Season 3, Episode 16: "Back to Nature, Back to Battle" English Version Written by: Original Air Date: Transcribed by: SteelWarrior (steelwarrior98@aol.com)

On the street.

Man: Morning Barb, one more day in the trenches, Huh?

Barb: Ugh, yeah. What I wouldn't give to be like that girl by the lake.

Man: I know, no deadlines, no worries, must be nice to be so carefree.

Rika is staring into the water with Renamon in the branches above.

Rika: Uh, Renamon.

Renamon appears in the branches.

Renamon: You're up awfully early today, Rika.

Rika: Yeah well you know, I just thought that you've been fighting a lot lately and you might be tired. So...

She reaches for something in her bag.

Rika: Um, here.

She tosses up a bottle and Renamon catches it.

Renamon: An energy drink?

Rika: Yeah, so see ya. Uh!

She leaves.

Renamon: Oh, my first gift. Thank you, Rika.

She opens and drinks some.

Renamon: Ooh, this stuff packs almost as much of a punch as I do, but the packaging isn't quite as nice.

She disappears.

At Takato's school everyone's getting on the bus for a campout.

Mr. Morey: No pushing, there's plenty of room for everyone.

Kid #1: But sir!

Mr. Morey: And plenty of room for your stuffed animals.

He sees that every kid has a stuffed animal.

Mr. Morey: At least I think there is, do all of you have stuffed animals?

Kid #2: Not me.

Mr. Morey: Yeah, that's good.

Kid #2: Mine's a real animal! See.

Mr. Morey: Ah! Get it off of me!

Henry has Terriermon strapped to his backpack and turns to look for Takato.

Henry: Looks like the teachers think you're just another stuffed animal, but how's Takato gonna sneak Guilmon on the bus, I wonder.

Terriermon: If Guilmon keeps eating the way he's been eating he won't even fit on the bus.

Henry: Wait, here he comes.

Takato runs to Ms. Asaji who's checking names.

Ms. Asaji: All right, everybody get on the bus, okay?

Takato stops and she looks at him.

Takato: Ms. Asaji, can you help me?

Ms. Asaji: What is it now, Takato?

Takato: I think my camera's broken.

He moves behind her and he holds the camera up.

Ms. Asaji: Hm, what's wrong with it?

Takato: I can't get the shudder open.

She takes it.

Ms. Asaji: All right, let me take a look at it.

She fiddles with it and Takato looks behind her to signal the others.

Takato (whisper): Go!

Kazu, Kenta, and two other boys march with Guilmon behind them to the bus.

Ms. Asaji: That's the flash button and that's where the film goes.

Takato looks at her and behind her to see the others as they move forward.

Ms. Asaji: So that must be the shudder control, no, no it's the battery compartment. Oh can't you just get one of the art students to make you a sketch of whatever you want to photograph?

Takato (not paying attention): Uh huh!

Ms. Asaji: Hm, oh look, you're young, you'll probably remember everything about camp anyway.

Takato makes an audible sigh of relief cause Guilmon got on the bus.

Ms. Asaji: And what was that for, Takato?

Takato: Oh just like to keep breathing.

She laughs.

Ms. Asaji: Oh, okay. You're a weird kid Takato.

Takato: I know.

She hands him the camera.

Ms. Asaji: At any rate I can't figure that out.

Takato: Oh that's okay, I didn't have any film anyway.

Ms. Asaji: Oh!

Henry: He's clever.

Terriermon: She's easily distracted.

Henry: Hey, be a nice stuffed animal.

On Henry's bus they get on and walk to some seats.

Terriermon: Hey!

Terriermon points and Henry looks at him.

Henry: What are you so excited about?

Terriermon: Look, I think Calumon's gonna come with us.

Henry: Huh? Uh, Calumon's here?

He looks down the aisle and sees Calumon a set of toys.

Calumon: I saved you some seats.

Henry: Hope he doesn't cause any trouble.

Terriermon: Moumantai.

On Takato's bus Kazu, Kenta, Takato and two other boys are sitting on Guilmon.

Ms. Asaji: Okay, settle down. Now everyone's put their bags away and gone to the bathroom, right? Good.

Guilmon: How much longer? I'm turning into a pancake.

