Brigadramon is a Cyborg Digimon. The D-Brigade once created Darkdramon to use as an ultimate weapon, but this unit caused a major fiasco when it went out of control and escaped. After reflecting upon their failure to produce a singularly unique and supremely powerful Digimon to represent their organization, the D-Brigade developed and Digivolved Brigadramon, a command machine capable of efficiently managing attack units. Brigadramon circles over the mission area, seeking out and destroying threats on the ground or at low altitudes. After all major threats have been eradicated, a Cargodramon carrying its squadron will descend and deploy Commandramon, Hi-Commandramon, and Tankdramon on the ground. Brigadramon will continue to circle the skies above until the mission is complete, giving commands to the deployed units and searching for enemies. Due to the improvement of its operational success rate and a significant drop in the number of lost troops, D-Brigade, having temporarily lost face due to the prior fiasco, has begun to restore its former reputation with the deployment of Brigadramon. Reports indicate that there are three Brigadramon currently in service, with this number expected to increase in the future.[1]


  • Genocidal Rain: A sweeping fire of explosives shot at a speed of 4,800 rounds per second from the giant Gatling cannon on its right arm.
  • Exa Destroyer: Uses an organic missile system housed within the claws of its left hand.



Brigadramon (ブリガードラモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


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