The Bagra Army (バグラ軍 Bagura-gun?) is a legion of Digimon that appears in Digimon Fusion. The Army serves Lord Bagra, who seeks the Code Crown in order to conquer the Digital World and initiate D5 to rule all of existence. Despite his army being spread across every Zone of the Digital World, Bagra himself never leaves the Bagra HQ in the Jupiter Zone, although in the anime he eventually transforms the entire Zone into the Bagra Pandæmonium.

The army is originally led by the Three Generals, who are in charge of obtaining the 108 fragments of the Code Crown, and often install a commander to find the fragments hidden in each Zone. Once Lord Bagra obtains the Code Crown, he reformats the Digital World into seven Kingdoms and installs the Dark Generals. The Dark Generals are in charge of gathering negativity from the surviving Digimon, so that the darkness could be fed to the Code Crown and create the Dark Stone, in preparation for Lord Bagra's ultimate plan, D5.

The Bagra Army also has some form of nobility, although they are outranked by the Generals.


Lord Bagra[]

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Three Generals[]

The Bagra Army is initially led by Three Generals (三元士 Sangenshi?, "Three Head Officers"), three mighty Digimon who are each competing to become the heir of Lord Bagra. Tactimon, Laylamon, and Blastmon are tasked with obtaining the 108 fragments of the Code Crown and present them to Lord Bagra. The Generals rarely leave the Bagra HQ to personally find the Code Crowns and instead rely on their Zone Commander subordinates to search for the Code Crown fragments and lead the Bagra Army forces in each Zone. This habit becomes strained when the human Generals arrive and begin retrieving the Code Crown fragments, forcing the Generals to go into battle directly, ultimately resulting in the demotion of Laylamon, the crippling of Blastmon and the death of Tactimon. When Bagramon steals the completed Code Crown from the Fusion Fighters and Blue Flare and is joined by his brother's forces, the Bagra Army is rearranged and the survivors are reassigned to serve within the Midnight strike force under AxeKnightmon. Ewan and The Land of Illusion Greatly diminished and full of resentment, the former Generals fight a couple of battles against the Fusion Fighters United Army for AxeKnightmon and his new General Ewan Amano, ending with their route at the Digital Underworld by the human army. In an effort to wipe out both the enemy humans and his superiors in the Bagra Army, Whispered dark digifuses the dying Laylamon and Blastmon into Evilbeast Laylamon, who destroys the Digital Underworld but is taken down in a kamikaze attack by Beelzemon. Beelzemon's Revenge


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Midnight is an Army formed by Lord Bagra's younger brother, AxeKnightmon. After Lord Bagra obtains the completed Code Crown, the Midnight Army allies with the Bagra Army. Fall of the Final Code Crown It becomes a relatively autonomous strike force, capable of moving between Lands. Laylamon, Blastmon, and the Vilemons are transferred to this division, as their role is now exerted by the more powerful and competent Dark Generals. Ewan and The Land of Illusion

Dark Generals[]

The Dark Generals (デスジェネラル Desu Jeneraru?, lit. "Death Generals") are high-ranking officers in the army and the rulers of the Digital World. After Lord Bagra and AxeKnightmon obtain the completed Code Crown, they remake the Digital World into seven satellite Kingdoms, each of which is under the dominion of one of the Dark Generals. They each possess a personal Darkness Loader, allowing them to perform Dark DigiFuse with any Digimon they wish. Their task is to leak all the negative energy they can out of the surviving Digimon, which will corrupt the Code Crown to create the Dark Stone.

The Dark Generals are the most powerful Digimon in the Bagra Army and in the Digital World. Each general has a title derived from one of the seven days of the week, which in Japanese are named after the Sun, the Moon and the Chinese "Five Elements". They all eventually fall to the Fusion Fighters United Army, but AxeKnightmon revives their DigiCores within the spiritual kingdom Prison Land and force digifuses their soulless bodies into Grand Generamon. Prison Land Not all of the Dark Generals are as evil as they seem, and both Olegmon and Apollomon eventually defect from the group, sacrificing their lives to save Mikey Kudo from the gestalt Grand Generamon Rotten to the Digi-Core! and are in turn revived alongside the Fusion Fighters' other fallen allies in the final battle against Lord Bagra. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!

Dorbickmon the Fire Fury[]

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NeoMyotismon the Moonlight[]

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Zamielmon the Wood Spirit[]

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Splashmon the Water Tiger[]

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Olegmon the Gold Pirate[]

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Gravimon the Earth Spirit[]

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Apollomon the Sun[]

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Grand Generamon[]

Grand Generamon is a DigiFuse of Dorbickmon, NeoMyotismon, Zamielmon, Splashmon, Olegmon, Gravimon, and Apollomon. Prison Land After Apollomon's and Olegmon's defection, Grand Generamon exists in an incomplete form lacking those two components. Rotten to the Digi-Core!

Grand Generamon is an extremely powerful Digimon, capable of outclassing even Shoutmon X7. Additionally, as AxeKnightmon created him with the Dark Stone and Regenerator, Grand Generamon can be revived as many times as necessary. Prison Land His greatest weakness is that, in spite of the fact that AxeKnightmon deliberately created him without any souls in order to better control him, he still remains linked to the original souls. When the Dark Generals become angry and discontent at their treatment at AxeKnightmon's hands, Grand Generamon weakens as well, ultimately allowing him to be defeated by Shoutmon X7 and Olegmon. Because Olegmon destroyed the Regenerator, Grand Generamon could not be revived. Rotten to the Digi-Core!


Forest Zone (anime)[]

MadLeomon serves as the commander of the Forest Zone branch under Tactimon. He was corrupted from his Leomon form when Lord Bagra first attempted to conquer the Digital World. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth! He threatens Mikey, Angie, and Jeremy, but they are saved by Shoutmon, the Starmons, and Ballistamon. MadLeomon then absorbs the members of his army in order to become Armed MadLeomon. After being defeated, he reverts to his normal form and is recalled by Tactimon. Mikey Goes To Another World! The next day, his platoons are being defeated by a mysterious blonde human wielding a blue Fusion Loader, so he marches on the Village of Smiles with an Orochimon. Catching Mikey and his friends off guard, he merges with Orochimon into MadLeomon (Orochimode) but proceeds to lose against Shoutmon X2, retreating in the aftermath. He is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar! For his failures, he is imprisoned. Tactimon frees him with one last chance. MadLeomon makes another attempt on the Village of Smiles with a group of Apemon, absorbing them to become MadLeomon (Final Mode). Despite his efforts, he is finally destroyed by Shoutmon X3. A Rival Appears When the Fusion Fighters obtain the last unclaimed Code Crown fragment, MadLeomon is revived and purified, reverting back to Leomon. Fall of the Final Code Crown

After rescuing the Fusion Fighters United Army, WarGreymon and Examon explain how Lord Bagra corrupted Leomon, among others. During the battle with MegaDarknessBagramon in the Human World, Leomon is among the many Digimon Mikey Kudo summons from the Digital World to form Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


Forest Zone (manga)[]

Island Zone[]

