BlackAgumon was Saya Ryusenji's partner, though after her death it becomes one of Kosuke Kisakata's partners instead.


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Digimon Seekers[]

Whilst working on Mindlink tests for Tomonori Ryusenji; Saya Ryusenji, Kosuke Kisakata, and Shuu Yulin were given partner Digimon. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-5

All three of them would go through many Mindlink tests though thus far had only explored their Digimon Docks. To be able to explore further than that, and reach the Digital World, they would need better computers. They would also need to learn how to control their partners, since if they lost control they would go passed the Mindlink limit and be unable to return to their bodies.

Saya's bond with her BlackAgumon was stronger than the bonds with the others, and as such she was able to talk to BlackAgumon during their tests. She states that BlackAgumon would call out her name and tell her she's glad she came to play and this leads Yulin to think Digimon might actually be dangerous and that they were actually the ones discovering humans, not the other way round. Saya points out it was too late now though, and that their Worlds were now destined to collide. Unpon realizing what she had told her, she tells Yulin not to tell anyone as she was scared she would be seen as crazy and be removed from the project.

Kosuke was in charge of the development of the Digimon tools and would send Digimon out to the Digital World to explore. Around 80% of the Digimon would return alive, giving them lots of useful information. Tomonori muses that it would be impossible for such tests to be 100% successful, comparing it to space mission in the past — this making the students uncomfortable since he brought up instances of astronauts failing to come back especially since they would soon be joining the Digimon on their travels via Mindlinking. They would refer to said upcoming Mindlinking project as the Tartarus program.

Some time later, and now ready to begin the Tartarus program Kosuke, Yulin, and Saya Mindlink to their partners and have them board the Tartarus probe, a digital observation vessel. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-6 The Digimon search the Digital World on their own virtual vessels with their partners controlling the vessels using Kosuke Kisakata tools. Due to the weak technology being used, the groups visibility was low but despite this they followed the path set for them and continued on their journey. As they explored, they were attacked with Kosuke and Yulin having no clue what had attacked them. Yulin and Kosuke figure BlackAgumon had been the attack target, and were unable to do anything as Saya's unit vanished without a trace. Kosuke blamed himself, as he had been the one to push for her to be a one woman rescue team, and regretted it wishing he had been doing it instead so that she would've returned safe in place of him. Tomonori forces Kosuke and Yulin to retreat as he considered it far too dangerous to have them try and rescue his daughter. The Tartarus probe was damaged and Palmon and Tentomon were injured and as such he had them withdraw as the chance of all three of them falling into DMIA was too high. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-7 When they logged out, Kosuke cried as he held his unresponsive fiancée. Her consciousness had fused with BlackAgumon's DigiCore, and BlackAgumon's whereabouts was unknown. Now in a coma, her body was sent to the local hospital with no hopes of her ever waking up. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-7

At some point, Saya died. Knowing how much Kosuke wanted to save her, Tomonori created fake videos of her supposed continued time at the facility and used them to trick Kosuke into going along with his plans to gain access to the Digital World. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-8

With Saya supposedly still in a coma, and BlackAgumon still being missing, Kosuke puts up a mission for someone to get him a BlackAgumon promising a 1 million DC reward. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-2

When Eiji Nagasumi looks for part time work on GriMM, he comes across the high paying advertisement looking for someone to capture a BlackAgumon for them. Though initially excited, he loses his enthusiasm upon seeing the negative comments on the post and assumed it was a hoax listing. As a result, he also figured Agumon don't come in black. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-1

He later learns from Marvin Jackson that the mission was real, and that it was Tartarus who put the mission up. This shocked Eiji. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-2

After gaining access to the Source Domain, Tomonori uses it to find BlackAgumon by its ID code, confirming his hypothesis mindlinked Digimon survive their Mindlinker's death. He reveals to Kosuke, Yulin, and Eiji that Saya had already died and that he had been lying to Kosuke for years. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-8

Kosuke refuses to believe it, with Tomonori finding Kosuke's reaction boring — since he had predicted that's how he would react. He did find satisfaction in the fact the fake hope that she was alive allowed him to control Kosuke though, since it had allowed him to achieve his goals. Eiji yells out to Kosuke that they had found the BlackAgumon the Sons of Chaos had been looking for, with this snapping Kosuke back to reality. Still refusing to believe she was dead, he takes out the medicine that would sever her and her BlackAgumon's Mindlink connection. Tomonori tells Kosuke that the medicine was real, and would indeed work, and that the only thing he had lied about was the fact she had already died but asks him if he would be able to live with the consequences — what would happen if her consciousness had no body to return to? As he looked at the BlackAgumon, he found himself unable to administer the medicine. He didn't have it in him to find out if Tomonori was lying or not. During the commotion, Tomonori uses a program he had installed into Dorumon years before to mind control it, and has it fight Eiji's Loogamon as Dorugoramon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-9 Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-10

