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6-79 Brave Snatcher

Arresterdramon holding the Brave Snatcher

The Brave Snatcher (ブレイブスナッチャー Bureibu Sunacchā?) is a weapon created from the right arm of Bagramon, and is needed in order to hunt Quartzmon. It was originally won by Ryouma Mogami, but was later given to Tagiru Akashi.


Digimon Fusion

Brave snatcher digivices

The Brave Snatcher was created from Bagramon's right arm after his death at the hands of Shoutmon. It is specifically designed to be used against Quartzmon in order to hinder its actions, allowing it to be hunted and finally defeated. A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!

Before combining with the remnants of Bagramon's arm, the Brave Snatcher resembles a sextant, with six emblems at its base representing the Digivices of all six groups of heroes.

Tagiru decides that if the Brave Snatcher will not come to him, he will go to it himself. He dives into the ocean after the weapon, followed by the other five heroes.

However, Quartzmon manages to shatter the Brave Snatcher. In order to resurrect its power, Tagiru digixroses Arresterdramon Superior Mode with the Brave Snatcher itself, creating XrosUpArresterdramon Superior Mode. With their newfound power, Tagiru and XrosUpArresterdramon are able to break through to Quartzmon's inner heart, going forward even when Quartzmon resurrects the data of their friends in order to make them falter. In the very deepest part of Quartzmon, they find his small, dark core. They crush Quartzmon's heart, reducing him to a Digi-Egg and reverting the Earth back to normal.

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