Takato: Sorry about this Guilmon. Once Ms. Asaji goes to sleep you won't have to hide any more, I promise.

Jeri looks over.

Jeri: Is everything okay? You sure this was a good idea?

Takato: Hm, well most of them seem good at the planning stage.

Flashback to Terriermon wrestling with Guilmon and Takato and Henry watching in the hideout.

Henry: Good to see them having fun.

Takato: Come on, it's all they know how to do.

Henry: Hey Takato, I've been thinking about that school camping trip that's coming up.

Takato: Yeah?

Henry: And I think I'm gonna take Terriermon with me.

Takato: Huh?

Henry: Maybe you could bring Guilmon along too.

Takato: Well I guess that I could do that, do you think it's a good idea?

Henry: I just thought that they've been fighting a lot lately, and this trip would give them a chance to get away and just have some fun.

Takato: Hey you're right, let's do it.

End flashback.

Takato: All we wanted to do was give them a kind of vacation.

Jeri: What a nice idea, you know you’re a really nice guy, Takato.

He smiles.

Takato: Hm, hm. Oh, well thank you.

Ms. Asaji gets on the microphone.

Ms. Asaji: Okay everyone, we're finally ready.

Kids: Hooray!

The buses start to leave.

Ms. Asaji: Oh why do I put myself through this every year? Thank heaven for aspirin. Hey, hey sit down! Don't do that! Stop touching things!

On the highway.

Guilmon: Whew, sure took that teacher lady long enough to fall asleep.

Takato: Ah Guilmon! Just because you don't have to hide anymore doesn't mean you can sit on me!

Guilmon: Sorry.

Kazu: Or on me!

Guilmon: Sorry.

Kenta: Ooh! Or on me!

Guilmon: Sorry.

Kenta: Hey where's that microphone? Nothing like a song to make the trip more pleasant.

Kenta starts singing, badly.

Kenta (singing): And Michael he rows that boat…hey, thanks for coming out tonight folks, be sure to try the veal. Oh, now where was I? Yeah.

Everyone's covering their ears except for Takato, Kazu and the two other boys who cheer.

Kenta (singing): Rows that boat all the way to the shore! Hey! Be good to your waitresses everybody they've been good to you. And he rows it, rows it, rows it, all the way to shore, yeah!

Ms. Asaji sleeps through the whole thing.

Guilmon is dancing in the aisle.

Guilmon: Teach me to make my voice funny.

At campgrounds.

Ms. Asaji: Have any aspirin, Morey? I'm all out.

Mr. Morey: No, but have some franks and beans, they're god for what ales ya.

Ms. Asaji: Well there goes my headache.

Away from everyone else Henry sits next to a tree with Terriermon and Calumon eating in it, Terriermon eating quickly.

Henry: Terriermon, slow down. If you get sick I’ll have to call Nurse Suzie.

Terriermon stops eating and turns red.

Calumon: Uh-oh.

Henry: Hey I was just kidding.

Near another tree Kazu hands Guilmon a rice ball.

Kazu: Here, I make the best rice balls around.

Kenta: You can have one of mine too of you want.

Jeri: Then you can have one of my sandwiches.

They're all giving the ecstatic Guilmon food.

Guilmon: I don't know where to start, ha ha!

Takato: Wait a minute, Guilmon can't eat all of that, he’ll make himself sick or big as a house.

Guilmon: You're mean, Takato.

Takato: And you're a glutton, Guilmon.

They stare at each other and the other kids laugh.

Ms. Asaji walks by the other side not seeing Guilmon.

Ms. Asaji: Listen up kids, it's time to break into groups and set up your tents, if you have any questions just ask Mr. Morey.

She leaves and Kazu gets up.

Kazu: You know we don't need everybody to set up the tents, so why don't you go out and play with Guilmon.

Guilmon: Hm, hm.

Takato: That'd be awesome.

Guilmon: Hm.

Later Takato, Henry, Guilmon, Terriermon, and Calumon are walking across a bridge.

Henry: That sure was nice of Kazu.

Takato: I know, isn't that weird? Kazu being nice.

Calumon: Whoa, look at the view. Whoa!

Back at camp.

Kid #1: Ms. Asaji! My tent doesn't look right!

Ms. Asaji: That's because that's your sleeping bag.

Kid #1: I knew that.

