Baalmon X is a Wizard Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. The X-Antibody releases some of the power sealed inside Baalmon by its amulets. The Red Book of Appin reveals its will. Should one seeking knowledge give a wrong answer to the question, they will receive judgment from its owner. It holds the "Deus Fractus" (Lat: "God Broken")[1] in its hands.[2]


  • Kamiuchi (カミウチ? lit. "God Beating"): Releases a mighty, lightning-fast smite from the Deus Fractus, which is especially effective against Holy-species Digimon.
  • Guiltish: Transforms its amulets into various things to attack, such as bullets.
  • Tribunal Blast (Tūri Blast): Unleashes a shot from the shotgun on its right arm.
  • Zai-Kamiuchi: Its whip, Deus Fractus, merges with its left arm to strike any enemies attempting to flee.
  • Absorption Mark: Aims the Red Book of Appin at its enemy, causing its enemy to be absorbed into one of the book's pages.



Baalmon (X-Antibody) (バアルモン (X抗体))

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese and most American English media.

Baalmon X

Name used by this wiki. For further details, see DW:X-FORM.

Notes and References[]

  1. The English profile for Baalmon X in the Digimon Encyclopedia names Baalmon X's version of the "Dǎshénbiān" as "Deus Fractus".
  2. Digimon Reference Book: Baalmon (X-Antibody)