Neptunemon t

Neptunemon is the leader of the battalion deployed to the Island Zone in search of its Code Crown. He answers to Tactimon. Neptunemon leads his army to find the Island Zone's Code Crown. He attempts to force Archelomon into giving up the location of the Code Crown with his Gizamon troops, but the Fusion Fighters intervene. In response, Neptunemon sends his Mantaraymon with a Divermon party to the island, but the Fusion Fighters commandeer a Mantaraymon to take out the others. He retaliates by sending Octomon, and while the Fusion Fighters struggle with it, Neptunemon manages to capture Archelomon. Island Zone in Chaos! Neptunemon then sends Flymon to interfere with the annual tribute to King Whamon, following with Ebidramon when they fail, though the Fusion Fighters eventually manage to overcome them. Incensed, Neptunemon surrounds the Fusion Fighters with his Seadramon. Thanks for the DigiCards! Demanding the Code Crown and the DigiCards in return for the safety of Archelomon and the Island Zone residents, Neptunemon is thwarted by Christopher Aonuma's arrival to aid the Fusion Fighters. Mikey then uses the MarineAngemon DigiCard to charm his army into allowing the Fusion Fighters to free Archelomon. Before they can flee, Neptunemon instructs his Seadramon to create ice on the sea and does battle with the Fusion Fighters' Shoutmon X4 personally. He is defeated when Shoutmon X4 manages to get him to stab himself with his sentient King's Bite weapon. Neptunemon's dying move is to engulf everything in waves, but King Whamon saves all of the residents and the Fusion Fighters, as the final trace of the Bagra Army is removed from the Island Zone. Crisis or Conquest When the Fusion Fighters obtain the last unclaimed Code Crown fragment, Neptunemon is revived and purified. Fall of the Final Code Crown

In the manga, Neptunemon also leads the Island Zone Battalion. He and his troops are obliterated by Nene Amano and her Midnight army while the Fusion Fighters, Blue Flare, and Tactimon prepare to fight in the Snow Zone. The smoking remains of Neptunemon, his Mantaraymon fleet, his Octomon, and his Divermon soldiers smolder as Nene and her Digimon discuss where to go next. Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beauty Nene!!


  • Vortex Infiltrate (Vortex Penetrate): Rapidly strikes out with his sentient spear "King's Bite".
  • Waves of Depth (Wave of Depth): Summons a gigantic tidal wave which swallows everything.
  • Mantaraymon: Giant manta ray Digimon that wear aircraft carrier-style harnesses and transport Neptunemon's army. Mantaraymon are the size of large battleships and are equipped with heavy cannons and even have control rooms. In their first direct strike against Neptunemon, the Fusion Fighters infiltrate one of the Mantaraymon, where they commandeer the control room. Angie takes control of its weaponry, which she uses to defeat the other Mantaraymon, until Neptunemon sends Octomon to interfere. Island Zone in Chaos! Some also defeated by Nene and Midnight in the manga. Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beauty Nene!!
  • Gizamon: A large number of spike-backed frog-like Digimon under Neptunemon's command. One serves as Neptunemon's right hand man. The Fusion Fighters drive off some Gizamon harassing the Island Zone residents upon their arrival in the Zone. Island Zone in Chaos!
  • Divermon: A large number of fishman-like Digimon. Some are used to pilot the Mantaraymon while others are used as land troops Island Zone in Chaos! Some also defeated by Nene and Midnight in the manga. Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beauty Nene!!
  • Octomon: A giant octopus Digimon that wields a sword and ink gun, capable of firing ink from its gun with its "Ink Blaster" (墨銃 Bokujū?) attack. It tries to drown Mikey and the others until he has Shoutmon X2 digifuse with Chibitortomon into Shoutmon X2+, who defeats Octomon handily. Island Zone in Chaos! It is also defeated by Nene and Midnight in the manga. Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beauty Nene!!
  • Flymon: A troop of fly Digimon that work for Neptunemon, capable of inflicting a deadly poison with their stingers. They use dynamite mixed in with DigiBytes to harm King Whamon and then infiltrate his belly, but King Whamon engulfs them with water and washes them away before healing Shoutmon of the Flymon's poison. Thanks for the DigiCards!
  • Ebidramon: A large, lobster-like Digimon. It is released by Neptunemon after the Fusion Fighters obtain the Code Crown. It fights on par with Shoutmon X2 until Mikey obtains the DigiCards. From the DigiCards, Leviamon bites off Ebidramon's arm, leaving it open to Shoutmon X2's finishing strike. Thanks for the DigiCards!
  • Seadramon: A troop of sea dragon Digimon that work for Neptunemon, capable of releasing freezing breath with their "Ice Arrows" (Ice Arrow). Neptunemon uses them to threaten the Fusion Fighters once they have the Code Crown and DigiCards. Thanks for the DigiCards! Mikey charms then into inaction with MarineAngemon, but Neptunemon uses their "Ice Arrows" to freeze the Fusion Fighters' escape and set the stage for his final confrontation with them. Crisis or Conquest

Magma Zone[]

AncientVolcanomon is the leader of the battalion sent to the Magma Zone, working under Tactimon. He is not too bright, but he is very strong, and he is prone to literally erupting with anger. His primary subordinate, SkullMeramon, uses Frigimon to literally cool him off when he gets in this state, and with the cooling comes a calmer mind and sounder plans.

AncientVolcanomon enslaves the residents of the Magma Zone to dig for the Code Crown, callously discarding any Digimon who are unable to keep up the work. His army is there to attack the Fusion Fighters when they first enter the Magma Zone. Though fended off, they manage to trap the Fusion Fighers when they infiltrate their base. AncientVolcanomon personally makes an appearance when they defeat SkullMeramon. Danger Erupts! AncientVolcanomon's power is enough that Mikey doesn't feel confident fighting in an enclosed space, and so he surrenders. AncientVolcanomon is placated with a fake Fusion Loader, though when he discovers its lack of authenticity, he blows his top. By then, Mikey has successfully escaped with AncientVolcanomon's prisoners, and so he meets them directly. After a fierce fight, AncientVolcanomon is defeated through Mikey's ingenuity in plugging up his lava spout and Shoutmon X4's power. Meltdown in the Magma Zone! Tactimon takes over operations in the Magma Zone at this point, saving AncientVolcanomon from total defeat and taking both Mikey and his former subordinate Dorulumon for execution by RedMeramon, which AncientVolcanomon and BlueMeramon attend. Christopher interferes in this, and in the confusion, BlueMeramon frees both and leads them to the captured Fusion Loader. AncientVolcanomon is there to fight them when they emerge, and when he sees his RedMeramon army defeated, he absorbs them to become the enhanced FusedAncientVolcanomon. He is no match for the Fusion Fighters, however, and is sounded defeated by Shoutmon X3, ending the Bagra Army's operations in the Magma Zone. Dorulumon's True Colors When the Fusion Fighters obtain the last unclaimed Code Crown fragment, AncientVolcanomon is revived and purified. Fall of the Final Code Crown


As AncientVolcanomon
  • Lava-lanche (Atomic Bomber): Detonates the volcano on his back, which propels it into a super-strong lariat.
  • Lava-lanche (Supernova): Generates antimatter within his body, which causes a super-detonation comparable to a tiny Big Bang.
  • Big Bang Boom (Big Bang Fire): Fires a stream of magma from his back.
As FusedAncientVolcanomon
  • Maximum Big Bang: Fires a stream of solar-hot magma from his chest.
  • SkullMeramon: AncientVolcanomon's right-hand man.
  • BlueMeramon: One of the more prominent troops.
  • RedMeramon: Fiery Digimon who act as the main body of AncientVolcanomon's troops, capable of firing balls of flame with "Magma Blast" (Magma Bomb) and throwing fiery punches with "Burning Fist". Tactimon once led a group of them who he used for indiscriminate bombardment. AncientVolcanomon also fuses with a large amount of them to become FusedAncientVolcanomon. Dorulumon's True Colors
  • Frigimon: Icy Digimon used by SkullMeramon to keep AncientVolcamon from erupting. Danger Erupts!
  • Troopmon: Generic foot soldiers brought into the Zone by Tactimon. Meltdown in the Magma Zone!

