BryweLudramon b

BryweLudramon concept art

Level Mega
Type Armor
Attribute Data
Debut Digimon Reference Book
March 21, 2018
Prior forms RaijiLudomon[1]
Next forms RagnaLoardmon
* (w/ Durandamon)[2]

BryweLudramon is an Armor Digimon. A Mega level Legend-Arms shield Digimon, its entire body is composed of shields and has taken the form of a dragon. By attaining the data of "legendary shields" from legends and video games, it digivolved to become a shield boasting absolute hardness, one that cannot be scratched by any attack. While appearance-wise it seems to be made from Red Digizoid, the true extent of its hardness cannot be analysed. Bryweludramon has two standalone AI units, Gause and Fay, which allow it to see in all directions. Gause and Fay also possess barriers made from flames, and are able to extend the scope of their barriers to cover even Bryweludramon. Because Gause and Fay are capable of acting independently of Bryweludramon, no matter how far-separated they are, it is said that they are even capable of covering the entire world with their barriers. Although Bryweludramon may be the strongest shield, it seems that its barriers have been broken and bested before by its nemesis Durandamon. However, transformation is the most valuable asset of a Legend-Arms; should one wield Bryweludramon while it is transformed into a shield, no enemy would be willing to keep up their assault.[3]


  • Guren Storm: Unleashes a blaze from its flaming wings.
  • Blast Smash: Detaches its wings, shrouding itself in a barrier of flame as it charges towards the enemy.


BryweLudramon is a Digimon made of fire in a quadrupedal dragon shape. It wears red armor on its head, legs, tail, and wings while its torso is a red draconic skull. Its helmet has a yellow horn and is eyeless as its gem-like eyes float just above its wings with blue flames, the right eye is green while the left one is blue.


BryweLudramon (ブリウエルドラモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th

BryweLudramon digivolves from RaijiLudomon and can DNA Digivolve to RagnaLordmon with Durandamon.

Notes and references

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