BladeKuwagamon is a Machine Digimon. It is an Insectoid-type Machine Digimon whose entire body has been weaponized. For a Champion, it is a rare species whose whole body has been turned into Chrome Digizoid. It has a habit of reacting indiscriminately to anything that moves, and it is said that when a swarm of BladeKuwagamon attacks someone, they will pierce even Mega Digimon all over their bodies and cause them to die.[2]


  • Spark Blade: Turns into a blade of light and pierces with it.
  • Air Knife: Generates a vacuum wave.


BladeKuwagamon is a robotic Digimon the resembles a Saw Stag Beetle (Prosopocoilus inclinatus). It has four legs made of blue electricity, a red jewel on its pronotum between the elytra, and a long, black, kopis-like blade with a gold fuller that extends from between its horns.


BladeKuwagamon (ブレイドクワガーモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Adventure:[]

Many BladeKuwagamon support MetallifeKuwagamon as he works to prevent Tai Kamiya and Izzy Izumi from stopping the crash of the ISS. After MetalGreymon Alterous Mode digivolves into BlitzGreymon, he destroys MetallifeKuwagamon and his BladeKuwagamon. Operation Satellite Sniper

Digimon Next[]

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Digimon Heroes![]

BladeKuwagamon is card 5-999.

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