SkullMeramon t

SkullMeramon is a fiery Digimon who is AncientVolcanomon's direct and highest subordinate. He captures and oversees prisoners who toil at uncovering the Code Crown. He, commanding BlueMeramon and some RedMeramons, first attempts to take the Fusion Fighters when they relax at some hot springs, but he is warded off by Dorulumon. He then lays a trap where the prisoners are, managing to knock away Mikey's Fusion Loader, only to be interrupted once more by Dorulumon. SkullMeramon takes on the group but is defeated by Shoutmon X3. Danger Erupts! SkullMeramon, however, survives and reveals the fact that the Fusion Loader is a fake to AncientVolcanomon. He is defeated again by Shoutmon X2. Meltdown in the Magma Zone! On his last legs, SkullMeramon guards the Fusion Loader and launches a surprise attack. He is laid low by Shoutmon but not before killing the traitorous BlueMeramon. Dorulumon's True Colors During the battle with MegaDarknessBagramon in the Human World and having been revived, SkullMeramon is among the many Digimon Mikey summons from the Digital World to form Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


  • Heavy Metal Fire: Launches a destructive ball of melted metal from his mouth.
  • Chain of Pain (Heat Chain): Uses one of the chains on his body as a whip.
  • Blazing Iron Whip (ヒートチェーン乱れうち Heat Chain Midareuchi?, lit. "Heat Chain Flailing"): Uses many of his chains as whips.

BlueMeramon t

BlueMeramon serves under SkullMeramon. BlueMeramon was among a troop of BlueMeramons sent to conquer a Zone. Dorulumon warned them that Tactimon was planning on bombarding the battlefield with his RedMeramons in spite of his orders to hold the line. Dorulumon saved BlueMeramon's life in the aftermath and deserted that very day. Dorulumon's True Colors Three years later he serves in the Magma Zone, and is one of the few members in the Bagra Army disillusioned by their methods, though he remains for the sake of his workers. When he has a chance, he shows leniency. He and Dorulumon recognize each other on sight. Danger Erupts! When Mikey and Dorulumon are set to be executed under Tactimon's orders, BlueMeramon uses the confusion brought by Christopher to rescue them. On the way to Mikey's Fusion Loader, BlueMeramon elaborates on his and Dorulumon's shared past. When they reach the Fusion Loader, SkullMeramon attacks the group. BlueMeramon saves Dorulumon from what would be a fatal blow. With his last breath, BlueMeramon smiles at Dorulumon and says that his debt is paid in full. Dorulumon's True Colors

Lake Zone[]

IceDevimon is the leader of the battalion sent to the Lake Zone, working underneath Laylamon. He leads an army of Icemon and Troopmon into attacking the Lake Zone but is thwarted by the arrival of the Fusion Fighters. Upon his return to his base, he is met by Laylamon, with whom he pleads for one more chance. IceDevimon uses a distraction formed by having his troops attack to infiltrate the Bastia Castle underwater, only to be stopped by Shoutmon. Absorbing his Icemon troops to become IceDevimon (Enhancement Absorbent), IceDevimon freezes portions of the Fusion Fighters who attack him, but he is ultimately driven off. Disgusted by this failure, Laylamon moves to unfreeze her hidden weapon. The Rival Champions! Once her Daipenmon is unsealed, IceDevimon is placed within his Kakikaki-kun, conscious and able to speak but immobile. When Laylamon's plans fail and is personally attacked by Angie Hinomoto, she explodes in anger fuses IceDevimon with Daipenmon into IceDevimon-Daipenmon Enhancement, who is taken down by Shoutmon X4K, deleting IceDevimon for good. Cutting her losses, Laylamon flees, removing the presence of the Bagra Army from the Lake Zone. Ice To See You, Angie! During the battle with MegaDarknessBagramon in the Human World and having been revived, IceDevimon is among the many Digimon Mikey summons from the Digital World to form Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!



Daipenmon is Laylamon's hidden weapon in the Lake Zone. Originally sealed in the thick ice, Daipenmon is released under her orders when shown the incompetence of her battalion. It then seals IceDevimon in its blue Kakikaki-kun and becomes Laylamon's strongest subordinate as she herself takes command. When Angie Hinomoto damages Laylamon's face, Laylamon explodes in anger and combines it with IceDevimon into IceDevimon-Daipenmon Enhancement. This combined form is defeated by Shoutmon X4K, signalling the defeat of the Bagra Army in the Lake Zone. Ice To See You, Angie!


As IceDevimon-Daipenmon Enhancement
  • Ice Crusher Avalanche! (絶対零度 地獄のアイスクラッシャー Zettaireido Jigoku no Aisu Kurasshā?, lit. "Absolute Zero Ice Crusher of Hell"): Releases a big blow of crushed ice after turning the crank on its head.

Sand Zone[]

A gray SkullScorpionmon, referred to as the Captain, is the leader of the forces within the Sand Zone, serving under Blastmon and Laylamon. His troops consist entirely of white SkullScorpionmon. He greets the Fusion Fighters upon their arrival in the Zone with a sand trap hidden in a mirage of an oasis. Though they manage to escape, his troops give chase as he himself rendezvouses with Blastmon, albeit unintentionally. When they manage to catch up with the Fusion Fighters within the pyramid, however, the whole of the troops are transported away to the surface by the MagnaAngemon DigiCard. There, they are more or less routed by Midnight's Sparrowmon. Treasure, Traps, and Trouble - Oh, My! After Blastmon breaks apart the battle, Laylamon co-opts the SkullScorpionmon for travel. Mikey, Warrior of the Light! When the Pyramid of Renewal appears after Laylamon fatally wounds Reapmon, the SkullScorpionmon attack the Pyramid's forcefield. Disgusted by their lack of progress and the Captain's assessment they aren't strong enough to destroy the barrier, Laylamon kills the Captain and summons her pet MachineDramon. MachineDramon consumes the barrier to let the swarming SkullScorpionmon through but grows even more ravenous and begins to eat the SkullScorpionmon within its reach. Laylamon sees this and feeds MachineDramon energy from all of the remaining SkullScorpionmon. When MachineDramon is defeated, the Bagra Army's presence in the Sand Zone ends. Showdown in the Sand Zone

Ebemon t

Ebemon is a cyborg alien Digimon who can take control of other Digimons' minds, leaving a distinctive crest on their foreheads. It works for Laylamon and is responsible for the destruction of the Warriors of the Light under Laylamon's orders. It took control of the entire order and amplified their aggression, forcing Reapmon to slay the Warriors in self-defense. When Laylamon arrives in the Sand Zone, Laylamon has Ebemon brainwash the Digimon of the Fusion Fighters. Reapmon recognizes the crest as the same as before, which prompts his betrayal of the Bagra Army in favor of first undoing Ebemon's spell and then attacking Laylamon, who responds by mortally wounding him. Ebemon itself is destroyed by Shoutmon X4 after a short battle. Mikey, Warrior of the Light!


