Belphemon X is a Demon Lord Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. Its destructive impulses have intensified and its instincts have sharpened; it will utterly and completely crush those it seeks to destroy. It will first aim for and brutally pulverise the Digimon acting as the beacon of hope for the opposing army, crushing the hopeful hearts of the entire enemy faction. It then continues pounding on the opposing army, which has lost its will to fight, until it is satisfied and has laid waste to the army.[1]


  • Lampranthus: Black flames cast from the chains coiled around its body.
  • Gift of Darkness: A slash attack which is unleashed from its claws, clad in the flames of hell.
  • Seventh Penetration (Seventh Penetrate): Causes its Crown of Sloth to overflow with power, and fires a crimson energy wave from its claws at maximum output.



Belphemon (X-Antibody) (ベルフェモン(X抗体))

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.

Belphemon X (ベルフェモンX)

Name used in Digimon Chronicle X.


Belphemon X was designed by Nakano Hayato.


Digimon Chronicle X

Main article: Belphemon (Chronicle)

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