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BATTLE02: Black-Winged Knight!
(Kuro ki Tsubasa no Naito!)
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After Greymon realizes from his Digimon Mini to protect him, Tsurugi then battles Kuwagamon and wins, only to find that no trace of the encounter remains, save for the wound on his cheek. Tooru doesn't believe him the next day. Tsurugi then meets up with his class representative, Ami Kitajima, but is snubbed by his childhood friend, Shou Kahara, who has a black Digimon Mini he won't allow anyone to touch. After school, while watched by Tooru and Ami's little brother Taku, Tsurugi and Ami enter Net Battle, where Tsurugi finds that even his Greymon doesn't acknowledge fighting Kuwagamon and Ami meets her partner, Pichimon. The pair are approached by a cloaked Piximon, who tells them that the hexagonal shape on their Digimon are Mu symbols which represent Illegal type Digimon—those Digimon who are the Digital World's hope. Believing it to be a game event, Tsurugi blissfully continues battling until Saitou's mentor Kondō challenges him with his Raremon, only to be interrupted by Peckmon and Knight.

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