AxeKnightmon is a major antagonist in the Digimon Fusion anime series. He is a mysterious black knight. Although he is originally the lead Digimon of Midnight, he has no loyalty to its General, Nene, who he had actually blackmailed into service in his quest for the Darkness Loader. As soon as he obtains the Darkness Loader, he joins forces with his older brother Bagramon and his true partner Ewan Amano, as the new admiral of the Bagra Army. However, when Bagramon finally lets his guard down, AxeKnightmon betrays him and reveals his plan to steal his brother's power.




AxeKnightmon is a DigiFuse of SkullKnightmon and Axemon, who have exchanged cups of brotherhood. Although his skills, including the ability to use the "Twin Spear" he wields to thrust, slash, sweep, or throw as the situation calls for, are very advanced, he will use any means to achieve his goals, and sometimes he will even be willing to betray his own comrades. He is an opponent that you don't want to turn into an enemy, if you can help it.[1]

A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone Clash in the Clouds Welcome to the Jungle Zone! Rumble in the Jungle Zone! Train Of Terror! Disaster in the Dust Zone! Lost in Digital Space


  • Twin Spear: Stabs with its Twin Spear.
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Undead Soldier
  • Treason Vortex: Spins his Twin Spear to form a vortex of darkness.
  • Choujigen Axe (超次元アックス? lit. "Super-dimensional Axe"): Slashes with an axe capable of breaking down the walls between dimensions.

Other forms

AxeKnightmon is actually a DigiFuse of SkullKnightmon and Axemon, two sworn brothers that can combine into a variety of forms.


SkullKnightmon t.gif

SkullKnightmon is an unscrupulous Digimon who is the core persona of AxeKnightmon.

When Shoutmon X4 and MetalGreymon appear to have AxeKnightmon on the ropes, he orders Nene to use Disengage Fuse to split him back into SkullKnightmon and Axemon, allowing him to attack each of them one-on-one. After regaining the advantage, he has Nene DigiFuse him and Axemon together to SkullKnightmon Cavalier Mode, then Mighty Axe Mode. Rumble in the Jungle Zone!

During the events of Hell's Field while Axemon counterpart was injured, placed inside the Darkness Loader to heal, SkullKnightmon goes after Ewan and bring him to Bagra Pandæmonium where he eventually recombined with Axemon back into AxeKnightmon. Beelzemon's Revenge


  • Spear Needle
  • Breast-eye Wink

SkullKnightmon (White)

SkullKnightmon white.jpg

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Axemon t.gif

Axemon is SkullKnightmon's sworn brother, an incredibly strong Digimon that can DigiFuse with SkullKnightmon or other Digimon to create a multitude of powerful forms.

Rumble in the Jungle Zone!


  • Air Slicer: Runs between the opponents at the speed of light, who aren't even able to realize it before they're cut down.
  • Aqua Rage: Spews a powerful solution that dissolves everything.
  • Aqua Regia: Liquefies himself using Aqua Rage and swallows up all of his surroundings.

SkullKnightmon Cavalier Mode

Rumble in the Jungle Zone! Ewan and The Land of Illusion

SkullKnightmon Mighty Axe Mode

SkullKnightmon Mighty Axe Mode t.gif

SkullKnightmon Mighty Axe Mode is an alternate DigiFuse of SkullKnightmon and Axemon.

After regaining the advantage in his battle with Shoutmon X4 and MetalGreymon, SkullKnightmon has Nene DigiFuse him and Axemon into this form. Rumble in the Jungle Zone!


6-21 SuperDarkKnightmon.png

SuperDarkKnightmon is a DigiFuse of AxeKnightmon, SkullGreymon and SkullSatamon.

By igniting the Darkness Loader, AxeKnightmon absorbs SkullGreymon and SkullSatamon to achieve this new form using a Dark DigiFuse. Before he leaves the Dust Zone, he summons a giant cloud of darkness to attack the other armies and states that he will become the strongest Digimon of all time. Disaster in the Dust Zone!

AxeKnightmon (Duskmon)

XW-10 30 01.png

AxeKnightmon (Duskmon) is the DigiFuse of AxeKnightmon and Duskmon.

AxeKnightmon (Gulfmon)

XW-15 39 01.jpg

AxeKnightmon (Gulfmon) is the DigiFuse of AxeKnightmon (Duskmon) and Gulfmon. After absorbing Gulfmon, AxeKnightmon began losing control of his psyche due to the conflicting souls within his body.

AxeKnightmon (Blastmon)

XW-17 18 01.png

AxeKnightmon (Blastmon) is the DigiFuse of AxeKnightmon (Gulfmon) and Blastmon.

AxeKnightmon (Laylamon)

XW-18 17 01.png

AxeKnightmon (Laylamon) is the DigiFuse of AxeKnightmon (Blastmon) and Laylamon.


MusoKnightmon t.jpg

MusoKnightmon is the DigiFuse of AxeKnightmon and Tuwarmon. Tuwarmon becomes an artillery piece for AxeKnightmon, who also receives a new helmet.

After Shoutmon X5B and MetalGreymon rebuff Ruthless Tuwarmon and Laylamon Combined's attacks, Ewan has Doumon cast an invisibility spell on Laylamon Combined, then digifuses Tuwarmon and AxeKnightmon into MusoKnightmon. However, Nene uses Mervamon Wide-Hi-Vision Sword to break through Doumon's spell, allowing the Fusion Fighters United Army's Digimon to fight off Laylamon Combined and attack MusoKnightmon. MusoKnightmon manages to attack, but OmniShoutmon and ZekeGreymon power through the attack to strike at him. Ewan and The Land of Illusion


  • Gōradarai Gun (強羅打雷銃? lit. "Strength of Silk and Strike of Thunder Gun")
  • Wave of Destruction (超力鳴動破 Chōriki Meidōha?, lit. "Super Powered Rumbling Breaker"): Fires off a terrifyingly powerful bombardment that emits AxeKnightmon's and Tuwarmon's energy simultaneously from the Gōradarai Gun.
  • Majūryoku Jubakujin (魔重力呪縛陣? lit. "Demonic Gravity Curse Formation"): Before firing, casts a spell on its surroundings that restricts the opponent's movements, so that it can both keep from missing its target, and also be defended while firing.

Darkest AxeKnightmon

6-53 Darkest AxeKnightmon.png

Darkest AxeKnightmon is the form of AxeKnightmon after absorbing his brother Bagramon. He gains Bagramon's right arm and leg.

As D5 begins, having bided his time until this moment, AxeKnightmon makes his move and literally stabs Bagramon in the back before using the Darkness Loader to absorb his brother and obtain his power. D5 And The Brotherhood Of Evil He proves to a strong match against the Fusion Fighters United Army. However, Bagramon metaphysically destroys AxeKnightmon and takes control over the fused body while reconfiguring it in his image, becoming MegaDarknessBagramon. The Darkness Before The Dawn


  • Hand of Doom (God of Death Snatcher): Rips out the opponent's soul.

Other DigiFuses

SkullKnightmon and Axemon

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