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BATTLE18: Break Through the Firewall!
炎の壁 (ファイヤーウォール)を破ね!
(Honoo no Kabe (Faiyāwōru) wo Yabu ne!)
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As Ami and Pichimon are taken away, the remaining Tamers catch sight of System World as it approaches. Inside, the Machine Digimemory has been given to NEO, who now has a mechanical left arm. Norn gets into an argument with Barbamon and is interrupted by the arrival of two of his Commanders, who bring the hostages. On the ground, Gaomon and Agumon get into an argument which is broken up by Piximon, who has just arrived. Piximon spurs them onward to fight before nearly collapsing from the injuries he sustained en route. He uses some of the last of his energy to heal the battle fatigue of the Tamers. He then explains that the disasters in the Digital World started when Barbamon took over the host computer. He states the computer's name is Yggdrasil and is located in the System world. He further states that they have to get Yggdrasil back from Barbamon. Shou, pessimistic, tells them that a Firewall encircles System World to deny all entrants, but Tsurugi responds that their Digisoul will find a way. Still despondent, Shou doesn't rise to even Tsurugi's declarations that he still cares for him. In almost disgust, Tsurugi calls on Yuu to leave and their Digimon digivolve to their Ultimate forms as they rise in the sky. A fleet of CannonBeemon who act as transport for BladeKuwagamon block them, but RizeGreymon defeats all the BladeKuwagamon in one blow as MachGaogamon takes care of the CannonBeemon. Zanbamon, itching for a rematch, deploys himself as Barbamon takes the Water Digimemory. Meanwhile, Tsurugi and Yuu have come on the Firewall, which nullifies their attacks. Tsurugi burns his Digisoul again, giving RizeGreymon the power to create a hole in Firewall and advance forward once more.

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MachGaogamon 1 Gaomon 2 MachGaogamon
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Agumon 2 RizeGreymon
Agumon (2006 anime) n.jpg RizeGreymon n.jpg
BladeKuwagamon 3 Digi-Egg
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