Best Partner 12 Ichijouji Ken & Wormmon (ベストパートナー(12) 一乗寺賢&ワームモン) is a single from Digimon Adventure 02.

Front Cover

Back Cover

CD Data

Catalog Number NECA-13012
Format CDA
Release Date August 23, 2000
Price ¥ 1,300

Track listing

# Title Translation Artist Length
1. "ONLY ONE" Romi Paku
(Ken Ichijouji)
2. "Kimi ga Yume Mita Mirai, Boku ga Yume Mita Mirai" The Future You Dreamed of, The Future I Dreamed of Naozumi Takahashi
3. "Hontou no Tsuyosa" True Power Romi Paku & Naozumi Takahashi
(Ken Ichijouji & Wormmon)
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