Ballistamon is one of the main characters in the Digimon anime, Digimon Fusion. He is a member of Mikey's Fusion Fighters army.


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Ballistamon's inner workings

Ballistamon is a noble and taciturn warrior. Ballistamon has a compartment in his chest that can be used to carry cargo, such as the Squawkers given to the members of the Fusion Fighters army.


Digimon Fusion

Mikey Goes To Another World! He is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar! A Rival Appears Island Zone in Chaos! Thanks for the DigiCards! Crisis or Conquest Danger Erupts! Meltdown in the Magma Zone! Dorulumon's True Colors The Rival Champions! Ice To See You, Angie! Treasure, Traps, and Trouble - Oh, My! Mikey, Warrior of the Light! Showdown in the Sand Zone Trouble in Paradise A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone Clash in the Clouds Welcome to the Jungle Zone! Rumble in the Jungle Zone! Train Of Terror! Disaster in the Dust Zone! Lost in Digital Space


  • Ram Slammer (Horn Breaker): Heroically uses his horn to fling the opponent.
  • Seismic Speaker (Heavy Speaker): Emits a low tone from the speaker in his belly, shattering the opponent. This technique conceals the power to smash rocks and shake mountains, and that power level rises when he gets hungry.
  • Arm Bunker: Charges energy into his arm.
  • Doomsday Woofer (Ultimate Speaker): Amplifies sound into a destructive sonic wave.

Other forms


DarkVolumon t.gif

DarkVolumon is the original form of Ballistamon, a stag-beetle type Digimon, who was a member of Olegmon's crew, before he lost his memory after fighting Shoutmon, when he was sent by mistake through a dimensional rift to the Village of Smiles in the Green Zone.


XW-18 02 01.png


  • Plasma Crack: Fires a stream or sphere of electricity from its main horn, with power rivalling that of "Heaven's Thunder".[1]
  • Rocket Bunker: Unleashes a punch with its extensible arm.


6-78 XrosUpBallistamon.png

A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!


  • Heavy the Shot[2]: Fires an energy shot surrounded by sonic waves from the gun on his belly.

Ballistamon Mush Cottage

The "Face Jukebox".

Ballistamon Mush Cottage is the DigiFuse of Ballistamon and the Mushroomons. In this form, it takes the appearance of a cottage complete with a kitchen and dining room, all of which are mushroom-themed. It comes equipped with a "Teppan Soul" griddle, "Mask Freezer" freezer, "Blast Oven" oven, "Armed Conro" stove, and "Face Jukebox" jukebox, the latter which Ballistamon uses to talk.

It houses the Fusion Fighters for the night in Snow Zone, where it, with its Mushroomon chef, feeds the team dinner. Unfortunately, they are ambushed by Tactimon, and the DigiFuse is broken. Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beauty Nene!!

This form is used again in Corridor Zone after the battle against Tactimon. Xros World!! The Secret of the Two Worlds!?


  • Mush Full Course: Cooks and serves a wide variety of mushroom-themed dishes.

Ballistamon Sextet Launcher

XW-05 18 3.png

Ballistamon Sextet Launcher is the DigiFuse of Ballistamon and Dorulumon. Xros Pride!! A Warrior's Pride!!


  • Sextet Storm (嵐の六重奏 (シケステッド・ストーム) Arashi no Rokujūsō (Sekusuteddo Sutōmu)?): Unleashes its ordinance of six cannons.

Other DigiFuses

Human form

Ballistamon is in the white trenchcoat.

Notes and references

  1. Xros Stars!! Like a Shooting Star!! Tactimon: That electric attack just now... It has power that can match up to the legendary "Heaven's Thunder"...!!
  2. This attack is misspelled as "Heavy the Chot" in the Digimon Diary entry for "A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!"