As Soloogarmon, digivovled from Loogamon, avoided Dorugoramon's attacks, they notice Dorugoramon had suddenly stopped paying attention to them and realize it was now aiming its attack at BlackAgumon and the others. Eiji was confused, since killing Ryudamon (who was also there) would make accessing the Source Digimon impossible, and realizes his actual target was Pulsemon. He was going to use Pulsemon as a hostage to get what he wanted. Not wanting his friend to die, Soloogarmon changes from aerial attacks to a direct attack but is easily defeated by Dorugoramon at close range. Tomonori tells Eiji he is lucky that he can't kill Soloogarmon, since he still needed it, and mocks the death of Eiji's parents. This further angers Eiji, with Tomonori telling him he had won since no matter what he did he still had Pulsemon.

Tomonori motions to Pulsemon but reacts in shock when he sees that it, BlackAgumon, and Ryudamon were no longer there. One of Eiji's Tyrannomon arrives, with Tomonori realizing he had had his Tyrannomon do stuff whilst Tomonori was distracted with Soloogarmon. As Tomonori wonders where they had gone, he figures there was only one place they could be — the altar. Eiji and Soloogarmon try to tell the Tyrannomon to flee but they're too late, with Dorugoramon getting there within seconds. Dorogoramon attacks the Tyrannomon at the altar, though Soloogarmon is able to get there in time and block the attack — saving its allies. Tomonori becomes confused, since Eiji could easily replace the Tyrannomon, but Soloogarmon tells him to leave its friends out of their battle. Now even more determined to win, Eiji and Soloogarmon's hearts become even more linked — and with an even higher desire to save their friends — Soloogarmon digivolves to Fenriloogamon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-10

Two of Eiji's Tyrannomon take the Mindlinked Shuu Yulin/Ryudamon, Pulsemon, and BlackAgumon to the nearby stone circles, with the third limping there having taken damage from Dorugoramon's previous attack. The group now safe, Yulin watches the battle between the two Mega level Digimon from afar. Kosuke Kisakata's hololized hologram had hitched a ride on the back of the injured Tyrannomon. He apologizes to Yulin, then approaches BlackAgumon with the syringe he hadn't been brave enough to use on it, wanting to put an end to the years of his life dedicated to saving his fiancée. Rather than use it though, he ends up just telling "Saya" how her father had taken everything from him. Yulin tries to comfort him, then tells him to watch with her to see what Eiji and Fenriloogamon could do. As they watch the battle between the two Mega level Digimon, Yulin and Kosuke praise Eiji for all he had achieved despite the many setbacks in his life — as well as how strong his resolve was to save his friends. Figuring he still had one more thing left to do, Kosuke uses the syringe on Pulsemon who proceeds to wake up and join the battle. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-11

BlackAgumon, who had been conscious the entire time but was restrained, then watches the battle from afar alongside the others. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-12

After Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi defeats DexDorugoramon, it reverts it back to Dorumon. As they see the threat had been dealt with, they also notice Tomonori had left. Kosuke arrives with BlackAgumon and declares that Phase Four of Operation Tartarus was now complete since they had secured BlackAgumon. BlackAgumon and Kosuke thank Eiji for all he had done, though they have to cut it short when Eiji has Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi revert to Loogamon and Pulsemon then cuts the Mindlink as he had ran out of time.

Afterwards, everyone agrees to not say a word about what happened, though most of the information ended up leaking anyway. Over the next year, having found BlackAgumon, Kosuke and Dorumon do little very work with the SoC — with this ending up causing Eiji to be seen as the unofficial leader by the members themselves.

Eiji invites his human friends to a birthday party in a yakitori restaurant. Their partners go to the Wall Slums and sit waiting for their partners. Pulsemon asks if Loogamon had invited Kosuke — and as Loogamon tells it that Eiji had invited him it is surprised when a Mindlinked Dorugoramon shows up. It, Kosuke, and BlackAgumon had now shown up to the Digimon's party — with Kosuke asking where Eiji was. Loogamon tells him he was on his way, and as they wait — they do a toast. As they toast, Eiji and the others arrive. Epilogue

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