BlackImperialdramon Dragon Mode)
Imperialdramon St-541 (DM)
Level Mega
Type Ancient Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Dragon's Roar
Debut Bo-356: Imperialdramon
Prior forms Imperialdramon Dragon Mode[1]
Next forms Imperialdramon Fighter Mode[1]
Cards (Ja:) St-541, Bo-356, 2-039
Other Names
• (Ja:) B-IPドラモン[2] B-IP-dramon
Imperialdramon Dragon Mode
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Black)

BlackImperialdramon is an Ancient Dragon Digimon. Imperialdramon was incapable of controlling its excessive power and was turned into a Virus, resulting in this form. It apparently turns into Fighter Mode once it is able to control that power with a heart of darkness.[1]


  • Mega Crusher (Mega Death): Fires super-massive dark matter, swallowing everything within a dark space and completely annihilating everything within a radius of a few hundred meters around the impact-point of the dark matter.
  • Positron Laser: Fires a huge blast of positronic energy from the Positron Laser.


BlackImperialdramon is a winged, draconic, quadrupedal Digimon. Its red mask, black armor, and black and it has the Positron Laser on its back. The DigiCode on its Positron Laser reads DC deDC jiDC taDC ruDC moDC nDC suDC taDC chouon (デジタルモンスター Dejitaru Monsutā?, lit. "Digital Monster").


BlackImperialdramon Dragon Mode (ブラックインペリアルドラモンドラゴンモード)

Official romanization given by the Japanese version of Digimon Jintrix. Some media in both Japanese[2] and American English[2] leave out the "Dragon Mode".

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode (Black) (インペリアルドラモン ドラゴンモード(くろ))

Name used in the Japanese and American English versions of Digimon World Dawn and Dusk. Some media in both Japanese[3] and American English[4] leave out the "Dragon Mode (Black)".


Digimon World 3

BlackImperialdramon can be found in Amaterasu's East Sector, in Tyranno Valley as a boss. In the Japanese/PAL version, you need to defeat him (after defeating Galacticmon) in order to obtain one of the five epic items Keith is looking for. It is also available as a Brown Mega Card with 50/40.

Digimon World DS

BlackImperialdramon digivolves from Digitamamon.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode(Black) is #334, and is a Mega-level, Attacker-class, Dragon-species Digimon with a resistance to the Fire element and weakness to the Water element. Its basic stats are 315 HP, 342 MP, 173 Attack, 141 Defense, 111 Spirit, 127 Speed and 73 Aptitude. It possesses the Heroic Power, Heroic Guard, Mind's Eye and Assassin traits.

It dwells in the mountain area of Transfield.

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode(Black) digivolves from Dinobeemon. In order to digivolve to Imperialdramon Dragon Mode(Black), your Digimon must be at least level 60, with 20,000 Dragon experience, and 315 attack.

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode(Black) can DNA digivolve from Vermilimon and Triceramon if your base Digimon is at least level 55, with 16,000 Dragon experience, but you must have previously befriended Imperialdramon Dragon Mode(Black).

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode(Black) can be hatched from the DB Half Egg.

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