Bagramon is a Demon Lord Digimon. Although it was originally a high-ranking Angel Digimon that ruled over death, it despaired against the unreasonable justice of the world and rebelled against God. It then received the scourge of God and eternally lost one of its eyes and half of its body, and has since replaced that half with an artificial body cut from King Drasil. Its long, artificial right arm can catch hold of ghostly forms, and the large ruby that it replaced its lost eye with allows it to observe anywhere within the Digital World. Due to these, Bagramon is known across the Digital World as the "Sage of Death". Although Bagramon's sins will be forgiven if it repented before God, it will not go back to submission under God. This is because it still seeks to replace the "Unreasonable Justice of the World" that God constructed, and its goal in life is to banish God from the world with its "New Justice".[4]


  • Astral Snatcher: Rips a living Digimon's soul from its body with its right arm, and sends it to heaven or hell as it pleases, or even places it within another Digimon's body.
  • Invisible Snake-eyes: Observes any location within the Digital world using its ruby-eye, allowing it to instantly obtain any information it wants to know.
  • Scarlet Blood-wine
  • Savage Cyclone (超次元ストーム Choujigen Storm?, lit. "Super-dimensional Storm"): Generates a dimensional storm anywhere within the Digital World through which it stretches its right arm to attack the opponent.

Attacks in Digimon X Arena

  • Kyoku Invisible Snake-eyes (極インビジブルスネークアイズ Kyoku Inbijiburu Sunēkuaizu?, lit. "Extreme Invisible Snake-eyes")


Bagramon's design is likely derived from the mythological Samael. It is a white-haired, bearded man with dark skin, five red horns on its head, and eight small black wings. On the right side of its body, it has a long, skeletal arm, a clawed leg, and a skeletal half-mask with a ruby in the place of the eye, each of which is carved from the wood of King Drasil. It wears white clothes with a golden chest-plate and a white mantle.


Bagramon (バグラモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Bagra. Possible demonic inversion of Gabrael, mythological Abrahamic angel of the death of kings. "Bagura" may also be a play on "Bug (バグ Bagu?)".


Digimon Fusion

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Digimon Xros Loader

Digimon X Arena

Digimon Heroes!

Bagramon is card 6-975 and 5-264.

Digimon Masters

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