At Kazu, Kenta, and Takato's camp they finish.

Kazu: That should do it.

Kenta: So it's you, me, Takato and Guilmon?

Kazu: Mm hm.

They look inside the tent.

Kenta: There's no way that's gonna hold all of us.

Kazu and Kenta: Okay! Takato sleeps outside!

A bird noise is heard in the distance and catches their attention.

Kazu and Kenta: Huh?

Kazu: What was that?

Kenta: I don't know, but it sure wasn't the first robin of spring.

A flock of birds fly by and a digital field appears in it.

On the bridge Henry's D-power screen glows.

Henry: Huh?

He looks at it.

Takato: Uh-oh, what's up?

Henry turns to Takato.

Henry: There's a digimon nearby.

Takato: What?

He looks at the digimon.

Takato: Hey Guilmon!

Henry: Wait.

Takato: Why?

Henry: From the signal the digimon looks small.

He turns to look at the digimon.

Henry: And you don't want to break up that happy little totem pole do ya?

On the boarder of the fence Guilmon is on balancing himself with Terriermon on top of him and Calumon at the top.

Guilmon: Hey your ear is tickling my foot.

Terriermon: Your foot is tickling my ear.

Calumon: I want to tickle something.

Henry: I think we can investigate this new digimon without their help. What do ya say?

Takato: Yeah, good idea.

The digimon are all giggling.

Guilmon: Ooh all the blood is rushing to my head.

They continue giggling.

Guilmon: I'm starting to get dizzy.

Calumon: Aren't you dizzy all the time?

Guilmon: Yeah so?

They all laugh.

Takato: They do seem like they're having to much fun to bother them.

Henry: And it's just one small digimon.

Takato: Yeah, I mean how dangerous could one tiny little digimon be?

Henry: Exactly.

In the faraway woods the digital field is on a tree branch and his red eyes shine through with a rooster call.

In the Hypnos Building.

Tally: Ugh, this system's starting to get overloaded tracking all these wild ones.

On the screen a little dot appears.

Riley: And look, one more. Getting a lock on it.

Tally: Do you think we should alert Yamaki about it?

Riley: Why don't we just keep an eye on it for now, it looks too small to give us much trouble.

Back at camp Mr. Morey is telling the kids a ghost story during dinner with the campfire burning behind him.

Mr. Morey: They say the evil scientist still lives in these woods, planning his evil spoon related deeds, hoping to capture kids who need a tool to eat their pudding.

All the kids are into it.

Ms. Asaji: Oh give me a break.

Mr. Morey: In fact just a few years ago a couple of campers disappeared, they left their tent because they heard a horrible high pitched squealing from the woods.

Kazu and Kenta look at each other.

Kazu: Just like we heard.

Kenta: Oh boy.

Mr. Morey: And when the camp counselors looked inside the tent, they found...huh?

Kid: What? What did they find? Mr. Morey!?

Mr. Morey sees a tent open up behind all the kids.

Guilmon: Takato, I'm still hungry!

Mr. Morey: Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids: Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Asaji: there's that headache again.

Mr. Morey falls on his side.

Ms. Asaji: Okay kids, bedtime!

Later on Ms. Asaji and Mr. Morey are checking the tents with Mr. Morey behind Ms. Asaji with his hands on her shoulders walking hunched.

Mr. Morey: Huh? Huh! What's that over there?!

Ms. Asaji: It's a rock Morey!

Mr. Morey: I'm telling you I really saw a monster in that tent, it said it wanted to eat me up.

Ms. Asaji: If I say I believe you will you finally be quiet?

Kazu and Kenta laugh.

Mr. Morey and Ms. Asaji: Huh?

Ms. Asaji opens Kazu, Kenta, and Takato's tent.

Ms. Asaji: What are you two still doing awake?

They light up flashlights under their chins.

Kazu and Kenta: We're the monster.

Mr. Morey slowly falls to the ground with tears running down his face.

Ms. Asaji: Very funny.

Mr. Morey: I did see it.

Ms. Asaji: Hey where's Takato?

They click off the flashlights.

Kazu: He's asleep, the party pooper.

Under the blanket is a sleeping bag substituting Takato.

Kenta: Yeah, seeing that monster must've tired him out.

Kazu laughs the Kenta follows.

