Best Partner 4 Kido Jou & Gomamon (ベスト・パートナー(4)城戸丈&ゴマモン) is single from Digimon Adventure 02.

Best Partner 4 Jyou Kido & Gomamon.jpg
Front Cover
Best Partner 4 Kido Jou & Gomamon b.jpg
Back Cover

CD Data

Catalog Number NECA-13004
Format CDA
Release Date June 21, 2000
Price ¥ 1,300

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1 "Kaze ni Mukatte"
(風に向かって Face the Wind)
Masami Kikuchi
(Joe Kido)
2 "Muteki no Bataashi"
(無敵のバタ足 An Invincible Flutter Kick)
Junko Takeuchi
3 "Sora wo Crawl"
(空をクロール Crawl Across the Sky)
Masami Kikuchi & Junko Takeuchi
(Joe Kido & Gomamon)
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