BlackWarGreymon is a Dragonkin Digimon. Feared as the "Jet-black Dragon Warrior", it is a Virus-species WarGreymon. Although its creed and principles are the polar opposite of those of the Virus Buster WarGreymon, it exists for the sake of its own peculiar justice. It detests cowardice and foul play, and it doesn't consider itself a fellow of vulgar Digimon, even if they are of the same Virus-species. The full details of how it converted to a Virus are a mystery, and the "Brave Shield" equipped to its back is not engraved with the Crest of Courage.[7]


  • Terra Destroyer[8] (暗黑のガイアフォース Ankoku no Gaia Force?, lit. "Dark Gaia Force"):[9] Similar to Terra Force, except that it takes all of the "negative emotions" within this world and concentrates them into one spot, then fires it.
  • Black Tornado[10] (Great Tornado): Creates a huge tornado.
  • Mega Destroyer
  • Dragon Crusher[11] (Dramon Killer) Slashes upwards with a Dramon Destroyer, sending a wall of fire at the opponent.
  • Dramon Buster: Drops straight down from above, stabbing with a Dramon Destoryer.
  • War Blaster: Gathers energy in its hands and fires a series of explosive green fireballs
  • Ultra Tornado (Black Storm Tornado): Generates huge burning tornadoes around itself.
  • Dramon Tackle: Runs forward, charging into the opponent
  • Doramon Fire (Dramon Fire): Shoots a small fireball.
  • Terra Destroyer[12] (Gaia Force): Emits a high density heat energy shot.
    • Kūchū Gaia Force (空中ガイアフォース? lit. "Aerial Gaia Force")
  • Black Tornado: Spins at tremendous speed like a tornado and launches itself at the enemy.
  • Nova Force
  • Mega Claw


BlackWarGreymon is a tall reptilian Digimon with a humanoid body structure. Like other Greymon-species Digimon, it has Tyrannosaurus rex-like features (such as its feet and the shape of its head), but unlike other Greymon-species Digimon, its back is not angled, giving it a human-like posture. It has black scales covering most of its body; the only exception is its face, which is covered in grey metal, with one spike on its nose, two spikes behind its eyes, and spiky blonde hair on the back of its head. The shin guards, cuirass, and spiked black shoulder pads it wears are held in place by thick, yellow cable-like ropes. It holds two large, black three-clawed gauntlets in its hands. The Brave Shield it carries on its back is completely blank.

In Digimon Battle, BlackWarGreymon has the Crest of Courage on its Brave Shield.


BlackWarGreymon (ブラックウォーグレイモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise. Some media shorten the "Black" to "B"[13] or "BK".[14]

  • (En:) Black
  • (En:) War
  • (En:) Grey, meaning "old" or "ancient".


Digimon Adventure 02[]

Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers[]

BlackWarGreymon is the boss of Ken's side of the ElectroBase, with Kuwagamon and Flymon as his minions, and on Ryo's side of ElectroBase 2, with Vilemon and Dokugumon in his party. The Player can obtain one by fusing two Machindramon.

BlackWarGreymon is part of the Digitama 25 line, who digivolves from MetalGreymon (Virus).

Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamer[]

BlackWarGreymon is the boss of the Colossal Dungeon. He is also a regular enemy in there.

Digivice Ver.15th[]

Main article: BlackWarGreymon (Tai)

Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer[]

BlackWarGreymon is a possible boss in the game, if Ryo Akiyama takes too long to go through Black Egg's Crevasse. If Ryo makes it in ten minutes, the Digi-Egg will instead hatch into DarkTyrannomon; ten to twenty minutes will yield SkullGreymon, while twenty to thirty will hatch BlackWarGreymon. Above thirty, Ryo will have to deal with an extra-powerful BlackWarGreymon.

The BlackWarGreymon card, titled "Gaia Force", will teach a Digimon the Gaia Force technique. Gaia Force is a Virus-type skill which attacks all enemies.

Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley[]

Digimon Rumble Arena[]

BlackWarGreymon is one of the hidden fighters who can be fought in story mode if the first five matches are won without a loss. He is unlocked as a playable character if both he and the subsequent Reapermon battle are completed.

Digimon Word Data Squad[]

BlackWarGreymon is a digivolution in Biyomon's galaxy.