  • Crusher Bone (Brain Rupture): Fires a cracking program into the opponent's brain with the gun it holds in its left hand, then absorbs all the data stored in their brain.
  • Neuro Destroyer (Planet Destroyer): Releases all of its accumulated power and fires off a shot from the gun in its right hand that is said to be able to instantly destroy a single planet.


MachineDramon is a massive yet dimwitted mechanical dragon Digimon that is summoned to the Sand Zone by Laylamon after she kills the leading SkullScorpionmon. It has an insatiable appetite and the ability to consume energy, so Laylamon sets it to work by eating the barrier around the Pyramid of Renewal, which is protecting Mikey Kudo as he tries to save the mortally wounded Reapmon. MachineDramon is so strong that the combined forces of the Fusion Fighters are unable to even scratch him, and it only pauses to consume even more things, even the SkullScorpionmon troops. Seeing this, Laylamon feeds MachineDramon the energy of everyone in the area, which transforms it into HiMachineDramon, equipped with the "Cosmic Cannons" (Mugen Cannons). HiMachineDramon is strong enough to take blows from Shoutmon X4K without flinching, but its cannons are shot out by a dying Reapmon in a moment of inattention. HiMachineDramon is then taken out by the combined forces of Reapmon, who is reborn as Beelzemon, and Shoutmon X4K. Showdown in the Sand Zone

Sky Zone[]

Lucemon Wild 1st Mode is a spy for the Bagra Army who, under Laylamon's order, takes on his Lucemon form and poses as a citizen of the Sky Zone. A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone As Lucemon, he launches a campaign for president by preaching tolerance and moderation against the draconian measures instigated by the current president, SlushAngemon, and his Patrol Force. After standing up for the Fusion Fighters and taking an attack from Gargoylemon, Lucemon shows the group around the Zone and pleads leniency for them when accused of knocking down a statue. In showing mercy to all and helping the citizens speak up for themselves, Lucemon obtains the popular support needed to become president. Trouble in Paradise However, this position gives him the knowledge needed to unseal the Zone's Code Crown, which he does as soon as he is inaugurated. Lucemon returns to his true form and rips the zone in two, revealing the temple that holds the Code Crown and the Phantom Mist, a corrupting influence that it and the Zone's citizens sealed. Although Shoutmon X4B and Shakkoumon are able to defeat Lucemon and retrieve the Code Crown, he survives and kidnaps Nene, who had been siphoning the dark power for AxeKnightmon's use. A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone Lucemon is unable to properly absorb the Phantom Mist, and it transforms him into a mindless Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode who imprisons Nene within his Blazing Orb. Lucemon now begins absorbing all of the darkness from the Sky Zone's now-tainted citizens as well as the data of the Sky Zone itself. After Shoutmon X4 manages to break open the Blazing Orb, Sparrowmon dives in to rescue Nene. Now safe, Nene joins forces with Mikey to digifuse Shoutmon X4 and Sparrowmon into Shoutmon X5, who obliterates Lucemon. Clash in the Clouds


As Lucemon Wild 1st Mode
  • Blistering Orb (Dead or Alive): Produces a three-dimensional magic square as a glowing orb of Light and Darkness and traps the opponent within this orb, which has a 50/50 chance of either completely annihilating them, or merely inflicting massive damage.

Jungle Zone[]

Kongoumon is the leader of the Jungle Zone Battalion. He was corrupted from Kabuterimon when Lord Bagra first attempted to conquer the Digital World. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth! He attempts to get the Zone's Code Crown but is repeatedly thwarted by the guardian of the forest, Stingmon. When the Zone plays host to three Generals, his leader, Tactimon, makes a personal appearance, even as he and his MegaKabuterimon squad attack the Fusion Fighters. Tactimon faces the Fusion Fighters himself while sending Kongoumon to attack the Zone's Hidden Sanctuary and its Guardian Digimon. Kongoumon and his forces are defeated en route by Blue Flare and Midnight however. Welcome to the Jungle Zone! To make up for his failure and to prevent Blastmon from interfering, Kongoumon summons his GranKuwagamon Squad. They pose enough of a threat that the Fusion Fighters split forces to handle the situation, but they as well as Kongoumon himself are destroyed when the Fusion Fighters return in full force, removing the Bagra Army from the Zone. Rumble in the Jungle Zone!

After rescuing the Fusion Fighters United Army, WarGreymon and Examon explain how Lord Bagra corrupted Kabuterimon, among others. During the battle with MegaDarknessBagramon in the Human World, Kongoumon, in either his Kongoumon or Kabuterimon form, is among the many Digimon Mikey summons from the Digital World to form Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!

This information is only considered valid within the American English continuity.

Dust Zone[]

Tankmon t

Tankmons make up the entirety of the Bagra Army's Dust Zone forces. Laylamon brings them alongside Damemon when she deems the Zone worthy of her attentions, at the same time striking a temporarily alliance with AxeKnightmon of Midnight. When Mikey manages to bring Christopher back to his senses, Midnight attacks them, with Laylamon sends forth the Tankmons at the same time. Both forces try to swarm the two teams with numbers, but it for naught. The joined forces of the Fusion Fighters, Blue Flare, and portions of Midnight who joined Nene in defecting to the Fusion Fighters annihilate the group, with the MetalGururumon DigiCard and MetalGreymon Cyberdramon dealing the finishing blows. Disaster in the Dust Zone!


  • Hyper Cannon: Fires a super-powerful missile from the gun barrel on its head.

Warrior Zone[]

Musyamon t

Musyamon is a general in the Bagra Army's Warrior Zone branch that serves under Blastmon, wielding the "Hakuchou-maru" (白鳥丸? lit. "White Bird"). He is a master samurai and enjoys watching movies to pass the time. Because of the Warrior's Zone relatively weak defenses, he is able to take over Monita Castle and take the Zone's princess hostage. Musyamon has the Warrior Zone Residents search for the Code Crown, threatening to harm the princess if they fail to comply, and then kicks back, watching movies. Laughing All The Way To The Code Crown When the Monitamons obtain confirmation that Musyamon has no intention of keeping his end of the bargain and that he is sending a strike force to attack the Monitamon Village, the Fusion Fighters send Jeremy, Dorulumon, and three rookie Monitamons to rescue the princess while the main force fends off the strike. Musyamon personally duels Jeremy, praising his sword skills though he is ultimately better. Jeremy's resolve, however, touches the rookie Monitamons, who participate in the battle. It also touches Nene, who rescues Jeremy by digifusing Hi-VisionMonitamon. Musyamon and his troops are ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of Hi-VisionMonitamon and Shoutmon X5, removing the Bagra Army's presence from the Zone. Monitamission Impossible!


