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Boom Bubble title

Boom Bubble was a Digimon Flash Game based around the Digimon Adventure anime, which appeared for free on the now defunct Official Fox Kid's website for fans to play.


Boom Bubble gameplay

T.K and Patamon are being attacked by a swarm of evil Black Gears. Help Patamon fight the Black Gears by flying up and unleashing his awesome Boom Bubble attack!

Make Patamon fly into the air by holding the mouse button down. When you relese the mouse button, Patamon will fall back down to the ground. As you release the button, Patamon will also lt out a Boom Bubble attack. You can control the direction of the Boom Buble attack by moving your mouse to the left or right.

Handy Hints:

  • When Patamon is in the air, click the mouse button really fast to hover and shoot.
  • Each wave of gears need to be defeated to move onto the next level and the sooner you shoot a gearm the more points you get! Good luck!

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