Digital Monster DProject[]

BlackWarGreymon digivolves from SkullGreymon.

A BlackWarGreymon is the boss of the Lava Pool field and will turn into a Guilmon upon defeat. Post-game, the Agumon in the Plains field will have a BlackWarGreymon in its party when fought.

Digimon World 2[]

In the Japanese version of the game, if the opening video is watched a second time immediately after the first time WarGreymon is replaced with BlackWarGreymon, in which it fights MetalGarurumon.

Digimon World 3[]

BlackWarGreymon is unlocked by getting SkullGreymon to level 99. It can also DNA Digivolve with GranKuwagamon to become Diaboromon. Getting both BlackWarGreymon and GranKuwagamon to level 99 will unlock Diaboromon.

A BlackWarGreymon is found in the Control Room located in Amaterasu City's Underground Sewers. Once defeated, it rewards Junior with the Platinum ID, which allows for special training in every gym in both the Asuka and Amaterasu Servers.

In PAL version, after beating Galacticmon, another one can be found inside Circuit Board, which is stronger than the previous one.

It is also the most powerful Brown Mega Card with 60/55 stats.

Digimon Digital Card Battle[]

BlackWarGreymon can be fought at Beginner City after beating BlackMetalGarurumon and have 300 or more wins. BlackWarGreymon is the final boss, and after his defeat, the game's completion stats appear. Afterward, BlackWarGreymon gives the Digi-Egg of Miracles if the Protagonist has Veemon as a partner; otherwise Davis Motomiya lends him another deck containing Magnamon to complete the collection.

Digimon World Re:Digitize[]

Main article: Pirate B-WarGreymon

Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode[]

Digimon World: Next Order[]

Main article: Blackosaurus

BlackWarGreymon is a Dark Virus type, Mega level Digimon. It digivolves from SkullGreymon and MetalGreymon (Blue), and can DNA Digivolve to Omegamon Zwart with MetalGarurumon (Black). Mega level Digimon can't poop but if Piedmon's experiment maxes the poop gauge, it will digivolve into PlatinumSukamon or Sukamon.

Digimon Rumble Arena 2[]

BlackWarGreymon has the Crest of Courage engraved on its Brave Shield in the game.

Digimon Battle Spirit[]

Digimon World DS[]

BlackWarGreymon digivolves from MetalGreymon at Lv42 with 8000+ dark experience. Also, if you breed it with BlackMegaGargomon, you will get an egg containing ChaosGallantmon. He is also found in Core Field.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk[]

BlackWarGreymon is #363, and is a Mega-level, Attacker-class, Dragon-species Digimon with a resistance to the Fire element and weakness to the Earth element. Its basic stats are 322 HP, 338 MP, 173 Attack, 139 Defense, 119 Spirit, 127 Speed, and 72 Aptitude. It possesses the Heroic Power, Heroic Guard, Assassin, and Gladiator traits.

It dwells in the mountain area of Transfield.

BlackWarGreymon digivolves from Vermilimon. In order to digivolve to BlackWarGreymon, your Digimon must be at least level 58, with 21,000 Dark experience and 290 spirit.

BlackWarGreymon can also DNA digivolve from Allomon and SkullGreymon, or BlackWarGrowlmon and Megadramon, if the base Digimon is at least level 53, with 18,000 Dark experience, and 320 spirit.

BlackWarGreymon can be hatched from the Gold Egg.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[]

BlackWarGreymon is #248, and is a Mega-level, HP-type, Dragon-species Digimon with a resistance to the Fire and Dark elements and a weakness to the Holy and Water elements. It possesses the Poison Barrier, Paralysis Barrier, Stun Barrier, and Challenger traits, and it has the special skill Ice Melt.

It dwells in the Task Canyon. When defeated, it can drop the debug plate for SkullGreymon.

BlackWarGreymon digivolves from SkullGreymon. In order to digivolve into BlackWarGreymon, your Digimon must be at least level 40 with 195 attack, 130 defense, and 100% friendship, but only once you have revived WarGreymon.