  • Shogun Sword[4] (斬り捨て御免 Kirisute Gomen?): Concentrates his energy into his sword and strikes.
  • Ninja Slice (白鳥丸 Hakuchou-maru?, lit. "White Bird"): Slashes with his "Hakuchou-maru".
  • Shurimon: A dark blue-colored Shurimon serves as Musyamon's right-hand man.
  • Etemons: Shurimon's shadow ninja army.
  • Kotemon: A Digimon swathed in kendo army who can use "Hot Head Strike" (Fire Men) to deliver a blazing sword strike. It serves as one of the guards of Monita Castle and spots Jeremy while on patrol but is slain by Jeremy wielding the Rare Star Sword before it can alert the other guards. Monitamission Impossible!
  • Asuramon: A four-armed three-faced Digimon who is part of the strike force sent with Shurimon to harass the Warrior Zone Residents. He is slain back at the castle along with his fellow troops and leader. Monitamission Impossible!
  • Samudramon: An Oriental warrior wielding two swords who can use "Cross Slicer" (燐火斬 Rinkazan?, lit. "Will-o'-the-wisp Slash") to tear apart anything in front of it. It is part of the strike force sent with Shurimon to harass the Warrior Zone Residents. He is slain back at the castle along with his fellow troops and leader. Monitamission Impossible!
  • Ninjamon: Small ninja Digimon, a troop of whom are part of the strike force sent with Shurimon to harass the Warrior Zone Residents. None return from the expedition. More Ninjamon are also basic troops who guard the castle Monitamission Impossible!
  • Caturamon: A dog Digimon who can use "Howl of Power" (Śwabhojana) to create a massive earthquake by turning into a hammer. It serves as one of the guards of Monita Castle and interrupts Jeremy's attempts to infiltrate by air. It is slain by Dorulumon for its troubles. Monitamission Impossible!
  • Kabukimon: A kabuki-themed Digimon who can unleash a flurry of cherry blossom petals with its "Cherry Blossom Storm" (桜吹雪 Sakura Fubuki?, lit. "Cherry Blossom Blizzard") and fires the wedges around its neck with "Wedge Attack" (連獅子 Renjishi?)[5] It attacks Dorulumon for trespassing, and though it gives him some trouble, it is ultimately knocked out. Monitamission Impossible!

Shurimon (Fusion) t

Shurimon is Musyamon's right-hand man, acting his both his muscle and his adviser. He keeps Musyamon up to date with the happenings in the Zone and is sent by Musyamon to remind the Warrior Zone Residents that the Bagra Army has their princess. He is bribed by the Monitamon Elder with a movie to leave them alone. Laughing All The Way To The Code Crown Shurimon is then sent with a strike force to attack the Monitamons' village, where he is met with a series of traps and most of the Fusion Fighters. Though he and his troops put up a strong fight, the Fusion Fighters' infiltration of Monita Castle is successful, and they lose their hostage. Realizing that these fighters are only a diversion, Shurimon takes what remains of his troops back to the castle to assist his leader. Though they lend some aid, Shurimon and his forces are killed alongside Musyamon by Shoutmon X5 and Hi-VisionMonitamon. Monitamission Impossible! During the battle with MegaDarknessBagramon in the Human World and having been revied, Shurimon is among the many Digimon Mikey summons from the Digital World to form Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


  • Double Star Slice (草薙 Kusanagi?): Throws the Kusanagi at the opponent from high in the air.

6-23 Etemon

Etemon attempts to make Karatenmon laugh with an "eyes under eyes" gag.

A troop of Etemon make up Shurimon's shadow ninja army. The leader saves Jeremy from falling off a cliff and then pose as fans of Shoutmon to gain the Fusion Fighters' trust when to go to get the Code Crown from Karatenmon. They participate in the attempt to make Karatenmon laugh but only anger him. When Angie and Nene successfully make Karatenmon laugh, they reveal themselves and attempt to take the Code Crown for the Bagra Army. They are defeated by BalliBeastmon and Shoutmon + Star Sword. Laughing All The Way To The Code Crown During the battle with MegaDarknessBagramon in the Human World and having been revived, an Etemon is among the many Digimon Mikey summons from the Digital World to form Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


  • Love Serenade: Overpowers their enemies with a song.

Disc Zone[]

6-25 Disc Zone Battalion

The Disc Zone Battalion is led by Blastmon himself in his desire to have a fight with Blue Flare in the Disc Zone. He brings with him a large amount of troops, and the two armies' clash does immense damage to the Zone's structural integrity. Many of the troops are also absorbed by Blastmon to empower him. Ultimately, the Battalion itself is defeated through the combined forces of Blue Flare and the Fusion Fighters, but not before Blastmon summons one last ally, Bulbmon. Though defeated, the battle is just enough to tip the scales to lead to the Zone's destruction. Showdown in Shaky Town!

  • Tankmon: Tank-like Digimon with artillery.
  • Mammothmon: Large mammal Digimon.
  • Bulbmon: A large Digimon who Blastmon summons as backup. Almost mindless like an automaton, its great size and weight means that it further damages the Zone with every step it takes. Though Shoutmon X4 attempts to match it, his inability to let loose to prevent destabilizing the Zone and his own weakening body gives Bulbmon the upper hand. Greymon lends his aid just once in return for a previous favor, helping Shoutmon X4 throw Bulbmon into the air to be defeated. Showdown in Shaky Town!

Sweet Zone (anime)[]

Matadormon t

Matadormon is the Bagra Army commander in the Sweet Zone and serves under Tactimon. Despite his overconfident behavior, he is one tricky digimon who took charge of the Zone for the sole purpose enjoying the desserts. After obtaining the Code Crown, he splits the residents in two: the pastry chefs are imprisoned for his own personal use and the citizens underneath the Zone. When the Fusion Fighters infiltrate his fortress by claiming to be pastry chefs, he sets up a contest between them and his head pastry chef, GigaWaruMonzaemon in which the Fusion Fighters come out the winner. Upon realizing that the Fusion Fighters intend to depose him, he sends GigaWaruMonzaemon after them Sweet Zone Bake-off! and, when their guard is down, sends them to the abyss beneath the Zone. There, the full scope of his cruelty becomes apparent: to revive the Breakdramon, the terrifying Digimon said to have fragmented the Digital World, he uses the energy drained from the residents, which turns them into Raremons which he uses as fodder. His schemes are thwarted by Shoutmon X5, who takes him out. Battle in The Digital Depths During the battle with MegaDarknessBagramon in the Human World and having been revived, Matadormon is among the many Digimon Mikey summons from the Digital World to form Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


  • Assault of Arrows (Thousand Arrow): Unleashes an attack from the rapiers stocked on his arms.
  • Earth-Shattering Stomp (蝶絶喇叭蹴 Chouzetsu Rappashū?, lit. "Butterfly-breaking Trumpet-kick")[6]: Attacks with a mighty kicking technique drawn from the Burudoggu martial arts.