Ms. Asaji: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just don't stay up too late.

She walks away dragging Mr. Morey with her.

Kazu and Kenta: Good night.

Mr. Morey: I really saw it.

Ms. Asaji: Yeah, yeah.

Kazu and Kenta: She believed it!

In the woods Guilmon runs with Terriermon and Calumon on his head with Takato and Henry chasing.

Takato: Guilmon wait up! You'd think having those two on his head would slow him down. Wouldn't ya?

Henry: They're having so much fun I think they've forgotten about wanting to eat.

Takato: Yeah, I know.

The digimon stop at the edge of the cliff and Takato and Henry catch up.

Guilmon: Pretty.

Terriermon: Wow look.

Calumon: when do we get to eat?

Terriermon: Is that all you're able to think about? Look how pretty the lights are.

Guilmon and Calumon: Yeah but when do we get to eat?

Henry: Oh well, I guess no amount of happiness comes between a digimon and its stomach.

Takato: Hey let's take a look around.

Henry: Hm.

Takato: Sure is quiet here.

The digimon caws again.

Takato: Or not.

They turn and see leaves rustling.

Takato and Henry: Hm…

Henry: I bet it's that digimon, let's check it out before these guys sense it.

Guilmon: You can't see your house form here.

Calumon: How do you know?

Guilmon: Because you don't have a house.

Takato and Henry: Mm hm.

Calumon: Oh yeah.

The digimon giggle while Takato and Henry run to check out the digimon.

They arrive in the deeper part of the woods and look around.

Takato: Huh?

Henry: Huh?

He looks in a tree.

Henry: Uh.

Takato: Huh? Oh is that it?

Henry: Well it's sure not the first robin of spring.

Takato: I hope it's friendly.

Henry: Me too, but they never seem to be.

Takato: Man, for a small digimon he sure looks menacing, like some…freaked out vulture. So what should we do? If Guilmon and Terriermon meet up with this thing there's bound to be a fight.

Henry: Uh hm, let's get outta here.

They run back to the cliff.

Henry: Let's go back.

Guilmon and Terriermon: What?

Terriermon: Why? We're leaving already?

Calumon: We still haven't found our houses.

Takato: Ms. Asaji's probably started looking for us.

Guilmon: I don't wanna!

Takato: Oh just come on.

He pulls Guilmon and they run back to camp.

Guilmon: Takato slow down, why didn't you draw me with longer legs?

On the tree branch the digimon is looking into the city and he glows yellow and starts to drain the electricity from it causing blackouts.

On a TV.

Anchorman: The entire city is experiencing widespread blackouts, the power company has yet to-

The TV is shut down.

The Hypnos' power is shut down.


Riley: Backup power engaging.

They get more power.

Back in the woods the digimon stops draining electricity and grows to about 5 times it's size.

In the Hypnos Building the dot on the screen grows.

Riley: What is? The wild one's growing rapidly somehow. We'd better alert Yamaki.

Tally: Sir, there's trouble.

Yamaki (through headphones): I'm on my way!

Yamaki runs to the tracking room.

Yamaki (thinking): All these digital parasites flooding into our world, what do they want? Is it some kind of invasion?

He arrives.

Yamaki: What's the situation?

Riley: That wild one is growing out of control.

Yamaki: But now it's stopped, interesting.

In the woods they continue walking back to camp.

Henry: Just a little while longer guys.

Guilmon: But, I'm tired now.

Takato: Good thing we avoided that digimon back there.

Henry: Yeah, not much of a vacation if ya fight all the time.

Takato: That's how my family defines vacation.

The next day the kids are swimming and Ms. Asaji is lying in the sun.

Mr. Morey: How about I rub some sun tan lotion on your back?

Ms. Asaji: How about you don't.

Mr. Morey: But look it's extra greasy, no wait, it's not extra greasy. Oh, wait, um wait-

In the deeper part of the woods there's a waterfall making the river and Takato, Henry, Guilmon, Terriermon, and Calumon are there.

Guilmon: Hey! Do we still have to be quiet!?

Henry: Nope! You can be as loud as you want to out here.

Takato: Yeah, even as loud as you just were.

All three: Yay!

They jump from the tree branch into the water splashing Takato and Henry.

Takato: Hey.

In the water the digimon sink to the bottom.