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red[]

BlackWarGreymon is an obtainable Digimon.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[]

BlackWarGreymon is a Fire Virus Type, Mega level Digimon and uses 20 memory. It digivolves from Megadramon, MetalGreymon (Blue), and MetalTyrannomon, and can DNA Digivolve to Omnimon Zwart with MetalGarurumon (Black). Its special attacks are Dark Terra Force and Black Tornado its support skill is Dragon Wrath, which increases attack by 15%.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory[]

BlackWarGreymon is #276 and is a Fire Virus Type, Mega level Digimon and uses 20 memory. It digivolves from Megadramon, MetalGreymon (Blue), and MetalTyrannomon, and can DNA Digivolve to Omnimon Zwart with MetalGarurumon (Black). Its special attacks are Dark Terra Force and Black Tornado its support skill is Dragon Wrath, which increases attack by 15%.

Digimon Links[]

BlackWarGreymon is a Mega Digimon. It digivolves from MetalGreymon (Blue) by the use of both 20 pieces of Fire Plugin 3.0 and 17 pieces of Fire Plugin 4.0 and 7 pieces of Fragments of BlackWarGreymon. It can also digivolve from Megadramon and MetalTyrannomon and digivolve to Omegamon Zwart and BlackWarGreymon X.

Digimon ReArise[]

BlackWarGreymon digivolves from MetalGreymon (Blue) and some instances can digivolve to Omegamon Zwart.

Digimon World Championship[]

BlackWarGreymon will digivolve from MetalGreymon (Virus) with 14 Battles, with 50% won, 60 Dragon AP, and an Egg revert, or digivolve from Cyberdramon with 18 Battles, 50 Virus AP and 50 Dragon AP.

Digimon Heroes![]

BlackWarGreymon digivolves from BlackMetalGreymon.

Digimon Soul Chaser[]

BlackWarGreymon digivolves from MetalGreymon (Virus).

Digimon Battle[]

BlackWarGreymon is a card digivolution of MetalTyrannomon. In order to unlock this digivolution, you must card digivolve Greymon to Tyrannomon, MetalGreymon to MetalTyrannomon, and finally WarGreymon to BlackWarGreymon.

It can also DNA Digivolve to Omnimon Zwart with BlackMetalGarurumon. It can also digivolve to BlackWarGreymon X.

This BlackWarGreymon has the Crest of Courage on its Brave Shield.

Digimon Masters[]

WarGreymon (Black), previously named BlackWarGreymon, digivolves from MetalGreymon (Black) and can Jogress to Omegamon Zwart with MetalGarurumon (Black).

WarGreymon (Black) was renamed from BlackWarGreymon on September 17, 2019.[please confirm]

Digimon New Century[]

BlackWarGreymon digivolves from MetalGreymon (Virus), can DNA digivolve to Omnimon Zwart with BlackMetalGarurumon, and can Fuse to BlackWarGreymon X with another BlackWarGreymon.

Vital Bracelet Digital Monster: Black Roar[]

BlackWarGreymon digivolves from MetalGreymon (Virus) and can DNA digivolve to Omnimon Zwart with BlackMetalGarurumon.

Digimon Project[]

At night time, a BlackWarGreymon spawns in the City and leaves behind a Vital Bracelet. Digimon Identified Memory Vital Bracelet Lab

The Vital Bracelet is then found by Palmon's Tamer who uses it to become friends with Palmon. One day she is asked by the device if she wants to open a portal to the Black Roar area, which she accepts. After she opens it, it suddenly glitches as BlackWarGreymon tries to get out of the gate and spawn into the City. The glitches extend to the City and cause blackouts. Suddenly, multiple Digimon spawn in the City after which a countdown to a raid battle begins. Vital Bracelet Lab When the countdown ends, Palmon's Tamer activates the raid which causes BlackWarGreymon to spawn. It flies on top of a building and await challengers. The Protagonist and Bulkmon arrive, only for BlackWarGreymon to win easily with the aftermath of its attack knocking the Protagonist off the building. As he falls to his death he is saved by RizeGreymon, afterwhich BlackWarGreymon fights RizeGreymon, Palmon (who was also riding on RizeGreymon), and Boutmon – the newly digivolved form of Bulkmon – but is eventually killed by the trio. BE STRONG WITH YOU

Digimon Vital Bracelet Lab[]

A BlackWarGreymon is the raid boss for June 2021 and April 2022.

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