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Voice actor(s): (Ja:) Keaton Yamada
(En:) Michael Reisz, Bill Timoney

Bakemon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. He appears as a minor villain in the first season.


Bakemon resembles a cross between a zombie and a traditional "bedsheet ghost". It is said to be a product of "Death Evolution", in which a Digimon's data is incompletely deleted, and becomes an undead-type Digimon. Bakemon are also known as the Dancing Spirits. According to the original Digimon Analyzer, no one really knows what is under the sheet. Some Bakemon together can make a Lord Bakemon, that is a very big and powerful Bakemon.


Digimon Adventure

Lord Bakemon.

Joe and Sora, along with their partner Digimon Gomamon and Biyomon, encounter a group of people at a church in the Overdell who are actually Bakemon in disguise. The Bakemon wanted to eat the two for their ceremony. When all of the Bakemon merge into Lord Bakemon, a giant Bakemon with blue claws, Biyomon and Gomamon digivolve to Birdramon and Ikkakumon to fight him. With the help of Sora's hat, Joe beats a rhythm while chanting "Bakemon, lose your power," as a mantra. This weakens him, and he is then destroyed by Birdramon and Ikkakumon. The Dancing Digimon


  • Hell's Hand (Zombie Claw): A long purple claw appears from underneath Bakemon's hand and slices all small nearby enemies in half.
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