GigaWaruMonzaemon is a WaruMonzaemon who serves as Matadormon's head pastry chef in addition to being a dangerous fighter in his own right. When the Fusion Fighters claim Angie to be the world's best pastry chef, GigaWaruMonzaemon is sent to test her skills. He tricks Shoutmon and Ballistamon into devouring the bananas that are a vital part of her recipe and takes hold of the rest of the fruits to prevent competition. Despite making a delicious chocolate cake, GigaWaruMonzaemon loses the competition, having his entry dismissed as overly sweet and unoriginal. When the Fusion Fighters attack, having freed the pastry chefs, Matadormon orders him to fight, and he absorbs the Monzaemon to become the true GigaWaruMonzaemon. With a weapon in each hand, he easily matches Shoutmon X4, which prompts Spadamon to offer himself for a DigiFuse. Faced with Shoutmon X4S, GigaWaruMonzaemon is ultimately defeated. Sweet Zone Bake-off! During the battle with MegaDarknessBagramon in the Human World and having been revived, GigaWaruMonzaemon is among the many Digimon Mikey summons from the Digital World to form Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


  • Heartburn Blast (Heartbreak Attack): Cuts out a glowing pink heart.
  • Mega Heartburn (Giga Heartbreak Attack): Hurls a pink heart made of pulsating energy.

Breakdramon t
  • Japanese: Kōhei Fukuhara

Breakdramon is a legendarily destructive Digimon who is rumored that be the one who broke the Digital World into 108 Zones a long time ago. Out of power, it is sealed beneath the Sweet Zone, and one of Matadormon's goal to have it revived. To this end, he has data from the captured residents sent to it and attached Cutemon's parents for regenerative capabilities. Ultimately, Breakdramon is revived with Matadormon on its reins, and though Shoutmon X5 is capable of matching and surpassing it, the healing derived from Cutemon's parents makes it an endless battle. In addition, Cutemon refuses to let his parents be hurt, until the parents decide to sacrifice themselves. Mikey and Spadamon rescue his parents, however, and Breakdramon and its master are no match for Shoutmon X5 without regeneration. Battle in The Digital Depths


  • Tazer Strike (Infinity Boring): Fires all the drills operating throughout its body, allowing it to smash mountains.
  • Gravity Crush (Gravity Press): Raises a gravitational field to flatten its target, allowing it to crush anything.

Sweet Zone (manga)[]

Sword Zone[]

Evil Grademon is the leader of the Bagra Army's force to invade the Sword Zone. When Lord Bagra first attempted to conquer the Digital World, he corrupted Grademon into the violet Evil Grademon. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth! From that point, Evil Grademon serves as the commander of the Sword Zone branch, under Tactimon. He tries to obtain the Sword Zone's Code Crown by becoming the best swordsman in the Zone, but he is defeated by Shoutmon X4, while the Fusion Fighters annihilate the rest of his force. When Mikey Kudo obtains the Sword Zone's Code Crown, the last unclaimed fragment, Evil Grademon is purified along with the other corrupted Digimon from Zones that Mikey controls. Though Grademon initially rejects the purification, he returns to protect Mikey from Tactimon. Grateful that Mikey has allowed him one chance to do good, Grademon sacrifices himself to destroy the Disruptor Tower that sealed all transportation to and from the Sword Zone. Fall of the Final Code Crown

After rescuing the Fusion Fighters United Army, WarGreymon and Examon explain how Lord Bagra corrupted Grademon, among others. Later, with the power of the true Code Crown, Grademon is revived along with all of the other killed Digimon to help defeat the Bagra Army in the final battle. He joins in the largest DigiFuse to become Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode, who defeats MegaDarknessBagramon. After the battle, he returns to the Digital World with the rest of the Digimon. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


As Evil Grademon
  • Cross Blade: Cuts the opponent apart crosswise with the godly speed of his sword.

Snow Zone[]

Zanbamon t

Jupiter Zone[]


The Fire-fury Army (火烈軍団 Karetsu Gundan?) is the personal army of Dorbickmon with Huanglongmon at his side, and it makes its home in Dragonland. They are the ruthless enforcers of the Bagra Army's order and believe in ruthless strength beyond all else, subjugating the flower and bird Digimon for their negative energy. Desertion is met with death. Mikey Kudo and Shoutmon first come across the group attempting to kill a deserting Dracomon. Though the pair intervenes, they are outmatched by the troops until Blue Flare, thus far acting as a resistance force against the army, drives them off. Dorbickmon makes a personal appearance and defeats Blue Flare, with Huanglongmon then taking the initiative to flush them out of the underground tunnels they escape into. The events culminate in Shoutmon digivolving into OmniShoutmon and beating them back, but Dorbickmon's personal appearance trumps OmniShoutmon's strength. Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragonland! They have a weakness to the Weeping Dragon flower's pollen, which Nene Amano uses to debilitate the army and facilitate an escape. Dorbickmon then announces that he will execute the captured Fusion Fighters at Dragon's Waterfall, where the misting water mitigates the pollen, and stations his army to guard land, water, and air. They are nevertheless defeated when Dracomon blows up the waterfall to in turn negate their advantage, and Dorbickmon then digifuses his entire army to himself to form Dorbickmon Darkness Mode Two. When Dorbickmon is then defeated, the army is as well, and the Bagra Army's hold over Dragonland is broken. Take a Stand, Christopher! Fusion Fighters' Rescue Mission!


Huanglongmon t

Huanglongmon is Dorbickmon's most trusted Digimon. He is intensely loyal to his master, following his orders completely and even willing digifusing with his master. When Blue Flare demands a match with Dorbickmon, the Fire-fury General answers in his Darkness Mode One, where he is digifused with Huanglongmon. Blue Flare eventually escapes, so Huanglongmon suggests that he be given the freedom to hunt them down, and Dorbickmon agrees, digi-defusing to allow Huanglongmon autonomy. Huanglongmon then takes a group of Salamandermon to flush them out of the underground tunnels, though he and his team are defeated by OmniShoutmon. Dorbickmon then intervenes, saving his subordinates. Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragonland! Huanglongmon manages to survive the assault and digifuses with Dorbickmon once more. On the verge of victory, Nene Amano debilitates them with the Weeping Dragon flower's pollen, and their prey escapes. Huanglongmon then plans with Dorbickmon on setting a trap at the Dragon's Waterfall, where the misting water mitigates the pollen. Huanglongmon is already digifused with Dorbickmon when Mikey and his team arrives at the location, and Huanglongmon is eventually killed when his master is as well. Take a Stand, Christopher! Fusion Fighters' Rescue Mission!