Henry: This is really turning out to be a nice restful vacation, for us and the digimon.

Takato: Can you imagine if Rika were here? She's have us fighting trees just to stay prepared.

Henry: Yeah, stupid trees. She'd have us fighting stupid trees!!

(Henry makes fun of Rika's voice saying stupid trees)

Takato: Uh huh.

They laugh.

Guilmon: This place is great Takato, can we come here every year?

Impmon: Can we come here every year?!

Digimon: Huh?

Hey turn and see Impmon lying on a branch.

Impmon: Look at you begging like a dog, you don't need their permission to do anything!

All three: Hey it's Impmon.

Takato and Henry look at each other.

Takato and Henry: Ugh!

Impmon: You so called tamers keep your digimon on a real short leash don't you? Tellin' 'em what they can do and who they can do it with. It's enough to make me puke.

Takato: That's not true, they could do anything as long as they don't get into trouble.

Henry: We don't tell 'em who to play with.

Impmon: Oh yeah! Then why didn't you invite me to play?!

Takato: Why don't you come play with us now?

Impmon: I don't wanna play with you now, I don't even know where you got the idea from. It's ridiculous, really me wanting to play-

Impmon is splashed with water.

Guilmon: Come on! Play with us in the water! You're already wet so jump on in!

Impmon turns to them.

Impmon: Well I guess if I have to.

He jumps in and chases the other three.

Impmon: I'll get you! I'll get you! I'll get you!

Takato: What a weird little guy, if he wanted to play why didn't he just say so in the first place?

Henry: Some people, even digimon, I guess, just can't be honest with their feelings.

Digimon: Ah!!!

Takato and Henry: Huh?

The digimon are slammed into the wall of the ravine and the tamers get up.

Birds fly out from the opposite side.

Takato: What happened?

Henry: What was it Terriermon?

Terriermon: Careful guys, there's a digimon over there!

Both: Uh, huh?

The look on the other side and see the chicken digimon.

Henry: Uh!

Takato: It's that digimon we saw last night!

Henry: How did it get so big?

Guilmon looks at it and Takato tries to get data on him.

Takato: Let's find out who this guy is.

Nothing happens.

Takato: What's the matter? I'm not getting any data. Ah jeez, what if it's broken. It's not like I can fix this with ape and superglue.

Numbers run down the screen.

Takato: Oh, oh wait a minute there we go.

His data shows.

Takato: Sinduramon, uh-oh he's an ultimate.

Guilmon and Terriermon are in their fighting modes.

Takato: Guilmon, wait!

Henry: You too Terriermon! Don't attack!

A weird owl with red glowing eyes in a branch starts talking.

Owl: The Deva has arrived!

Takato: Wha?

They turn and see the owl.

Owl: Oh yeah! Hail to the Deva! He who drinks of the light of man and expands himself and looks like a ripe big chicken.

Henry: He who drinks of the light of man?

Takato: A ripe big chicken?

Owl: Yes, the great and mighty chicken of vengeance that shall rule all of us.

Takato: Chicken of vengeance? Is that like Kung Pow chicken?

Henry: Why do you want to be ruled by a digital chicken?

Owl: Because he is a Deva!

Henry: Well can't argue with that.

Sinduramon caws and floats up catching Henry and Takato’s attention.

Guilmon and Terriermon follow.

Calumon: Oh!

The owl flies up.

Takato: Wait you guys!

Henry: You'™re on vacation!

Calumon: Ooohhhhhhh!!!!

Impmon: It's typical, a chicken ruins my fun.

Back at Takato's tent he's inside with Kazu and Kenta outside talking to him.

Kazu: Jeez, can't we just pluck its feathers or something?

Takato: It's twenty feet tall!

Kenta: Ms. Nami (Asaji) told us that there were blackouts all over Tokyo last night, do you think that that big digimon chicken had anything to do with it?

Henry arrives dressed and Takato opens the tent and steps out with Calumon on his head.

Takato: Huh?

Henry: Hm?

Takato: What is it Henry?

Henry remembers the owl.

Owl: The Deva!

Flashback to the owl on the branch.

Owl: The Deva who drinks of the light of man, expands himself.

Flashback to the digimon and tamers on the cliff last night.

Terriermon: How pretty the lights are.

Owl: The Deva!

