Bokomon and Patamon are two of the Cypress Village residents in Digimon Dreamers.


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Digimon Dreamers[]

Bokomon and Patamon are two of the Cypress Village residents and two of the few who are at the Rookie level, with most of them below that as a curse makes it so that no one from the village could digivolve passed Rookie.

Pulsemon had managed to get itself a Tamer from the Human World, who raised it whilst he was still in the Human World with Pulsemon in the Digital World, which wasn't enough for Pulsemon. As such, it Bokomon, and Patamon summon his Tamer, Ritsu Kodo, to the village. Upon seeing their summoning had been successful, the residents all celebrate. After some back and forth, Ritsu eventually agrees to continue training Pulsemon after learning it wanted to digivolve to protect the village by becoming a strong Digimon. After playing with the young Digimon, he allows them to summon him whenever they want which backfires when they one day summon him mid bath — shocking and embarrassing everyone in the village. A Digimon can dream

Some time later, Ritsu is once against summoned to the Digital World, though rather than help Pulsemon train he instead relaxes at Burgermon's restaurant with some of the Cypress Village residents. Pulsemon shows up and yells at Ritsu for not helping him to become the strongest Digimon ever and tells him that they're going to going to go train at an active volcano — though Ritsu declares he has no intention of going to a volcano and would prefer to stay at the restaurant. He even gives Pulsemon his phone and tells him to live stream the training so he could see it that way though Pulsemon instead ties Ritsu up and forces him to go to the volcano with it, Patamon, and Bokomon.

Now untied, Ritsu watches on in fear as Pulsemon dodges fiery rocks shot out by the volcano. He tells Pulsemon he has no advice for him, with Pulsemon using the rope to tie a protesting Ritsu to his back figuring that if he dodged the rocks with Ritsu on his back their hearts would become one and he would be able to digivolve. In the middle of doing so, Pulsemon stops and declares he's hungry — leading Ritsu to freak out since the rocks were still hurtling at them.

As Pulsemon eats, with Ritsu now free once again, a Vegiemon is drawn to the food's smell which worries Bokomon as Vegiemon is a Champion level Digimon. Pulsemon finds the situation perfect, since defeating a Champion would be worth lots of experience with that declaration angering Vegiemon as it states a Rookie would be unable to defeat it. Pulsemon insists it will be able to win as its partner will be cheering it on and begins to charge into battle, only for Ritsu to grab its tail and stop it. Pulsemon is confused but then watches as one of the fiery rocks hits Vegiemon, setting it on fire. Pulsemon celebrates winning — though Patamon points out it didn't gain any experience as it didn't actually defeat Vegiemon. Bokomon notes that it was a valuable battle, as they found out that Ritsu was a master of checking his surroundings which will help him to become a master Tamer. The Shut-In Tamer Ritsu

Some time later, just as he was about to get some burgers and fries from Wc Donald's, Ritsu is summoned again. As he complains about the fact he wasn't able to get his food, the Digimon assume it's a greeting and start copying him — though he quickly lets them know that isn't the case. Pulsemon tells Ritsu they had summoned him to give him some good news — Tanemon had been successful in selectively breeding meat. As Ritsu expresses shock that meat grows out of the ground, Pulsemon tries to get some of it though it is stopped by Tanemon as it isn't ready to be eaten yet. One of the many Agumon cook the meat with its Pepper Breath, which allows the residents, and also Ritsu, to eat the meat together. After finishing it, Pulsemon and Ritsu fall asleep. Cypress Meet

After they wake up, Pulsemon trains, with the Cypress Village residents watching. Ritsu asks it what it's going to digivolve to if it ever manages to, with Pulsemon insisting it would one day digivolve to Bulkmon. As Pulsemon is defeated by its own punching bag, a Jyarimon runs in panicked — telling everyone that an Ogremon had shown up.

