deck.

Notes: The "ー「IV」" listed as the card's level indicates that, while D-Reaper ADR-04 is not a Champion Digimon, it is considered equivalent to one.


This card digivolves to:

D-Reaper ADR-04 has not appeared on any American cards.

  1. C becomes 0.