Blimpmon is a Machine Digimon. A Vehicle Digimon just like Mekanorimon, it flies in the skies without a care in the world. Although its delicate balloon portion is protected by a metallic coating, it seems to still be under construction as its left flank is left exposed.[2]


  • Zeppelin Explosion: Fires cannonballs from the two large cannons seated on its top.
  • Helium Bomb: Shoots bullets of helium gas and detonates them.


Blimpmon takes inspiration from the blimp in design but from the greater class of airships, particularly those used in wartime, in general. Its exterior is heavily armored and heavily armed, with actual arms at its front. Its nose is tipped with a long spike, while its gondola contains one of its two sets of eyes, the other set being in a cockpit above its nose spike.


Blimpmon (ブリンプモン)

Name used in Digimon Heroes!. No official romanization available.


Digimon Heroes!

Blimpmon can digivolve to Valvemon.

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