They go to the meat farm, where they find Ogremon and Monmon stealing and eating the meat. As Tanemon had made the meat for the residents it tries to stop them though is easily defeated by Ogremon. As Ogremon laughs at how weak everyone in the village is, Monmon telling it the village was cursed and no one could digivolve passed Rookie, Pulsemon attacks Ogremon with the surprise attack pissing Ogremon off and it declaring it will kill Pulsemon in revenge. Just like Tanemon, Pulsemon loses from only one attack though refusing to go down it gets back up and continues to fight. It figures the more damage it takes, the closer it would get to being able to digivolve and tells Ogremon to beat it up as much as it wants. Ogremon Invasion Ogremon and Pulsemon continue to fight, with Pulsemon standing no chance against its Champion level opponent. Ritsu and the Cypress Village residents watch on in horror, with Ogremon stating Tamers were useless and even telling Ritsu he should fight in Pulsemon's place. Ritsu, fearing for his life, apologizes to Pulsemon for being useless with Ogremon laughing and telling him to run away to the Human World where he belongs. Pulsemon, still refusing to go down, tells Ritsu he doesn't have to fight his battles for it and that he just has to believe in Pulsemon and that will be enough to allow Pulsemon to win. Bokomon backs this up, telling him to believe in his partner as that will give Pulsemon strength which spurs Ritsu on to cheer for his partner. As their hearts synch together, Pulsemon begins to digivolve with the residents shocked that someone from their village was about to break the curse. Unfortunately for Pulsemon, only its head digivolves. Pulse of Digivolution The Bulkmon head is so big compared to Pulsemon's body it can't even hold it up, which Ogremon and Monmon find hilarious. Not finding the situation funny, Pulsemon/Bulkmon is still able to charge at them with its head on the ground though Ogremon is able to stop it in its tracks without effort which reverts Pulsemon's head back to normal. This doesn't last long as Pulsemon's arms digivolve to Bulkmon's, revert back to normal, followed by its legs doing the same thing, and then one arm and one leg. Everyone watches on in horror, including Pulsemon, with Bokomon theorizing that Pulsemon's digivolution energy from its bond with Ritsu was trying to break the curse but can only digivolve parts of its body due to it. Though Pulsemon is unable to fully digivolve, Bokomon figures it should still have the power of Bulkmon within it which Pulsemon is able to prove as it was able to damage Ogremon with its temporarily digivolved parts (its body still alternating which parts of it was digivolved, meaning Pulsemon alternated which body parts it hit Ogremon with). Pulsemon jokes they should refer to its hybrid forms as "Bulsemon" with "Bulsemon" able to defeat Ogremon. Monmon wheels away its boss in a wheelbarrow, whilst Pulsemon celebrates its win by eating some of the saved meat. The Inner Bulkmon

Pulsemon, Bokomon, and Patamon once again summon Ritsu to the Digital World with Ritsu annoyed as he was about to get a victory royal — the Digimon having no idea what that meant. The Digimon take Ritsu to the nearby shrine, hoping they could find some hints there about why Cypress Village was cursed. Ritsu refuses to go in, since it radiates dark energy, though he's forced to go in anyway as Pulsemon ties him up with rope and drags him in. Not seeing a way in, Pulsemon digivolves its arm to Bulkmon's and breaks into it with Ritsu telling it that it's just gonna end up getting even further cursed.

As they traverse through the shrine they come across a Sandiramon who gets annoyed at being woken up. Pulsemon tells Sandiramon to get rid of the village's curse, though it has no idea what Pulsemon is on about and decides it will kill it as punishment for waking it up. Bokomon tries to calm it down by offering it rocks, though Patamon says it wont work as stuck up Digimon can't be reasoned with as they're too childish to be able to contain their anger. Proving Patamon right, this pisses off Sandiramon even more with Ritsu and the Digimon only just able to avoid Sandiramon's Krishńa attack. Finding Sandiramon spitting swords at it disgusting, Pulsemon spits at Sandiramon which shocks the snake Digimon. Insulted at Pulsemon's spit being compared to its sword spitting attacks it summons its "Bǎo Kuí" (宝鉾? lit. "Treasure Lance") spear and tries to kill Pulsemon with it though Pulsemon digivolves its arm to Bulkmon and blocks it. Confused as to what just happened, Sandiramon can only watch in shock as Pulsemon alternates which parts of its body are digivolved to Bulkmon with Pulsemon able to defeat it. Having lost, Sandiramon tells Pulsemon it has no idea about the curse and it should look elsewhere. Sandiramon goes back to sleep, with Bokomon pulling out some meat. Sandiramon smells the meat, wakes up, and chases the group deciding it wanted to eat the meat. Sandiramon of the Shrine

Bokomon teaches Ritsu and the Cypress Village residents about DigiCode, though Pulsemon sleeps through the lesson.

Starmon shows up, sees one of the unused autograph cards, picks it up, and asks if anyone wants its autograph though they decline. Starmon assumes they were just being shy, though becomes annoyed when Pulsemon starts drawing its autograph on its body. Bokomon tells the others that Starmon was a self proclaimed star that boasts about its combat experience to as many people as possible with Starmon disagreeing stating it was not just a star, it was the creator of a universe and they should refer to it as the Big Bang. They ask why Starmon had even come to the village, with it stating it had wanted to get some of the legendary Cypress Meat there as Tanemon had started selling it. Tanemon charges 1000 bits, with Starmon surprised it would have to pay with how big of a celebrity it supposedly is. The group mock and insult Starmon, who asks for a sample to see whether it should buy some and after finding it amazing is insulted when Tanemon tells it what it gave it wasn't actually the same meat as it had instead given it regular meat. Pulsemon and the others laugh at Starmon and call it a loser which annoys it with Pulsemon challenging it to battle. The others tell Pulsemon to stop, as they didn't think they could beat it, but Starmon declares it was too late with Pulsemon able to avoid Starmon's meteor attacks by digivolving its feet into Bulkmon's. Seeing such a thing freaks Starmon out and now super high in the air Pulsemon de-digivolves its legs and changes to digivolving its head and falls onto Starmon, having its giant Bulkmon head collide with it. This was enough for Pulsemon to win, with Tanemon giving Starmon some Cypress Meat to make it feel better. Bokomon looks up the meaning of pal, and seeing it means friend tells Ritsu he should've told him earlier and that is delighted he gets to be Ritsu's "Pal-semon" though upon hearing that decides maybe they should forgoe nicknames as a surprised Pulsemon questions why. They Call Him Starmon

