This article is about the BlackSeraphimon who appears in Digimon World 3. For the Digimon named similarly in Japanese who appears in Digimon Frontier, see ShadowSeraphimon.
BlackSeraphimon dw3
Level Mega
Debut Digimon World 3
Other Names
• (Ja:) Bセラフィモン[1] B-Seraphimon
• (En:) BK Seraphimon[1]

BlackSeraphimon is a black version of Seraphimon.


  • Seven Heavens: Fires seven super-heated spheres of light at the opponent.


The DigiCode on its breechcloth read DC suDC beDC teDC waDC reDC toDC to (全て/我とと Subete / ware to to?), which are fragments of a quote of Sephiroth's from Final Fantasy VII that reads in full "All shall be one with me" (全ては我と共に Subete wa ware to tomoni?).


BlackSeraphimon (ブラックセラフィモン)

Name used in Digimon World 3.


Digimon World 3

BlackSeraphimon is a boss in the Jungle Shrine in Amaterasu, at the same spot as Zanbamon. It attacks Junior for trespassing on its divine place, but, when Junior defeats it, it admits that it was testing Junior's courage and gives the Sniper Suit as a reward. It is also a Brown Mega card.

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