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Airdate June 18, 2021
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Digimon continue to spawn all over the City and attack humans as the countdown to the raid battle begins.

The Protagonist and Agumon's Tamer travel around the City and encounter Digimon such as Airdramon.

When the countdown ends, Palmon's Tamer accepts the raid battle, which causes BlackWarGreymon to spawn, after which it flies to the top of a building.

Agumon's Tamer splits from the Protagonist and fights a BlackGreymon, whilst the Protagonist travels to the top of the building and fights BlackWarGreymon. Bulkmon is easily defeated however, with the impact of the attack causing the Protagonist to fall off the building. At the same time, Agumon's Tamer had his Greymon digivolve to RizeGreymon and fly up the building to join the battle and caught the Protagonist as he was falling to his death. As they arrive to the top of the building RizeGreymon, Boutmon, and Palmon (who had hitched a ride on the back of RizeGreymon) fight BlackWarGreymon with the Tamers and DemiMeramon watching. During the fight, Bulkmon digivolves to Boutmon and eventually they are able to kill BlackWarGreymon, with Boutmon landing the killing blow. As the trio celebrate their victory, DemiMeramon starts to digivolve.

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Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega


Greymon 1 RizeGreymon
Greymon b.jpg RizeGreymon b.jpg
Bulkmon 2 Boutmon
Bulkmon b.jpg Boutmon b.jpg

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  • RizeGreymon is not in any DIM Cards.
  • BlackWarGreymon was added as a raid battle in the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster shortly after this episode aired.

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