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The Bio-Hybrids, Kouki Tsubasa, Nanami and Ivan, are minor antagonists in Digimon Data Squad. They are a trio of human-Digimon hybrids working for Akihiro Kurata as his enforcers after he combined their DNA with the data of a Digimon.

Like the DATS members, the Bio-Hybrids have the ability to generate DNA Charges and enter them into their personal Digivices, but instead of applying them to a Digimon, they use them on themselves, allowing them to access their Digimon forms. After being defeated by the former DATS members, their Digimon forms were upgraded, allowing them to match their rivals' new Mega-level partners.

First possessing three forms based on Armor Digimon, all of which are stronger than most Ultimate Digimon, they are later given more powerful forms that are equal in strength to Mega Digimon. It's to be noted that the only difference between the bio armor Digimon and their normal counterparts is the presence of some sort of energy tube on the back of their heads and their heads colored red, while the mega forms' heads are colored green. If a human who becomes a Bio Digimon is defeated, he/she reverts back to a normal human while the Digimon data is separated from their human DNA and becomes a Digi-Egg.

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