Vampire Land[]

The Moonlight Army (月光軍団 Gakkou Gundan?) is the personal army of NeoMyotismon and operates out of Vampire Land, headquartered within the Vampire Castle. Under the darkness of the fog barrier, they are granted incredible vitality, capable of regenerating even after being burned to ash, and their numbers seem endless. One of their main tasks is to watch over the Chocomon Village for new Lopmons, as their leader fears the prophecy of the white Lopmon. The latest Lopmon flees from the village before he can befall the same fate, so the army attacks it. The Fusion Fighters United Army intervenes but can only hold the line against the army's regeneration powers. Forced to flee, the group decide to infiltrate the Vampire Castle by disguising as LadyDevimons while Christopher faces the hordes outside. The ploy works, though NeoMyotismon himself heads into battle. Much of the army is then used as DigiFuse fodder to allow NeoMyotismon to enter his Darkness Mode One form. Vampire Land and the Moonlight General When the United Army escapes once more to search for the white Lopmon, the army continues to harry the group, requiring Christopher and Nene to hold them off, though they are eventually overwhelmed. When NeoMyotismon falls to the United Army, the Moonlight Army falls as well, and when dawn breaks over Vampire Land, the Moonlight Army is no more. Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX


Honey Land[]

The Wood-spirit Army (木精軍団 Mokusei Gundan?) is the personal army of Zamielmon with GrandisKuwagamon at his side, headquartered within Zamielmon's Castle in Honey Land. Their primary goal is the draining of negative energy from Honey Land's inhabitants. They drain them to the point of near-death, allow them to recover, and then repeat the cycle once more. This method has the added effect of leaving most Digimon too weak to form a resistance movement. During one such cycle, they come across the Fusion Fighters United Army and drain them too, only driven off by Mervamon. They again respond with Mervamon attacks them. When Zamielmon observes Ignitemon and Mervamon facing off, he delights in their pain. He forced digifuses GrandisKuwagamon and Honeybeemon into GrandisKuwagamon Honeybee Mode and has Ignitemon ride him. Nene has enough, however, and knocks some sense into Ignitemon while digifusing JetMervamon to take out GrandisKuwagamon. Ignitemon then defects, leaving Zamielmon seething. The Power Drain: The Hunters of Honey Land Zamielmon decides to take care of the Fusion Fighters personally, inviting them to his Honey Land Amusement Park. While the majority of the Fusion Fighters are with Zamielmon, a small contingent attacks the castle, where the Wood-spirit Army is unable to defend the DigiHoney stores. Zamielmon is then defeated, leaving the army headless. Sweet Revenge! The Horrors of Honey Land!


Cyber Land[]

The Water Tiger Army (水虎軍団 Suiko Gundan?) is the personal army of Splashmon in Cyber Land. Their original goal was to drain the negative energy of Cyber Land's inhabitants, but Splashmon's machinations led to the inhabitants wiping out each other in a storm of negative energy. The Water Tiger General's Slippery Trap! Due to Splashmon's personal distrust in others, his forces are made entirely of Splashers, water spirits he himself creates. They inhabit puppet bodies with all the capability of other Digimon, though they are rather weak. He uses Whamon puppets as an aerial patrol force, which are equipped with transmitters to move his forces around. When the Fusion Fighters United Army arrives in Cyber Land, they are immediately beset by the Water Tiger Army. They repel the initial invasion and notice the false natural of the Digimon they fight. Taking their knowledge to the logical conclusion, the United Army invades the aerial Whamon to disable its summoning capabilities and finds it empty as well. Within the massive aircraft, they find a young girl, Luca, who appears to be fleeing from the Bagra Army and then forces her way into the group. Luca is actually an agent of Splashmon and attempts to subvert the United Army by infecting them with Splashers, but her attempts are foiled by Dorulumon. Eventually Splashmon himself intervenes, capturing Dorulumon to implement a plan to fracture the United Army. Psych-Out in Cyber Land! With Splashmon leading, the Water Tiger Army acts as a fighting force, focusing on whatever portion of the United Army Splashmon manages to isolate. The army eventually ceases to be when Splashmon digifuses his Splashers to himself, leaving the puppet bodies empty husks. The Water Tiger General's Slippery Trap!


6-38 Analyzer-02 JP

Luca (ルカ Ruka?) is a human-shaped puppet that Splashmon operates through a Blue Splasher. The Fusion Fighters United Army discover her in a puppet disguised as a Whamon in Cyber Land. She claims to not know how she got Cyber Land and that she was captured by the Bagra Army, only to be left behind when the Whamon was attacked. She uses her perky and childish personality to integrate herself into the United Army's graces, though Christopher and Dorulumon remain suspicious. Luca leads the group into various traps disguised as mistakes and attempts to give presents that are actually debilitating Splashers in disguise. Dorulumon blocks these attempts, which eventually leads Splashmon to capture him. Luca then leads the United Army into a large scale battle, during which she returns to Splashmon. Splashmon reveals Luca's true nature and then discards the puppet body. Psych-Out in Cyber Land!

Gold Land[]

The Gold Pirate Crew (金賊軍団 Kinzoku Gundan?, lit. "Gold-pirate Army") is the personal army of Olegmon in Gold Land, with Mermaimon as his first mate and based aboard his ship Misery. The Army itself consists two types of force: the Aquatic Digimon who join willingly and the Digimon who Olegmon brainwashes with his spell under his concept of friendship. They act as a pirate crew under his command, sailing the golden seas and pillaging the Land's villages for negative energy, and their ship is the only one capable of reaching the route to the next Land, which is hidden underwater. The Gold Pirate Crew comes across the Fusion Fighters United Army exploring Gold Land and gets into a fight with them after they rebuff Olegmon's recruitment offer. Olegmon uses his spell to recruit much of the attacking force, sending the others into retreat. Mermaimon leads the crew in sacking villages during the search for the escaped United Army, leaving wanted posters behind. The very next day, the United Army attacks with what they believe to be the solution to Olegmon's spell in that it does not seem to affect mechanical Digimon, of which Cyberdramon is of similar make. Unfortunately, he too is enthralled, but Ballistamon takes the opportunity to talk to Shoutmon. Shoutmon, torn between Olegmon's spell and his bond with Ballistamon, strikes Olegmon's helmet and reveals that the spell works through soundwaves, which BalliBeastmon disrupts. Shoutmon regains his sense and, as OmniShoutmon, duels Olegmon. The entire time, however, Olegmon has his crew capture Ballistamon and reveal him to be his old superweapon DarkVolumon. Gold Land And The Irate Pirate! With DarkVolumon on his side, the crew is successfully able to capture Mikey while casting away the United Army's battle-capable forces. That night, the crew parties while Olegmon again attempts to recruit Mikey. They also capture Nene on one of her infiltration missions, and Olegmon sets her up for execution by DarkVolumon when Mikey again rejects the recruitment offer. The next day, the execution is interrupted by Christopher, and when Shoutmon manages to convince DarkVolumon to return to his Ballistamon personality, the United Army proceeds to wreak havoc on the Army, killing most of their forces, including Mermaimon. Olegmon tries to cast them to the ends of spacetime, but Ballistamon defeats him once and for all. The other members of the crew, now free from their brainwashing, repair the Misery and resolve to travel the seas as protectors instead of pirates. Ballistamon's Bad-News: Blast From the Past!

