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Bakemon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. He appears as a minor villain in the first season.


Bakemon resembles a cross between a zombie and a traditional "bedsheet ghost". It is said to be a product of "Death Evolution", in which a Digimon's data is incompletely deleted, and becomes an undead-type Digimon. Bakemon are also known as the Dancing Spirits. According to the original Digimon Analyzer, no one really knows what is under the sheet. Some Bakemon together can make a Lord Bakemon, that is a very big and powerful Bakemon.


Digimon Adventure[]

Lord Bakemon

Lord Bakemon.

Joe and Sora, along with their partner Digimon Gomamon and Biyomon, encounter a group of people at a church in the Overdell who are actually Bakemon in disguise. The Bakemon wanted to eat the two for their ceremony. When all of the Bakemon merge into Lord Bakemon, a giant Bakemon with blue claws, Biyomon and Gomamon digivolve to Birdramon and Ikkakumon to fight him. With the help of Sora's hat, Joe beats a rhythm while chanting "Bakemon, lose your power," as a mantra. This weakens him, and he is then destroyed by Birdramon and Ikkakumon. The Dancing Digimon

Bakemon were the ones who kidnapped everyone in Odaiba when the DigiDestined went there to find the eighth child. They were commanded by Phantomon under the employ of Myotismon. Sora reuses the method to weaken the Bakemon guarding the kidnapped adults at the convention center. However, the recording was smashed by Phantomon. The Bakemon round up most of the people again, but Sora is rescued by her mother and Biyomon, dressed as a Bakemon, and she escapes on Birdramon with Lillymon. Flower Power Later, Tai and Agumon launched a rescue mission for the people at the Convention Center and were attacked by the Bakemon. However, Agumon digivolved to Greymon and easily destroyed them all with one Nova Blast. Wizardmon's Gift

Digimon Adventure 02[]

Some Bakemon were used by the Digimon Emperor to bluff Davis into believing that he had his friends hostage and forced Davis to make a choice between which of them lived. This bluff was called when the real ones appeared. They later appear as being controlled by dark rings but before they can be freed they are killed by Kimeramon.

Bakemon were among some of the Digimon who crashed Matt's concert. Most of them were stunned by Halsemon and then tied up and returned to the Digital World by Pegasusmon and Nefertimon along with a Phantomon and some Numemon. The few remaining Bakemon were then covered in a tarp by Birdramon and Nefertimon alongside a Kuwagamon and Snimon and then shoved back through Izzy's laptop by Ikkakumon and Raidramon. A Very Digi Christmas


  • Hell's Hand (Zombie Claw): A long purple claw appears from underneath Bakemon's hand and slices all small nearby enemies in half.


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