Biyomon is Sora Takenouchi's Partner in Digimon Adventure:.


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Other Forms

Nyokimon's Digi-Egg

Nyokimon's Digi-Egg is white and is covered in pink love hearts.


Nyokimon t.gif

Nyokimon is Biyomon's Fresh form.

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Nyokimon can digivolve to Yokomon.


Yokomon t.gif

Yokomon is Biyomon's In-Training form.

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Yokomon digivolves from Nyokimon and can digivolve to Biyomon.



Birdramon is Biyomon's Champion form.

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Birdramon digivolves from Biyomon and can digivolve to Garudamon.


  • Meteor Wing
  • Fire Flap



Garudamon is Biyomon's Ultimate form.

While fighting CannonBeemon, Birdramon digivolves into Garudamon for the first time, destroys CannonBeemon and rescues Matt, WereGarurumon and the trapped Digimon. Garudamon of the Crimson Wings

When the DigiDestined return in time to rescue Tai, Matt, T.K., their partners, Leomon and his friends, Garudamon finishes off WaruSeadramon and MegaSeadramon by blasting them with her Shadow Wing as they swirl together into a water spout to attack again. Break Through the Sea Monster Barricade

Along with Greymon, Kabuterimon, Garurumon, Togemon and Ikkakumon, Birdramon digivolves to Ultimate when fighting Groundramon. However, their attacks have no effect on the evil Ultimate until MetalGreymon Alterous Mode forces its mouth open and has everyone fire their attacks down Groundramon's throat, destroying it. To the New Continent

When Tai, MetalGreymon, Lopmon, the Woodmon and the Budmon are cornered in a burning jungle by several evil Digimon, Sora and Garudamon suddenly arrive to help, blasting Tankdramon. The high winds from Garudamon's attack puts out enough of the fire to open an escape route for the other Digimon, but Garudamon's attack fails to destroy Tankdramon. While MetalGreymon deals with Tankdramon, Garudamon fights and destroys three attacking Megadramon. However, moments later, another group of evil Digimon arrives to attack. Escape the Burning Jungle As Greymon fights Parrotmon and the ground Digimon, Gaurdamon fights and destroys several more Megadramon despite their attempt to corner her before dedigivolving back into Biyomon. The Mega Digimon, WarGreymon

While fighting two MetalPhantomon in order to buy Lopmon time to summon the Komondomon to help them, Birdramon digivolves into Garudamon to protect everyone. Garudamon destroys the MetalPhantomon with her Shadow Wing and then tries to help MetalGreymon against Reapermon, but she is repelled by the evil Mega Digmon's Burning Cyclone. However, MetalGreymon digivolves into WarGreymon and destroys Reapermon. A New Darkness, Millenniumon

Birdramon digivolves into Garudamon to help MetalGreymon against Cerberumon, but they get surrounded by a pack of Fangmon. The two Ultimates manage to take out all of the Fangmon and Garudamon drops feet first on top of Cerberumon's head as it is about to blast Pegasusmon, causing an explosion from Cerberumon's own attack going off in its mouth. MetalGreymon and Pegasusmon are then able to destroy Cerberumon. Soaring Hope

During the final battle with AxeKnightmon, Birdramon digivolves into Garudamon while facing off against DarkMaildramon. Garudamon then easily destroys the evil Champion Digimon. The Hikari of Dawn

During the mission to stop the ISS from crashing into Tokyo, Birdramon digivolves into Garudamon while under attack by a swarm of BladeKuwagamon. After becoming surrounded, she stays behind with Sora to deal with the surrounding swarm while Tai, Izzy, MetalGreymon and MegaKabuterimon continue on with the mission. Operation Satellite Sniper

After Tai and MetalGreymon get turned into fruit by Toropiamon, Birdramon digivolves into Garudamon to fight the evil Ultimate Digimon. Sora orders Garudamon keep Toropiamon busy while she goes to save Tai, MetalGreymon and the Pomumon. The other Ultimate is able to evade Garudamon's attacks and throw her around, but Garudamon refuses to give up and is able to hold out long enough for MetalGreymon to rejoin the battle after being set free by Sora. With Toropiamon still firing its Tropical Venom everywhere, Tai and Sora use their soccer skills to kick a fruit into its mouth followed by the Pomumon filling up Toropiamon's mouth with their Rapid Seed, clogging it. With Toropiamon vulnerable, MetalGreymon flips it into the air and he and Garudamon attack together, destroying Toropiamon. Strike! The Killer Shot

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Garudamon digivolves from Birdramon and can digivolve to Phoenixmon.


  • Shadow Wing



Phoenixmon is Biyomon's Mega form.

In the past Phoenixmon was part of the Holy Digimon Army that fought against the Dark Digimon Army. The only survivors were six Digi-Eggs, implied to belong to Phoenixmon, MetalGarurumon, HerculesKabuterimon, WarGreymon, Rosemon, and Vikemon. The Holy Digimon After Phoenixmon, Rosemon, Vikemon and HerculesKabuterimon were destroyed, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon DNA Digivolved into Omnimon and destroyed ZeedMillennimmon with one strike. The Crest of Courage

Garudamon digivolves to Phoenixmon whilst handling the lava flow of the volcano on the island, and healing Junkmon’s injury. Dance of the Heavens, Hououmon

Garudamon later digivolves to Phoenixmon while facing Shakkoumon, using her Starlight Explosion to help bring the Digimon peace. The Tears of Shakkoumon

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Garudamon can digivolve to Phoenixmon.


Shodo Garudamon

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