Enthralled Troops

Canyon Land[]

The Earth Spirit Army (土神軍団 Doshin Gundan?, lit. "Earth-god Army") is the personal army of Gravimon in Canyon Land, based within his castle. While he has a wide variety of forces, they are all fiercely loyal to him, answering his order unquestioningly. They are also very numerous, far outstripping the number displayed by his compatriots. When Gravimon hears about the deaths of his fellow Dark Generals, he gives a rallying speech to his forces that Monitamon spies upon. The next day, the army faces the Fusion Fighters United Army head on. Christopher's tactics draw on the forces on hand, allowing him to strike Gravimon directly. Gravimon reveals that he has anticipated their actions, dropping a dividing wall that hides an even larger strike force. In the aftermath of the battle, Gravimon captures Christopher while the army rests for the night. Deep Trouble in Canyon Land! The next day, Christopher fights his allies until Deckerdramon's sacrifice brings him back to his senses. Though the army far outstrips the United Army in terms of numbers, they are no match for the advent of Shoutmon X7, born from Christopher fully committing himself to working with his allies. The forces present for that battle are utterly decimated. Great Fusion! The Power of Friendship Still more troops remain in reserve, with an Endigomon retrieving a piece of Gravimon for regeneration. Hi-VisionMonitamon infiltrates Gravimon's Castle for information but is captured by an Anubismon. The following day sees Mikey come to the front, digifusing Greatest Cutemon. The forces who face him mistake him for the Shoutmon X7 who destroyed the others, sowing discord and prolonging the battle. Meanwhile, a separate troop remains in the castle to thwart the inevitable rescue attempt, though they fail in the mission. The group facing Greatest Cutemon eventually force him into retreat, allowing them to return to their General. Those who survive end up digifused into Gravimon Darkness Mode and are killed along with their master when he is defeated. Regeneration Frustration!


Bright Land[]

The Sun Army (日輪軍団 Nichirin Gundan?, lit. "Sun-wheel Army") is the personal army of Apollomon and Whispered in Bright Land, based within Apollonia Tower. All of them are either beast or beast-like Digimon, with Marusumon and Sethmon as captains. They oversee the torture of Bright Land's citizens to draw out their negative energy. When the Fusion Fighters United Army arrives in Bright Land, they clash head on with the Sun Army but are ultimately defeated. Dark Side Of The Sun A great deal of them are brought into the Digital Underworld to participate in Ewan Amano's game, where they act as his grunt troops. The Dark Side of Bright Land All of the ones who survive the initial clashes end up digifused into Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode when Ewan snaps, and they end up sacrificed when he is defeated by Shoutmon X7. The Battle of The Young Generals Those who remain are ordered by Whispered to kill every last citizen for their negative energy, but they are thwarted and defeated by the United Army. The Darkest Dark General Of All!



Sethmon is one of Apollomon's two captains. He is proud and arrogant yet nonetheless loyal to his master. Sethmon personally challenges the Fusion Fighters United Army when they arrive in Bright Land. He puts up a strong fight but is defeated, so he calls upon his master to digifuse him. Apollomon agrees and grants him the power to become Sethmon Wild Mode. The United Army responds with Shoutmon DX. Though Sethmon wants to continue the fight, Apollomon forces him to back down when it is apparent he is outmatched. Dark Side Of The Sun Sethmon gleefully participates in Ewan Amano's game in the Digital Underworld, faithfully serving the cruel Whispered while admitting he wished that Apollomon was harsher. He acts alongside Whispered to strike down Christopher Aonuma when they believe him to be a sneak attack force rather than a decoy. The Dark Side of Bright Land Sethmon retreats with Whispered back to the castle when the misdirection is revealed. When Ewan snaps and digifuses the army, Sethmon is among those who involuntarily become Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode. He is killed when Ruthless Tuwarmon is defeated by Shoutmon X7. The Battle of The Young Generals


As Sethmon Wild Mode
  • Atomic Heat Wave (Grand Heat Storm): Unleashes a powerful blazing wind.

Bagra Fortress[]

6-52 Analyzer-04 JP

The Bagra Fortress Battalion consists of the forces who guard the Bagra Fortress itself. They come out en masse when the Fusion Fighters United Army challenges the fortress itself. Though they greatly outnumber the United Army, they cannot stand up to the combined might of Shoutmon X7, Mervamon, and Knightmon. When most of the them are defeated, a single BishopChessmon appears to announce the arrival of Lord Bagra before fading away. More forces guard the interior, particularly the room where Ewan is held to power the Darkness Loader. When Mikey is blown down there, Mervamon and Knightmon tear through them as they first search for an exit and then for Ewan. D5 And The Brotherhood Of Evil

The forces consist of BishopChessmon (Black), RookChessmon (Black), KnightChessmon (Black), and PawnChessmon (Black).

Human World[]

6-54 Human World Invasion Force

The Human World Invasion Force consists of the troops that MegaDarknessBagramon brings with him when he invades the Human World. Extremely large in number, they advance toward the Fusion Fighters United Army's position. All members assemble to face this threat. Christopher Aonuma and Nene Amano take the front lines, which Jeremy Tsurgi and Angie Hinomoto support Ewan Amano as he digifuses the rest of the army. Mikey Kudo uses the confusion of clashing forces to slingshot over the entire battle and enter the Dark Stone within MegaDarknessBagramon. Outside, the United Army is slowly being overrun, but MegaDarknessBagramon unleashes a dark fire that dissolves data, hitting both friend and foe alike. This fire wipes out the entirety of the forces. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!

The morning of the day he is sent to the Digital World, Mikey has a dream premonition of these forces, against which he, Shoutmon X4, and the Fusion Fighters do battle. Mikey Goes To Another World!

The forces consist of Bulbmon, Troopmon, Mammothmon, Pteramon, Minotarumon, Rhinomon, Sealsdramon, and Tankmon. Gotsumon is among the Digimon that Lord Bagra corrupted to become Minotarumon Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!, while Missimon only appear in Mikey's dream. Mikey Goes To Another World!

Other members[]


Main article: Vilemons (Fusion)


Troopmon t

Troopmons are humanoid Digimon in full-body suits and masks who act as the foot soldiers for a significant portion of the Bagra Army's battalions. They are present in the Forest Zone, Lake Zone, Sweet Zone, and Sword Zone Battalions, as well as the Human World Invasion Force, while Tactimon introduces them to the Magma Zone. Meltdown in the Magma Zone! Troopmons make up the force who attacked Cutemon's village in the past, leading Cutemon to be separated from his parents. Danger Erupts! Laylamon also uses them as her servants, with one informing her of Reapmon's lack of progress in the Sand Zone Mikey, Warrior of the Light! and another giving her a massage when Damemon reports on his manipulation of Blastmon. Showdown in Shaky Town! A Troopmon reports on the sightings of the Fusion Fighters in the Sweet Zone to Tactimon. Sweet Zone Bake-off!


Okuwamon t

Ookuwamon is a member of the Bagra Army that Christopher Aonuma trains MailBirdramon against in an unknown Zone. It is easily defeated by MailBirdramon alone as Nene Amano discusses the Fusion Fighters' journey in the Island Zone with Christopher. Crisis or Conquest


Arcadiamon (Ultimate) t

Arukadhimon is a powerful agent under Laylamon's command who is strong enough to resist the decomposition effects of Digital Space and thus freely treads where other cannot. It lives in a nest in the Digital Space where it brings its prey. It is unleashed by Laylamon to separate Mikey Kudo from the rest of the Fusion Fighters, battering down Knightmon and the PawnChessmons' barrier protecting the others. It manages to grab onto Mikey when he attempts to save his friends only to be thwarted by Wisemon. Though the Fusion Fighters flee, it impedes their progress but is mortally wounded by Shoutmon X5 and the Darkdramon DigiCard. Laylamon arrives for her prey only to be met by a dissolving Arukadhimon, and she vows vengeance. Lost in Digital Space

Former members[]

Notes and references[]

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