When Ritsu is summoned to the Digital World one day, the Cypress Village residents express excitement at the fact a human was visiting them. Ritsu tells them they don't need to be surprised since he shows up all the time only for him to be shocked when they all run passed him and to a different human, Joe Wakamiya. A large amount of the residents jumping on him in excitement. Joe was surprised to see a Human living in a village with Digimon, whilst Pulsemon was surprised that other humans exist. Joe tells them that he travels the Digital World looking for the door to the S Dimension so that he can find his brother, with Pulsemon surprised at the fact he spends all his time in the Digital World. As Joe tells them about some of his journeys in the Digital World Pulsemon asks him if he knows of a way to reverse the curse of Cypress Village, which had him realize why there are so many weak Digimon in the village. Pulsemon boasts that he can digivolve parts of his body, with Joe thinking he's just joking though is proven wrong when Pulsemon digivolves his head into Bulkmon's. Figuring he had no idea how to reverse it, they decide he had been lying about his experiences and his goals at which point multiple Kuwagamon show up and attack the village. Joe tells them they were actually here as hired assassins to stop him getting to the S Dimension and tells an excited Pulsemon to let him deal with them as they're his enemies not theirs. He pulls out a shell and blows on it to summon his partner, Wingdramon, with Pulsemon and a forced Ritsu joining Joe on its back. Wingdramon then defeats the Kuwagamon, protecting the village. The Wandering Tamer

Ogremon and Monmon hang out with Ritsu and the Cypress Village Residents, apparently having become friends with everyone at some point. Wizardmon of the Memory Sea

At some point during Ritsu and Pulsemon's time in Witchelny, Nell Shishigari and Bell show up at Cypress Village. The Digimon allowed her to stay, with her and Bell helping deal with the increasing wild Digimon attacks in return.

During one such attack, Bell digivolves to Dobermon and defeats a Drimogemon. After the battle, the group find a shrine in the village that they had never seen before — with the shrine already being filled with meat offerings.

After their trip, Pulsemon returns to the village — with Ritsu returning to the Human World. Pulsemon meets Nell at this point, with Nell and Bell continuing to protect the village.

A while after that, Ritsu is once again summoned to Cypress Village. He asks them if the were ready to break the curse, with Pulsemon saying they were. Ritsu came with ketchup, a gift for Burgamon since the village had never had ketchup before, with everyone proceeding to eat burgers together. As they eat them, Nell warns them that making their food that good would cause the village to be attacked by wild Digimon. This confuses Ritsu, since he had no idea who she was.

Patamon explains when Nell and Bell arrived, with Ritsu asking the villagers if anyone had summoned her. They all deny doing so, with Nell stating she just ended up there. Pulsemon decides it was time to undo the curse so everyone could digivolve and protect the village themselves, and as it ties Ritsu up to force him to go with it — it tells him about the shrine and how Nell and Bell had saved the village. Nell says she was happy to do so as she loved the village with the villagers declare their love for her. This depresses Ritsu, since he had been replaced.

Everyone goes to the shrine, with Ritsu impressed at the large amount of meat offerings. Patamon explains that the meat had actually already been there before the found the shrine, a fact Ritsu finds weird — though Pulsemon tells them to shut up since {c|Bokomon|d}} was performing the ritual. This doesn't last though, as Ritsu asks Pulsemon who he thinks he will digivolve to — with Pulsemon declaring it will probably become Kazuchimon. Ristu reminds it that the residents of Witchelny had told it it had a non standard DigiCore, theorizing that that might actually cause it to digivolve to a never before seen Digimon. This possibility excites Pulsemon, and as Pulsemon does so Bokomon finishes the ritual. The chains within the shrine break, however the ritual is unable to be completed as it asks for a password. The curse being encrypted shocks everyone, confused as to who would even do so. As everyone wallows in defeat — Ritsu and Pulsemon having worked so hard — Nell tells them that it's fine since nothing good would come from them digivolving anyway. This confuses everyone, with Pulsemon becoming enraged — though Nell is able to calm everyone except Pulsemon down by saying it would be better for everyone to remain as they are since they were so cute. Pulsemon disagrees, and promises to find the password, though as it does a Koromon arrives and tells they the village was being attacked. Nell motions to Bell to help, but Ritsu and Pulsemon — wanting to protect their friends — had already charged into battle, with Nell shocked at how fast the two of them ran.

A group of Rebellimon had shown up and were demanding Cypress Meat. Ready to fight the Rebellimon, Pulsemon tells Ritsu that though it may not be able to digivolve yet — it would make its dream come true. Ritsu says he knows it will, with the two agreeing to get their pulses going harder than ever before. ELECTRIFYING

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