Terriermon: The lights.

End flashbacks.

Henry: I think I've got it! Electricity! It gets larger by eating electricity.

Flashback to the owl.

Owl: the Deva who drinks of the light of man and expands himself.

End flashback.

Henry: Takato, we've gotta go now!

On a bridge.

Henry: Alright, now let's see.

He looks on a schedule for the bus.

Takato: But Henry, how do you know where Guilmon and Terriermon went?

Henry: Elementary, my dear Takato.

The bus starts to arrive and Henry points.

Henry: Just follow the sign.

On the bus a woman is humming and a man is muttering to himself.

Man: Yep, yeah definitely, definitely lost my ticket.

Henry: My guess is they're headed toward the dam. And you know what's there, right?

Takato: Hm, yeah, the hydro-electric power plant. So?

Takato has a thought about Sinduramon draining all the power there.

Takato: Oh no, if it eats all the electricity there it will be a ripe big chicken.

Henry: And it could cause some serious damage.

Takato: Oh no.

Henry: I can't believe I just ignored it, now if it goes on a big rampage through Tokyo the damage will be entirely my fault.

Takato: Oh no.

Henry: Huh?

Takato: It's just as much my fault as it is yours, we're in this together Henry, good or bad.

Calumon: Yeah.

Henry: Thank you Takato.

Both: Huh?

Outside they see a fire.

Takato: That sure looks like Guilmon's work.

At the fight.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Terriermon: Terrier Tornado!

The attacks do nothing.

Terriermon: We didn't even make a dent.

Guilmon: Aw nuts.

Terriermon: You can say that again.

Sinduramon flies up.

Sinduramon: Rah! Positron Pump!

He shoots electricity at them then flies down and Henry and Takato arrive.

Henry: Terriermon!

Takato: Guilmon!

They don't answer.

Henry: Terriermon get up!

Takato: Guilmon, up and at 'em!

They open their eyes to see their partners.

Guilmon: Takato.

Terriermon: It's about time you got here.

Calumon: We got to ride the bus.

His red triangle glows.

Takato: Are you ready Guilmon?

Guilmon: Yeah!

Henry: You Terriermon?

Terriermon: I'm just waitin' on you!

Takato and Henry: Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Digivolution.

Guilmon: Guilmon.

Terriermon: Terriermon.

Guilmon and Terriermon: Digivolve to!!

Growlmon: Growlmon!

Gargomon: Gargomon!

Sinduramon flies down.

Gargomon: take that! Gargo Laser!

The bullets do nothing.

Gargomon: Oh come on!

Growlmon stops Sinduramon before hitting Gargomon.

Sinduramon: Positron Pump!

The electricity hits Growlmon who's trying to sustain Sinduramon's position.

Growlmon: Aahhh!!!!

Takato: Oh no, Growlmon!

Growlmon drops to his knee and Sinduramon flies up again laughing and then flies back down.

Sinduramon: Positron Pump!

Takato: Uh! Growlmon, look out!

Growlmon: Hm!

He looks up at the flying downward Sinduramon and Gargomon steps in front.

Gargomon: You didn't go and forget about me did ya? Gargo Laser!

Sinduramon is thrown back.

Henry: Alright Gargomon!

Takato: Go get 'em Growlmon!

Growlmon jumps past Sinduramon and is behind him.

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

Sinduramon: Raaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sinduramon is blown into the water.

Takato: Nice shot.

Henry: I'll say.

Sinduramon flaps his wings screaming trying to stay afloat with electricity surrounding him till he is deleted and his data scatters.

On the overpass is the owl.

Owl: Hm...hm?

His eyes turn their normal color and he flies away.

Takato: Yeah!

Henry: Hey, that fight was shocking.

Takato: Hm, hm, hm, bad.

In the Hypnos Building Sinduramon's dot is deleted.

Riley: The wild one's been exterminated.

Yamaki: Hm...

He clutches his lighter.

Yamaki: Yes, but what was powerful enough, dangerous enough to destroy it?

In the woods Growlmon an Gargomon are on their heads trying to de-digivolve.

Growlmon: Takato! The blood is rushing to my head!

Takato: Well then maybe that'll help you think up a way to de-digivolve.

Growlmon: Oh why is thinking so painful?!

Everyone laughs.