Big Death-Stars
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Appearances: Digimon Fusion

The Big Death-Stars (ビッグデスターズ Biggu Desutāzu?) are a group of six Digimon with no level modeled after the Japanese days of the week. The group serves as the basis of the Dark Generals in Digimon Fusion. Each member of the Big Death-Stars leads one of the group's armies.


Digimon Day Army Members Alternates
NeoMyotismon b
Monday Moonlight Army Undead
Dorbickmon b
Tuesday Fire-fury Army Dragon
Splashmon b
Wednesday Water Tiger Army Cyborg
Zamielmon b
Thursday Wood-spirit Army Fairy
Olegmon b
Friday Gold Pirate Crew Aquatic
Sea Animal
Gravimon b
Saturday Earth Spirit Army God Beast 6-44 Analyzer-04 JP
Gravimon Darkness Mode


The Moonlight Army (月光軍団 Gekkou Gundan?)[1] consists of Undead Digimon, and is led by NeoMyotismon. Its goal is to erase hostile forces without leaving a trace, so it lurks everywhere and erases the Digimon that move against it, one by one.[2]

The Fire-fury Army (火烈軍団 Karetsu Gundan?)[3] consists of a multitude of Dragon Digimon, and is led by Dorbickmon. It acts in perfect order to destroy its enemies with its overwhelming battle strength in any kind of combat situation.[4]

The Water Tiger Army (水虎軍団 Suiko Gundan?) consists of Cyborg Digimon, and is led by Splashmon. The information Splashmon acquires through spying is collected and then relayed to the soldiers in order to implement its strategies; however, because Splashmon's faith lies only with its own beauty, not its soldiers, these tactics always put Splashmon's beauty as their top priority.[5]

The Wood-spirit Army (木精軍団 Mokusei Gundan?)[6] consists of Fairy and Plant Digimon, and is led by Zamielmon. It is able to blend in with the land of meadows and forests to camouflage itself. No matter which strategy is being used, whether it be surprise attacks, pincer attacks, exterminations, feints, blitzes, guerrilla attacks, or anything else, Zamielmon's cool head and iron discipline make sure that the army's enemies are exterminated, even if the soldiers throw the plans out of order.[7]

The Gold Pirate Crew (金賊軍団 Kinzoku Gundan?, lit. "Gold-thief Army") consists of Aquatic and Sea Animal Digimon, and is led by Olegmon. It runs the whole gamut of atrocities and looting, and plunders treasure wherever it travels across the ocean.[8]

The Earth Spirit Army (土神軍団 Doshin Gundan?, lit. "Earth-god Army") mostly consists of God Beast Digimon, and is led by Gravimon. It has overwhelming strength in terms of military power, and its battlefield is used as a testing ground to research Gravimon's various questions, even those that involve casualties.[9]


Digimon Fusion

Main article: Dark Generals

The six Big Death-Stars serve alongside an Apollomon Whispered as the Bagra Army's Dark Generals, powerful Digimon who are each placed in charge of one of the seven Kingdoms in order to eke out as much negative energy as they can from the populace. The Fusion Fighters United Army defeats each of them in turn, but when the army arrives at the Bagra Pandæmonium, AxeKnightmon uses the Dark Stone to resurrect their bodies and dark digifuses them into GrandGeneramon. Apollomon and Olegmon eventually defect, while the remaining five return to the afterlife after GrandGeneramon's destruction.







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