BlitzGreymon b
Title (Ja:) Lightning Dragon
(En:) The Roaring Thunder Dragon[1]
Level Mega
Type Cyborg
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms MetalGreymon (Virus)[1]
Next forms Omegamon Alter-S
* (w/ CresGarurumon)[2]
Cards (Ja:) Re-96

BlitzGreymon is a Cyborg Digimon. A Mega form of Greymon-species Digimon, it's a subspecies of WarGreymon equipped with electric weapons. Striking with the Plasma Stakes on both of its arms, it can destroy even the sturdiest of structures by sending a surge of electricity through it.[3]


  • Plasma Stake: Attacks the opponent with the Plasma Stakes on both arms and breaks it down from the inner parts.
  • Thunder Vernier: Strikes down opponent with lightning from the weapon on its back.
  • Elec Guard: Releases plasma particles into its surroundings and uses them to erect a barrier around it.



BlitzGreymon (ブリッツグレイモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (Deu:) Blitz (lit. "lightning")
  • (En:) Grey, meaning "old" or "ancient".


Digimon Links

BlitzGreymon digivolves from MetalGreymon and can digivolve to Omegamon Alter-S.

Digimon Masters

BlitzGreymon digivolves from MetalGreymon (Black) and can Jogress to Omegamon Alter-S with CresGarurumon

Digimon ReArise

BlitzGreymon digivolves from MetalGreymon.

Digimon Battle

BlitzGreymon digivolves from MetalGreymon (Virus) and some instances can digivolve to Omegamon Alter-S and Omegamon Alter-B.

Notes and references

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